Me and You

HELLO:) well this story is about a beautiful girl named eleanor meeting her crush since 3rd grade again....eleanor and her crush,louis,end up dating but what happeneds when one of louis' band/best mate starts having feelings for eleanor? will things go right,or just end up horrible? well i guess youre just going to have to read this fanfic to find out what happens!)


5. a/n

A/N:HELLO!) well its not thrusday but its wednesday and i finished ALL my homework so now i have extra time....oh and guess what i got an A on my book review hell ya....ok well im going to make this a long chapter since well ive been writing short chapters :,c oh yeah and im going to write 2 chapters a day since the play is on delay for 2 months and football and volleyball sessons are over,baseball and tennis are moved to which are my early days from school...except sunday lol.... and well since im in sports my teachers give me 2 weeks to do my homework so i can do my homework like on the 2nd week ok well so now i got to get started on thinking of a new chapter oh yeah and if you guys have any ideas then either tweet me them or comment them.....twitter; @NandosWith_1D_ ..... ok well bye

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