Me and You

HELLO:) well this story is about a beautiful girl named eleanor meeting her crush since 3rd grade again....eleanor and her crush,louis,end up dating but what happeneds when one of louis' band/best mate starts having feelings for eleanor? will things go right,or just end up horrible? well i guess youre just going to have to read this fanfic to find out what happens!)


1. They Meet

Eleanor's P.O.V: 'I do' Louis said oh he was so cute I love him so much 'Eleanor do you take Louis William Tomlinson as your husband,to have and to hold,for sickness and in health as long as you both shell live' the priest said 'OF COURSE!....I mean I do' I said blushing.Man I'm SUPER nervous oh he looks so AMAZING this kind of feels like one big dream.BEEP BEEP BEEP

'NOOOOO!!!! WHY COULD'NT IT BE REAL.' Ugh!4th dream this month about Louis and I why can't I meet him already and have him fall in LOVE with ME! 'HAHA YEAH RIGHT,that's never going to happen to me I'm to ugly'~my body fails i'm on my knees PRAYIN' ~



L:Hey El do you still want to go to the mall

E:OF COURSE! Lib this is Eleanor Jane Calder your talking to

L:OH MY BAD...kk well i'll talk to you later

E:ok bye tuxedo i'll see you later

L:bye bow tie see you


'MUM I'M GOING TO THE MALL WITH LIBBY TODAY' 'OK SWEETIE HAVE FUN' hmm what should I wear 'I used to think i was better alone.... MUM DO YOU KNOW WHERE MY 'TAKE ME HOME' CD IS AT?' 'ITS DOWN HERE LOVE' Ugh! I really need to keep track of that CD 'Sweetie,your magazine is here' 'YAY!thanks can't go to bed with out a cup of tea maybe thats the reason that you talk in your sleep SUPPPPPEERRRRMAAANNNN!!!' 'ELEANOR LIBBY IS HERE!' 'COMING.....LIBBBBYYYY!' 'ELEEANNORRRR!' 'Bye mum see you'


'So did you kiss him' 'NO lib I wohis is CUTE,do you think I should buy it' 'Eleanor if Louis was behind you would you scream?' 'erm...I'm not su-wait why do you ask?' 'Cause he is....El heres your chance go talk to him' 'ok...Hey Lo-' '~whispers~if you don't scream my name i'll take a picture and sign something' 'erm...that's not what i wanted' 'its not' 'nope'

Louis P.O.V:'erm...that's not what I wanted' 'its not' 'nope' WOW finally a girl who comes up to me just to talk not for an autograph or something...I mean I love my fans but there is hardly time where i get to go out with out being asked for something 'so waht is it that you want' 'erm,I was wondering if you would like to g-' 'WAIT DON'T I KNOW YOU' 'erm...yeah we want to school together' 'yeah we did aren't you Eleanor Calder' 'HAHA yeah that's me' 'you know i had a cute little crush on you back then' 'REALLY?' 'YEAH!but don't worry its gone now' SUCH a lie i never stopped liking her and it wasnt a little crush its a big big BIG CRUSH on her...and I still do 'oh' 'hey El what were you going to ask me?' 'oh its nothign nevermind just forget this conversation ever happened' 'erm ok,Hey El would want to go to the movies with me' 'YEAH SURE,OF COURSE LETS GO RIGHT NOW C'MON I'M FREE RIGHT NOW!!' 'WOW El,a simple yes or sure would of been fine' 'Lol yeah sorry' she's so cute I think I love her


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