Cover Up

“I was wondering if you would like to do a small job for me, it will involve a lot of your time, but I am willing to pay you whatever it takes.” He says staring at me for a response.

“What kind of job?” I asked questioning him. Simon only looks around before lowering his voice and speaking to me.

“I have a client and he’s a little off the rails in the erm…woman department.” I interrupt him clearing something up for myself.

“A manwhore?” I said raising my eyebrows at him

Payton Kennings is your average girl, when she meets Simon Cowell in a small encounter at Starbucks and agrees to help him out with a cilent. But what she didn't know is that whens he accepted his deal, Payton had no idea what she had signed up for. Now she's stuck in a six month realtionship with a certain curly haired boy. Will Payton fall under his charms or will he fall under her's?


7. Christmas One Shot

*This is not edited and this is set a few week after Harry and Payton's date so keep that in mind:)* 


Cover Up: Christmas One Shot

Christmas Dinner:

~Payton's POV~

"PAY! WAKE UP! IT'S CHRISTMAS PAY!" Alyssa squealed reminding me of my little sisters and brothers on Christmas morning. Oh, wait it’s Christmas morning, great so now she won’t stop screaming until I get up.

"PAYTON GET THE FUCK UP!" Cara yelled from the door on my bedroom.

"What a lovely way to wake up on Christmas morning." I mumble somewhat angrily as I get out of my warm inviting bed. "I'll miss you bed." I whisper to it as I caressed my sheets.

"Payton, stop being a freak and go get dressed. We're opening presents at the boy's flat." Cara said as an overly excited Alyssa squealed and left to go get ready.

"Why am I friends with them." I mumble to myself before walking into my bathroom and taking a quick warm shower. When I step out the entire room seems to be filled with steam from my shower. Being the little kid at heart I am I started drawing little hearts and other little drawings all over the large mirror in the bathroom. I giggle childlike at myself before actually getting dressed. After throwing on a pair of underwear and a bra I walk out of the bathroom into my room that was warm due to the fact that I made sure to turn on the heater last night.

"Payton!" I hear someone from the front door shout and soon there was the sound of pounding footsteps. It was probably Louis, since he always had a habit of just walking in screaming not even bother to knock. I walk to my closest calmly knowing that there was no way for Louis to barge into my room. I had learned my lesson on leaving my door unlocked before hopping into the shower especially with Louis walking around. When I reach my closet I instantly spot on of my favorite sweatshirts that I bought a few months ago. It was a simple black sweatshirt with "Forever Reckless" written across it in blue and white lettering. "Payton!" Louis screams from my door while pounding on it. "Hurry up! Liam won't let us open the presents til you get there!" Louis whines childishly from his side of the door as I slip on a pair of red ripped skinny jeans. I chuckle at his whining while slipping on my knee high boots and tying hair up in a messy up do. I walk over to the door and hear that banging on it has stopped. I open the door only to have Louis's fist collide with my face.

"What the hell Lou!" I screech as he notices that he just hit me instead of the door.

"Fuck, Payton!!" He screeches before cradling my face in his hands and checking if he injured me, but I already felt that he had. "Shit." He cursed before grabbing my hand and pulling me out of my room and towards his and the boy's flat. "LIAAAAMMM!" He yelled all the way from my room until we arrived in the living room of his flat where Liam and everyone sat.

"Lou, I am not a fucking ragdoll." I said yanking my hand out of his grasp and using it to cradle my nose that I could feel was bleeding. "Remind me to never piss you off." I mumble angrily to Louis as Liam finally takes notice of what happened.

"Louis, what the hell did you do!" He shouts before rushing to my side and pulling me into the kitchen where Niall and Harry were making what looked like waffles?

"Hey Pay- why are you bleeding?" Niall asked taking in the fact my nose was currently dripping in blood. Great now my favorite sweatshirt is going to have blood stains all over it. Lovely.

"I DIDN'T MEAN TO PUNCH HER!" Louis shouts from the door of the kitchen.

"You punched my fake girlfriend?" Harry asked his best friend who was almost at the point of sobbing.

