Cover Up

“I was wondering if you would like to do a small job for me, it will involve a lot of your time, but I am willing to pay you whatever it takes.” He says staring at me for a response.

“What kind of job?” I asked questioning him. Simon only looks around before lowering his voice and speaking to me.

“I have a client and he’s a little off the rails in the erm…woman department.” I interrupt him clearing something up for myself.

“A manwhore?” I said raising my eyebrows at him

Payton Kennings is your average girl, when she meets Simon Cowell in a small encounter at Starbucks and agrees to help him out with a cilent. But what she didn't know is that whens he accepted his deal, Payton had no idea what she had signed up for. Now she's stuck in a six month realtionship with a certain curly haired boy. Will Payton fall under his charms or will he fall under her's?


3. A Shade of Red


Cover Up 


Chapter 3 


~Payton's POV~




"Are there any questions?" Simon asks, as he finishes the basics of what's going. Apparently, I had a date this week, which I had to prepare for, I am so excited. I hope you can sense the sarcasm in my voice, if not trust me it's there. 


"I have a question!" I said raising my hand like a third grader trying to get the teacher's attention. 


"Yes, Payton what is you question?" Simon asked all businessy which kinda made he sound like a teacher. 


"What about my life? Like you know going out wise and umm...actually like breathing wise too." I asked as all the boys gave me a strange looks, but Simon seemed to understand me perfectly. 


"She's asking about her social life and her safety." Cara translates and soon an echo of oh's fills the room. I roll my eyes at the boys before turning back to Simon as I await my answer. 


"Social life wise, you are free do whatever you like, but no dating, flirting, getting drunk or you know anything that would cause a scandal." Simon get's interrupted by Alyssa, which surprised me that she had the guts to cut off Mr. Cowell.


"So basically don't be you around the paps." She muses as Cara tries to stifle her laughter from besides me. I turn and glare at her, which causes her to go into a large fit of laughter. 


" for safety if you are around the boys then you will have their security, but if you are going out alone, you don't need a security guard unless things get too rough. Depending how the fans react to you and Harry we will determine if you need a body guard or not." Simon said calmly, before turning to Harry who was busy on his phone instead of paying attention to the meeting. I knew he was going to regret that, in about five seconds. One, two, thre- "Harold, did you listen to anything I said!?" Simon shouted at him as Harry drops his phone in surprise. It falls to the ground with a sickening crack, as Harry quickly reacts to pick up the remaining parts of his used to be iPhone. 


"NO! My phone!" He shouts holding the phone close to his chest as he cries dramatically. I stay in my spot and stare at the strange boy with no emotions visible on my face. I bite my lip to refrain myself from bursting out laughing at Harry as he mourned over the lost of his phone. 


"It's okay Harold I think the hookers can live without you for a day." I said solemnly as everyone laughs at my comment. 


"Haha." Harry said emotionlessly as he glared at me with anger clear in his eyes. Oh! These next few months were going to be lots of fun, if he gets this easily angered. I send Harry a sweet smile before turning back to Simon who was frowning at Harry. 


"So, when are we going erm, public?" I asked Simon as I scratch the back of neck in awkwardness. 


"In about a week, I want you guys to be seen a bit together maybe holding hands, laughing, him opening doors for you, and being a gentlemen?" Simon asks more than telling me, but I simple nod my head at him as Zayn speaks up for the first time.


"If he even knows what a gentlemen is." Zayn says with his eyes still closed and his head on Niall's shoulder. I let a loud laughter leave my lips as Zayn only smiled in power that his comment made us all laugh. Both Simon and Harry glare at him as he finally opens his eyes to reveal his caramel brown eyes. 


"Ah, sleeping beauty speaks." Cara says from besides me, I bite my lip again to stop the laughter that was threatening to spill off my lips. 


"Okay, if we are done here, I think I am going to go and buy myself a new phone." Harry said before getting up and turning to walk to his room. 


"Harold, you have to take Payton with you." Simon commands as I sit wide-eyed at him. 


"What!?" Both Harry and me ask as stare in utter confusion at Simon. 


