Me and You

HELLO:) well this story is about a beautiful girl named eleanor meeting her crush since 3rd grade again....eleanor and her crush,louis,end up dating but what happeneds when one of louis' band/best mate starts having feelings for eleanor? will things go right,or just end up horrible? well i guess youre just going to have to read this fanfic to find out what happens!)


4. A/N

A/N:HELLO:) OK well I've been SUPER busy lately with volleyball,baseball,football,tennis,and school plus I have to study for my final exam and go to rehersals for the! I'm super busy this year haha c: ok well I might have a couple more chapters on thursday cause........ITS MY DAY OFFFF!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! finally a break from my busy busy life ok well I got to go write my book review(I think I shouldnt wait so long to do my reports and projects:/) ok well bye........FOR NOW!!!! !)<-----DOESNT IT LOOK LIKE A WINK HAHAH IT DOES TO ME....yet again i did think that a crow looked like KEVIN! KK NOW BYE !) love Mrs.Nialler|Horan:)<3

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