Me and You

HELLO:) well this story is about a beautiful girl named eleanor meeting her crush since 3rd grade again....eleanor and her crush,louis,end up dating but what happeneds when one of louis' band/best mate starts having feelings for eleanor? will things go right,or just end up horrible? well i guess youre just going to have to read this fanfic to find out what happens!)


2. Will You Be My Girlfriend???

Eleanor's P.O.V:WOOHOO! I'm going on a "date" with the Louis William Tomlinson 'so El when would you like that date,well besides today cause i'm busy' 'erm ok how about in 2 days,sound good?' 'PERFECT! ok bye babe' *kisses cheek* Wow Louis Tomlinson just called me babe and gave me a kiss on my cheek,BEST min. of my life

Louis P.O.V:WOW I just made the girl of my dreams blush.She's so BEAUTIFUL even more beautiful then from when i first met her which was back in the 3rd grade

*flash back*

'students this is Eleanor Calder,she just moved here from Manchester,Please make Ms.Calder feel welcome' 'erm,Ms where do i sit' 'oh yes Louis please raise your hand,Eleanor you will sit next to him,for now' 'hey I'm Louis,with a S not an E' 'HAHA you're really funny Louis with a S not an E,I like you'

*end of flash back*

I just wish she ment that she liked me after that me and her became close friends but we lost contact when i went to the X-factor my only regert was that i didnt get here number 'FUCKIN SHIT!' I forgot her number again.

Eleanor's P.O.V:'FUCKIN SHIT!' 'What's wrong with Lou El' 'I don't know,do you think that its cause he made a mistake on asking me out' 'NO! dont even say that youre BEAUTIFUL! FUNNY! AND AWESOME!' 'Thanks but im not ' 'yes you are' 'Louis? you heard?' 'yeah I heard the reason i scream wasnt because i made a mistake on asking you out,the mistake was that i didnt ask you out in freshman year when i found out that you liked me,the mistake was that I didnt get your number before the Xfactor,my last mistake,which is the one i regert making the most,is not asking you to be my girlfriend,so what do you say Eleanor would you be my girlfriend???'



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