"While you're there take her to the hair salon to her hair dyed a different color, I don't think the fans will fancy that strange color she has." Simon commands as he walks through the front door his assistant following right behind him. "I'll make sure to call the press to let them know you two will be out today. Have a nice day you two." He said before shutting the door behind him as Cara and Alyssa rush to my side to calm me down. 


"I am not changing my hair." I say through gritted teeth. I could honestly care less about being around Harry, but now I had to change my hair. It took me about a month to finally get the courage to dye it this color and now that I had gotten used to it. He expects me to go and change my hair as if it was just like changing my shirt. 


"I guess you should probably go get changed or whatever it is you girls do." Harry says before walking back into his room to go change. 


"What's wrong with what I'm wearing." I said frowning as look down at my simple outfit. I was wearing a casual outfit nothing too laid back or too fancy. 


"I'll help you pick something out." Cara said grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door towards our apartment. She pushes me towards my room and commands me to take a shower. 


"I'll pick out an outfit." She says before walking back out the flat and into the boy's flat. Haha! I have only been here for a couple hours and I was already talking like a British person. I smile at myself as I skip towards the bathroom. There was a small radio in the corner and I turn it on at full blast, which made the mirror on wall slightly shake. I strip down and hop into the shower and starting belting out the words to the song that was currently playing. It was currently playing B.O.B's song Strange Clouds and I quickly adapted and starting rapping along with him. After washing my hair the song ends and it changes to a familiar tune that Alyssa had been obsessed with lately. It was One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful, I groan as their voices echo through the bathroom. I was too lazy to actually hop out and change the station so I allow it to keep playing as I wash down my body with some strawberry body wash. 


"You got lucky today boys." I mumble at the boys on the radio at the luck that I was too lazy get out and change the station. I finish showering and step out of the shower only to be attacked by a chill. “Fuck you, air.” I mumble under my breath and slip one of the towels that had been sitting on the shelve around my shivering body. I walk down the hall towards my room and find my outfit that Cara had choose for me, but I knew that one of the boys must have helped her out because Cara would never chose that outfit out by herself. I slip the simple white t-shirt over my head after putting on some underwear and a random bra from my suitcase. 


“Well, I at least like these jeans.” I say aloud before slipping the simple black, ripped, skinny jeans over my legs. To go along with the outfit was a leather jacket and a pair of blue Converse. I pull out my guitar pick necklace that my parents had given me when I graduated from high school about a year ago and slip it around my neck. I grab one of the bags that had probably gotten in Cara’s way when she searching for the right outfit. I dump everything inside the bag, pick up my navy fedora off the floor, and place it over my still damped hair. I look in the mirror and smile, whoever had helped Cara definitely had a good sense of style. I pick up a strand of my colorful hair and twist it in my fingers as I stare down at it. I was really going to miss the strangeness of my hair; I had done it to make me stand out of the crowd. My parents hadn’t been too happy when we Skyped and they saw what I had done, but after a short argument, they understood my need to be different. I was pulled out of my memories by the sound of someone knocking on the door. I grab my bag and open the door for whoever had been knocking. 


“Ready to go?” He asked taking in my appearance as he lightly smirked at my body. 


“Again Harold, my eyes are up here.” I commanded him as I lifted his chin up so he was staring at my brown eyes instead of my body. I step out of the apartment and run into him since he hadn’t moved from the doorway. “Move.” I softly command him as I push my way out of the flat. 


“So where are we going?” I asked him as he fell in step with me and threw an arm around my shoulder. 


“There is an Apple store a few streets down and the salon is only a about a block from here. So we can stop get your hair done and then walk over to get my new phone or we can take my car? It's your choice.” He explained as we walked into the elevator. 


“We can walk.” I coldly replied as I shrugged off his arm only to have him entwine our fingers instead. “Seriously Harry?” I said snatching my hand and placing it across my stomach away from him. 


