The Way He Shines

Taylor Brown, Megan Walker, and Alice Todd are all moving to London a year before they go to college at the beautiful city! Alice, Megan, and Taylor are all in love with the place, no intentions of leaving what so ever! That is until Taylor goes threw one of the hardest heart breaks of her life. Taylor wants to move away, and stat! Then Megan and Alice find a group of devishly handsome teenage boys whom they know Taylor would fall for in an instant and they might be able to mend her broken heart. I mean, just look at the way they shine!


1. Chapter 1

I pull my luggage out of the airport, right threw the door. I can hear Megan and Alice behind me, moaning. They've been my best friends since fith grade and we're almost never apart! Megan is twenty and Alice and I are eighteen, luckily Megan is older so she can be our "guardian".

"Taylor is your aunt going to be here soon?" Alice asks as we walk out the door. "I'm sure she'll be here any minute." I reply and I spot a bench not to far that was begging for me to sit on. "Lets just sit down and wait til' she arrives," I add as I plunk myself down on the wooden peice of heaven.

Megan joined me and Alice right behind her. About fifteen minutes later I hear a honking in a weird tune and rhythem, I almost instantly know it's my goofy Aunt Mill. Aunt Mill has been living here for about four years now, she moved after she was given a huge promotion that would ship her over here. She's pretty much rich since it pays a ton!

She heard we were going to college here next year so she insisted that we'd move early so we could mansion-sit her home a little on the rural side of town, but a lot on the urban side as well. My mother had already answered for Megan, Alice, and I when she told me, not like I would reject it anyways!

We hauled ourselves up and walked over to the red porsche which had its window rolled down to reveal my beautiful, stunning, and not to mention silly, Aunt Mill. She was so excited to hear from my mother we would be coming, she wouldn't trust anyone else in the world to watch her precious, rich, castle while she's going to be away for the year with her new boyfriend, Charles.

She says their going to Paris to visit his family, whom lived there. He moved here to London when he was nineteen with his uncle, Aunt Mill told me it was because his father was constantly fighting with his mum and he needed to get away from it all.

We took our bags over to the trunk, which Milly had popped open. I call her Milly a lot, it just......suits her.

Once we stuck our suitcases and bags into the trunk Megan and Alice took the backseat while I took the front seat. I leaned over and gave Aunt Mill a kiss on the cheek and a giant hug, "How have you been, sweety?" She asked as she released me and began to drive away from the airport. "I've been good, totes excited to be here!" I cheered, Megan and Alice nodded their heads agreeing.

"Thats wonderful! You girls are going to have the time of your lives in this city!" Milly replied. I rolled down my window and looked at all the buildings that towered over our car, making me feel punny. Aunt Mill turned into a two lain rode and we rode straight for a while until we pulled off the rode to gates that were closed.

She spoke into a black box, "Let me in, Malain!" She said, kind of gentle, but almost a strick command. A women mumbled something I couldn't hear and the gates opened. Aunt Mill drove down a dirt road. We arrived at Milly's home and all I can say is our jaws were dropped and ready to catch flies!

It was so big! It had brick walls, nice windows with white paint, and two balconies just in the front with french doors. Aunt Mill grabbed our bags from the trunk and gave them to us, "Well, lets head in," She said as she walked towards the house. We walked up four wide steps up to her huge double doors that had lions carved into each one roaring at each other.

She unlocked one of them and led us inside. You step into a gigantic room with wooden floors, a high ceiling, dark red walls that were on the verge of brown, and two stair cases that turned up to the second floor's open hallway. In between the two doors was a black door with a tree carved on the front.

"I'll have Malain take your bags to your rooms, for right now I'll give you a slight tour." Aunt Mill suggested, she waved her hand, signaling us to follow her. Megan came up beside me and Alice on the other side as we followed Milly. "Dang, this place is amazing," Megan said staring at the ceiling in aw.                                       

                                      "I know, right!"

"Right!" Alice answered for Megan.

"Here's the library, I do most of my boring work in here," Aunt Mill said, breaking our conversation. She walked into the small room with the walls covered with books and of course, the ceiling was tall.

There was a stain glass window with a pink flamingo surrounded by yellow and orange, on a beach at sunset I guess. Then there was a desk with a bunch of folders and stacked papers on it.