"It's fine I am just bleeding and getting blood all over my favorite sweatshirt. But hey it could be worse he could have hit me harder and probably knocked me out." I said shrugging as Liam places a wet dish towel on my nose.

"I'll buy you a new sweatshirt?" Louis asks timidly and I send him a small while nodding my head only to have Liam scold me for moving. After other five minutes the bleeding had stopped and I was left with only a slightly stabbing pain.

"Now can we open presents?" Cara asks from the couch as I walk into the living room.

"Oh, I am sorry was my dying getting in the way of your presenting opening?" I said sarcastically.

"Yes it is actually." She said while fixing the red "Famous" sweatshirt she had on.

"PRESENT TIME!" Both Harry and Louis screamed as they ran from the kitchen into the living room.

"I swear I am faking dating a child." I said causing Cara to chuckle beside me.

"Now you know how poor Eleanor feels." Liam commented from next to me as Louis and Harry ran to the Christmas tree. The pick the first box they see and start furiously shaking them trying to figure out what's inside. "Oi, no! You do not shake the presents now you guys can open yours last!" Liam commands them and suddenly their joyful happy express turn into a sad almost tear worthy frown. They both get up and shamefully sit down on separate sides of the room. Louis plops himself down next to Niall while Harry sits next to me.

"If it makes you feel better I'll let you open my presents?" I ask Harry who instantly lights up and nods his head furiously at me. I send him a sweet smile before going and grabbing all the gifts with my name written on them.

"Oh, okay I guess Payton's going first." Alyssa said with a glare while I only stick my tongue out at her.

"Harry, I am really really tired do you mind opening my presents for me?" I ask him in a sickly sweet voice.

"NO FAIR! Liam! Harry is cheating!" Louis screams at Liam who was too busy talking to someone on his phone to pay attention to Louis's screams.

"But a course my amazing, sweet fake girlfriend, I would be honored to help you open your presents.” He said before grabbing the first one and ripping it open.

"At least let me see who it's from first." I scold him.

"It's from Cara, I checked!" He said with a wide smile on his lips.

"Okay, then?" I replied since I really don't know how he checked if he almost instantly opened it the second it was in his hands.

"It's a...bra?" Harry exclaimed as he opened the box.

"I couldn't think of anything so I decided to buy you a bra. I was at Victoria's Secret and I...yeah." She said as Harry pulled the bra out of the box. It was nice bra, I’ll have to admit that it was a pale pink with black lace on the cups.
"I really hope someone did not give you that Harry." Liam said as he walked in noticing the bra that was hanging on his fingers.

"No! It's Payton's!" He yelled before throwing at me and going to open the next box.

"I thought it would nice on you." I mumbled, but everyone was able to hear me and a loud round of laughter filled the room.


After another hour or so of just opening presents, we walk into the boys' dining room and eat the waffles.

"Gotta admit the boy knows how to cook." I say as I take another bit of the amazing waffles in front f me.

"Pay, if you ever get tired of Harry can I have him?" Alyssa asks while she takes another bit of her waffles.

"No, my Harry." I said possessively while glaring at my best friend.

"Your Harry?" Zayn asks while chuckling.

"Yes my Harry." I said while nodding my head. "Hey Lou where's El?" I ask him as he slowly savors the heaven that is Harry's waffles.

"She's at her flat." He says while waving his fork around.

"She's coming over later though." Liam added before taking a sip of the tea be had drinking.

"She is?" Louis asked with confusion lacing his tone.

"Yeah, Simon called letting me know that he's having a Christmas party at his house and we are all to come. And he specifically said make sure to bring the girls; he said that also called Eleanor and Perrie." He explained before picking up his plate and placing in the sink.

"Perrie isn't in London though, she's visiting her family." Zayn told Liam.

"He knows that now, and you guys might want to go get ready. Simon said that he sent for us to get picked up in about three hours." And with Liam left to probably go get ready. After he left there was a long awkward silence, it made it seem like we had all died. Not one single person made a noise or even took a breath.