“You know we are going to be holding hands a lot for the next six months might want to start getting used to it.” He teased as he grabbed my hand off my stomach and placed his fingers in between mine again. I groan at his stubbornness but I don’t yank my hand back this time, since I knew he actually had a point. We walk out of the building and I allow Harry to lead me down the street, since I had no idea where we were. After about ten minutes of walking he stops and tries to pull me into the salon, but I freeze outside it. My feet seemed glued to the sidewalk, because no matter how much I command them to move; they don’t even twitch. “What’s wrong?” Harry asks suddenly taking noticing that I froze. 


“I don’t want to change my hair.” I said truthfully as I meet his eyes only to quickly regret it, because they seemed to capture all my attention. 


“Why?” He ask and no matter how much I try to stop myself from telling him why, my mouth does anyways. 


“Because I like to be different changing my hair will make me blend into society I won’t stand out anymore.” I said finally looking away and seeing that the streets where currently abandoned. I hear Harry sigh before he throws me over his shoulder and walks into the salon as I yelp and start pounding my fist against his back. He doesn’t even seem to notice so after a few more hits I stop all together and allow him to carry me into the building.


“Welcome to Brit’s Salon, how many we help you?” A soft British voice asks Harry who replies for me.  


“My girlfriend would like to get her hair dyed a shade of red.” I tense up as he says the word girlfriend. We barely knew each other so hearing him say girlfriend freaked me out a bit. 


“I see. Well we have many different shades of red, which one would you like.” The ,I am guessing, woman asks as I hear the rustling of papers and then Harry moves towards the counter. 


“That one.” He responds and then starts moving towards one of the chairs where he places me in. I start to ask him what shade of red he choose but he soon walked away to go wait in the waiting area of the salon. 


“HAROLD!” I yell at him but he only keeps walking away, so I give up and allow the stylist to wash my hair. I sit in the chair and mess around with my phone for most of the process, but I soon gave up on that because apparently I kept squirming. So one of the stylist took my phone and went to give to Harry. Great now, Harry had my phone…that currently didn’t have a passcode on it. I start to squirm again, but the stylist yell at me to stop so I sit as still as possible hoping that they were almost done. So I could steal my phone back from Harry before he saw anything too embarrassing. After a few more minutes they wash out the remaining dye out of my hair and I watch as it leaves almost orange streaks in the water. What if Harry made them dye my hair the color of an orange or a carrot! I wanted to be different not a freak with bright orange hair. I was commanded to sit up and soon they were drying my hair and curling it in soft waves. After about other twenty minutes they finally finished and left to go find Harry. I sat their restlessly moving around in the chair since I had to wait til Harry came so I could finally see my hair. 


“I love it.” A husky British voice whispered in my ear as my phone fell in my lap. 


“AH! TRICA YOU CAME BACK TO MOMMY!” I scream at my phone and kiss the screen of my phone. “I hope mean old mister Styles didn’t hurt you babe.” I said caressing my phone as Harry stares at me strangely. 


“I didn’t hurt your phone, now don’t you want to see your hair?” He asks me as he peels off the cloth that was placed over the mirror to prevent me from seeing my hair. I close my eyes when he yanked it off, but then I slowly open them to see my reflection. I now had dark shade of auburn hair, that was curled and fell just about three inches above my waist. I gasp at my reflect and instantly grab Harry and pull him into a tight hug. 


“I love it.” I whisper into his ears, which causes him to slightly shiver. I let go of him and run a hand through my hair, which was a bit warm from all the drier and curling iron. 


“Good, how about we head to lunch.” He said taking my hand again and pulling me out of the salon. 


“Sure let me go pay first.” I said but get pulled back into Harry by him. 

“I already paid.” He said smiling at me, which causes to dimples to appear on the sides of his face. I lean up and kiss him left dimple and whisper a thank you into his ear, which makes him slightly shiver again. I smirked at nothing in general in success that I was causing Harry shiver. I wasn’t going to just cover up for Mr. Styles, no I was going to teach him not to be sleeping around with girls and breaking their hearts. I wasn’t going to just show the public that he was is a good guy, I was going to make him see it too and if that involved him getting his heart broken then so be it. 






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