We walked out of the library and Milly closed the door behind us. She stroad to the other side of the house, thats when I noticed the giant chandelier that hung right in the center of the ceiling of the main room.

We walked through a doorway into a dinning room with a large table that had dark wood for its materail. All the chairs had a velvet cushion on the back and on the seat. White napkins with a gold design at the top and bottom were by white china that was set on the table on a velvet table cloth.

"Is dinner going to be surved soon?" I asked Milly as I caught up with her, coming to her side like a healing dog. "Oh no darlin', it's only four o' clock. We'll have dinner around six thirty," She replied. It was kind of weird hearing her call me darlin' she's never done that before. Her voice was also in a kind of..fancy manor, was this some manor talk or something?

We got to what I would assume was the kitchen, a light wooden bar on white plegs for support. White chairs with tall legs up against it, every cabnit was white, the stove was a white-ish silver and so was the fridge. It was like a kitchen for a beach house, there was even a view of the large pool in the backyard that would give you that illusion.

A women was working in the kitchen, she was cutting vegetables, tomatoes and carrots I guess. "How's dinner coming, Malian?" Aunt Mill asked, she looked up at Milly.

Her face was lighter than her body, which was very tan, I'd guess she was cuban or mexican, maybe even panamanian. She smiled witch white teeth, but her canines were missing.

"To be read in six," Malain replied in an exotic accsent, yep, deffanetly panamanian. "Glad to here it, keep up the good work!" Milly called as we began to walk out, giving her a thumbs up.

We walked out the back door to a hallway that was behind the stairways, it had some book shelves, but most of the wall had family photos, I caught some of myself.

We entered a room that had a small bed and a tiny wooden table with a lamp, a book, and a box. There was a beat up dresser with a drawer missing. "This is Malain's room, if you need anything and she's not around the house doing chores, she's deffenatly in here." Milly said.

She gave us a shooing motion that made Megan give a tiny laugh as we walked out.  And back down the hallway to a light wooden door. Milly opened it and walked into a large yard with concrete soon to greet you on the side of the pool. The lawn was very large and there was a dog house with the name "Moxy" written above.

"You have a dog?" Alice asked as she turned her head back to the dog house. "Yep, his name is Moxy, but I'm sure you can see that. He's in the basement." Milly replied. "This is of course the back yard, use the pool whenever you want." She added as we walked over to the side of the bright blue pool.

"This is my favorite part of the property." Aunt Mill said in a sighing sort of way. She turned around and started to walk away, "You girls can figure the rest of the house out before dinner," She called and closed the back door.

"Well, I think its safe to say that this year is already going to be the best and it's only April!" Megan preeched. "Totes, this house is amazing! Theres still the basement and upstairs to explore!" Alice claimed, she was right we still had to learn the rest of the house!

"Lets go upstairs and see our rooms, I'm dying to see them!" I said, Megan and Alice both nodded their heads. Once we were back inside I could smell the amazing scent of dinner, "Smells great!" I called while I walked into the kitchen, "Thank you, dear. It mama's specialty!" Malain called back. I nodded and Megan passed by me with Alice hot on her trail.

"So, are you the....." I trailed off, I guess I wasn't very comfortable with the term maid or servant. "Yes, love. I work for Katherine." She answered for me, Katherine was my Aunt's first name. I always thought she looked more like a Victoria, but grandma like the name.

"She kind lady, very sweet. I get paid nicely, not like most maids," She continued as she stirred the soup not looking at me.

"Aunt Mill is very nice, where is she anyway?" I asked. Malain looked up at me, "She getting ready to leave, she go right after dinner." I nodded then smiled, "Thanks,"

I walked back through the dinning room and walked up the left stairway. The hallway was long and had many doors to many rooms.

"Hey, I found your room!" I jumped up higher than a kangeroo at the startiling sound of Alice.

I turned to her and smiled, "Show me, ba-by!" I said in a funny man voice as a shook my chest, Alice laughed and grabbed my hand, leading me to one of the last rooms.

She opened the door to a room with tan walls and a bed with white bed sheets, but the bed itself was a deep purple. A black dresser with twelve drawers stood on the other side of the room and a full body mirror with black lining.

A computer was right next to the bed on a black desk. I walked in and saw a door, I opened it to a walk in closet, "Wow." I gasped, "Yeah, every room has a walk in closet, computer and a bathroom across the hall," Alice said.

I smiled, this year was going to be really fun!



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