"Do I have to go?" I whined breaking the silence that had been suffocating us. Everyone turns and looks at me before bursting out laughing!

"Payton if we have to go, you have to go." Harry explained before throwing his arm around my shoulder. I let out a small groan of frustration ; I wasn't in the mood to go out and socialize, much get all dressed up. After we finished our breakfast the girls excused themselves to go get ready. I only went and sat on the couch, but they noticed I wasn't following them and pulled me along with them.

"Save me!" I shout to the boys who only laugh at me as I was dragged away by my two insane best friends. The minute we walk in they start squealing and jumping around like hyper little five year olds.

"We're going to Simon Cowell's annual Christmas party. This is it Payton we have literally made it!" Alyssa squeals as she dances around the room with Cara. I just stand there laughing at them, with a huge smile on my face. We had been so busy laughing at Cara and Alyssa that I hadn't even realized that someone had walked into the flat.

"Why are they dancing?" Harry whispers info my ear causing me to jump in surprise that he suddenly appeared.

“SHIT! HAROLD YOU SCARED ME!” I shout at him, which only makes him laugh even louder at my reaction.

“Sorry forgive me?” He asked while pulling out the puppy dog face on me.

“No.” I said before turning and walking towards my room to actually get ready, but clearly Harry wasn’t taking no as an answer.

“Did you just deny my puppy dog face!?” He yelled at me as I walk into my room and look into my closet to see what dresses I had that looked somewhat appropriate for a Christmas party. I spot a dress that was black on the top while the skirt of it was a Christmas red.

“Yeah, I did.” I assured Harry as I pulled the dress out and headed towards the bathroom to get changed into it.

“I am hurt Payton, seriously you’re killing my ego here! By the way good job following the dress code that you didn’t even know existed.” He said before kissing my cheek and heading out.

“Wait there’s a dress code?” I said getting slightly scared that I was going to have to change my whole idea for an outfit to this stupid party.

“Yes, and that dress will do perfectly. Simon said that you have to wear winter colors, so like red, green, white, he said even blue is acceptable.” Harry explained before walking out of my room to probably tell Cara and Alyssa. I wonder if they even noticed that Harry walked into their dancing/being idiots session? Hmm…


“CARA WHERE ARE MY SHOES!” Alyssa screamed from the bathroom where she was currently doing her makeup. I had finished getting ready about an hour ago and now I was just sitting on the couch in the living room watching the last season of Teen Wolf.

“Women, I swear.” I mumble, as Niall and Zayn walk in.

“You are aware you are a woman too right?” Niall says before plopping himself down next to me while I only shrug at him.

“Your point?” I ask making Zayn laugh as he sits down next to me and stretching his arms the back of the couch. “What is with girls and this show? Perrie is currently obsessed with this show too, what is so special about it?”

“What’s with you guys and fancy suits? Huh? Huh?” I said turning to Zayn and poking his chest with each huh.

“We have a big fancy dinner to go to in case you forgot, but seriously what is so amazing about this show?” He asks again, probably jealous that his girlfriend was so obsessed with this show.

“It’s probably the shirtless dude, I am come look at that hunk would you want to see him shirtless?” I ask Niall and Zayn who only give me that whole “No, I wouldn’t cause I am straight!” look.

“You’re insane.” Niall states and I only smile proudly at him. To relieve them of some of the awkwardness in the room I decide to change the channel to ABC which was currently playing Prep and Landing.

“I LOVE PREP AND LANDING!” I screech causing Niall and Zayn to slightly jump at my suddenly change in volume. I had watched this last Christmas with my younger brother and I had fallen in love with this Christmas special.

“Really Payton? Prep and Landing?” Alyssa asks as she walked down the stair giving us the whole princess feeling.

“Really Alyssa slowly walking down the stair like you’re some princess?” I retort, which causes her to instantly glare at me. I send her a sweet smile, which causes to get distracted and almost fall. "SMOOTH!" I shout over Niall and Zayn's loud laughter.

"At least I looked good almost falling to my death!" She huffed before taking the last step and strutting past me am the boys. I had to admit she looked stunning. She wore a white dress with a glittering white belt, she paired it with a pair of white heels.

"Cara!" Niall yelled as he marched up the stairs probably to drag the poor girl out of her room.

"You look stunning." Alyssa comments towards me while putting on a light layer of lipstick. I felt slightly dull compared to her, I was wearing the red and black dress I picked out with sparkling black heels. My hair was down in soft waves and my bangs were pulled back and met in the back of my head.

"Thanks." I said before hearing Niall's footsteps and Cara's screams as he walked down.

"NIALL!" Cara screamed as they came into view. Cara was thrown over Niall's shoulder as he walked passed us and out the door where we followed them.

"Meet you guys in the limo!" He yelled before walking into the elevator and heading down with a screaming Cara still on his shoulder.

"What's with all the screaming?" Liam asked as they boys walked out of their flat with Eleanor who looked completely stunning. She wore a gold and black dress and her hair was up in a complicated updo. She was putting on her white peacoat while Louis held her clutch as they walked out the door.

"Eleanor you look completely amazing!" Alyssa told Eleanor who instantly looked up a her with a smile.

"Thanks, you guys ready to go?" She asked taking in out appearance. I nodded my heads t her and excused myself to just grab our coats really quickly.


After a fifty minute drive we finally were walking into Simon's large house which was completely decked out with Christmas lights.

"Harry!" A tall blonde greeted Harry as he walked through the crowd of people.

"Great her." He mumbled before grabbing my waist before leading me over to the blonde.

"I don't want to meet her!" I exclaimed to Harry as the rest of the group stood laughing at me.

"Bye Pay." They all said as they waved goodbye to me and Harry.

"SOME FRIEND YOU GUYS ARE!" I shout at them as they walk away while I was being pulled in the other direction towards the annoying blonde girl. After being stopped a few times so Harry could introduce me into some of his and the boys' friends.

"Harry, long time no see!" The blonde exclaimed as I stood a few feet away talking to Olly Murs who had stopped Harry. He seemed like a very sweet and funny guy, so I stayed with him while Harry went and talked to the blonde.

"She was one of Harry's erm, exes?" Olly told me somewhat confused himself on what she was.

"Oh, should I feel threatened?" I tease Olly who only shakes his head at me.

"No, I see the way Harold looks at you. You're his only girl now, all the past ones are just a memory." He confesses which leads me somewhat shocked.

"Really?" I ask him while turning an giving Harry and the blonde a glance. The blonde looked beyond excited to be seeing Harry again, but he just seems annoyed.

"Yeah, I am pretty sure you're a keeper." Olly says before excusing himself to go talk to Taylor Swift who apparently was walking about.

"Probably scoping for her new album." I mumble before walking over and standing next to Harry who looked extremely happy to see me walking his way.

"Hey babe, have fun talking to Olly?" He asks while wrapping an arm around my waist as he gently kisses my lips.

"Yeah, he seems really nice." I said before turning his "friend" who glared at me jealously and complete hatred. "Hi, I am Payton very nice to meet you." I said giving her small smile, making seem shy and innocent.

"Tiffany." She says simply while shaking my hand somewhat too tightly. "I am one of Harry's ex-girlfriends." Tiffany says proudly as if sleeping around with celebrities was the best thing to flaunt.

"Oh, Harry told me once about you." I said smiling to Harry who looked a lot happier to have me around, but still somewhat annoyed that Tiffany was around.

"Hopefully good things?" She asked with a small smirk on her lips. Her attitude towards me had now just pissed me off and the sweet nice girl act that I had been using was now not enough to get her to back off.

"He said you were really clingy and apparently you still are." I said with the same smirk that she shot me, but now her's had fallen. I turn to Harry and since I was wearing heels I was able to almost reach his ear to whisper into it. "Can we leave and get back with the other now?" I whisper to him in the softest voice possible. He nods his head and turns to Tiffany.

"It was nice seeing Tiffany, but I have to get back to the rest of the group." Harry tells Tiffany who looked really pissed off and angry that I was taking Harry away from her.

"It was a pleasure meeting you Tiffany." I said while sticking my hand out for her to shake, but she just stares at it. I make no movement, and soon an older gentleman takes notice

"Tiffany shake the young girl's hand, stop being so rude!" He scolds her and she instantly grips tightly onto my hand with a vice like grip.

"The pleasure was all mine." She says between gritted teeth and I lean in a little closer so I wouldn't have to speak so loud.

"Tsk, tsk Tiffany what would daddy say if he saw you being so unlady like?" I said before send her a soft smile and walking away with Harry.

"That was entraining." He said with a smirk on his lips as he lead me to the dance floor where the rest of the group stood in pairs. Louis was dancing with Eleanor on the edge of the dance floor with his head on her hair probably whispering sweet things into her ear. Liam stood with Zayn just outside the dance floor talking while looking around at everyone else as they dance around. Niall was dancing with Cara who I could finally see was wearing a lovely floor length blue dress. Alyssa was currently talking to out of all people Ed Sheeran?

"Is Lyss talking to Ed Sheeran?" I ask Harry as he grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him so we could dance.

"I believe so." He says without even giving them a glance. I dismiss the thought of Alyssa and Ed, and decide to focus on not making a complete fool of myself on the dance floor with Harry. Hopefully no one would offer me alcohol and I will stay sober and unembarrassed the rest of the nice. "You look stunning today." Harry said into my ear as he copied Louis actions and stood with his arms around my waist and his lips near my ear.

"Are you saying I didn't look stunning yesterday?" I tease him and he only lets a soft chuckle leave his lips. We stay silent for other few seconds before he speaks again.

"You always look stunning." He admits before burying his head into my hair, but I could feel the heat radiating from his cheeks on my neck.

"Are you blushing?" I ask him and he instantly takes his head away from my hair and stands shocked in front of me.

"How did you know?" He asks, but the announcer starts talking before I was able to respond.

"-now Mr. Simon Cowell will like to give an announcement!" The announcer explains before Simon walks up and takes the mic from his hands.

"Thank you for joining me today, I just wanted to come up and tell all the younger couple to keep this party PG. Mr. Styles and Mr. Tomlinson stop trying to woe your girlfriends" Simon tease us suddenly I feel about 300 different pairs of eyes land on me and Harry. My cheek instantly burn up and I stand here completely dumbfounded while blushing like a mad woman. 

"Now who's blushing?" Harry whisper into my ear, while wrapping an arm protectively around my waist.

"Anyways, my real announcement was that I was just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Please enjoy the refreshments and dinner will be served shortly! Than you!" Simon says before winking mine and Harry way and walking off the stage. After Simon walks off my absolute favorite Christmas song starts playing and I pull on Harry's arm.

"I love this song." I said as he wraps his arms around my waist tightly while my arm go around his neck and my head is in his shoulder. He relaxes and allows me to lead most of the dance, but towards the end he is spinning me around. Luckily most of the people who were dancing had left the dance floor and only us and an elderly couple were left. After the song was over the entire room breaks out clapping, and the elderly couple make their way towards us.

"She loves this song." The elderly man and Harry say at the same explaining why they had stayed so long on the dance floor. I share a small knowing smile with the elderly lady who grabs her husband's hand and pulls him towards their seats.

"That was strange." Harry announces before leading me towards our seats where dinner had already been served. Half way through the dinner a photographer comes around taking pictures of all the guests. When he reaches our table, Harry pulls me closer to him and places his lips over mine.

"Merry Christmas Pay." He mumbles onto my lips as the photographer snaps a picture of us.

"Merry Christmas Harry." I said as we sit with our foreheads to touching and our fingers entwined.


Oh! The Parry feels!! AHH! I loved the ending of this the rest was complete bullshit!

YES PARRY IS PAYTON AND HARRY'S SHIP NAME! Unless you guys come up with a better one:) 

Anyways MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU GUYS:) it took me about a week to finally be able to finish this...

On a unrelated note, I make a horrible Santa. Just saying!

Anyways...yeah Merry Christmas:)

-Toria xxx 

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