Sara, a popular girl that everybody loves!...but one day, everything turns upside down, people start bulling she makes a wish...a wish, that she will regret but at the same time love...she wishes to BE INVISIBLE....find out the mistery and the adventures that Sara's haves in this story


1. Wishes


"Mooooom!!! Where is the dressed I bought yesterday?"

"Look in the 4th door of the closet at the left,sweetie"

"Thanks mom!....Are you ready to drive me to school?"

"Of course dear but first have breakfast okay?"

"All right mom"

I know what you're thinking..."What the heck?" ,but yeah that was me...and my mom, I know... its not SO normal but ,yeah, my mom and I ARE close, VERY close together...We weren't so close before....but that's why I'm here tell YOU.......MY STORY


There was I on a regular day of school...

"Hey, Sara!"

"Hey! How are you?"

"Fine and you?"

"I'm okay"

"Hello Sara!"


"Good Morning,Sara"

"Good morning to you"

I know, its seems weird right? in all storys the popular girl is always the mean one...but...this story....belive me....its sooo different


"Hey, was the party yesterday?"


"OMG...Can I take a picture with you?"

All right, All right...that didn't happened...

"Hey Sara...How was the party yesterday?"


"Sorry I couldn't come...Its complicated"

"Don't worry"

"Back to school huh?....I miss summer already"

"Hahaha....I'm sure it's not so bad"


"Well....gotta go..see ya"


Yeah...I also kind of liked school....but don't worry! that didn't last very long

"Sara! is a free sit"



"Yes! Lucy....that was it!" 

 "You couldn't knew....I'm new here"

"'s has been?"


"And..Tell me...Were are you from? You have a cool accent"


"WOW really?"


"Student's please get your book's and sit immediately"

Soooo, That's basically how I meet her....but the adventure it's just beggining

Everything was great...Lucy was an awesome person, the days passed and I started to consider her as one of my closest friends...but one day something wasn't right

"Hey! How are you Danielle?"

"Shut up!"


"Just go!"

"All right.....Hey Trixie, what's up with Danielle?"

"Don't pretend you don't know!"

"What?...Trixie wait!"

"Jade...Did I said something bad to Trixie or Danielle is that they are not treating me......JADE WAIT!"

"What's up with everyone today?!.........Hey Dan! How are you?"


"What? What's going on?"

"Soo now you don't remember?!"

"What are you talking about?!"

"Just get away....I don't want people to see us talking" 

"Dan...You are my boyfriend"

"Then we are done"

"WHAT?! DAN WAIT! wait!"

"Make it quick!"

"We are done?" 

YES! THAT WAS PRETTY MUCH THE MOST HORRIBLE THING THAT EVER HAPPENED IN MY LIFE!...."Calm down, Sara..Calm down"  All right,All right...I'm calmed....Were was I again?....Oh right! *Says crying*

"We're done?"

"Don't fake cry! everyboby knows what you did!"

"But I don't know!"

"I can't belive it!"

"Tell me!....please...just....tell me"

"C'mon" Dan said while he took me to the Janitor room "You hurt that poor girl and then went to him?! I can't belive YOU! I thought our relationship was greater than ever but know......i just can't 

That day, in that precise moment ,when he got out of the janitor's room...I knew....


Yes, I know....I didn't thought things through in a very friendly way...but thanks to that, my life changed completely, sooooo, let's keep moving


That were few of the millions of things I heared that day and next few..I couldn't belive I didn't hurt anybody, but still everybody hate me...and I couldn't do anything about it...then something camed to my head

"LUCY! I'm sure she could help me"

 "I know.....that was kind of slow"



"Hey Lucy!"

"What? what?  Oh hey!...What are you doing?" she said nervous

"Sitting beside my friend...on we always do?"


"janitor's room? again?...gosh what people see to this place"

"mmm....Sara, I'm sorry but nobody likes you"

"Wow! harsh!.....I notice that before...but what are friend for right?"

"mmmmm yee-ess"

"What's wrong?"

"Well, I'm soo soo sorry...but I don't want to be seen as the dork friend"


"Sorry....just that..I think my dad is gonna stay here for a while, so, I...I can't...see"

"see me anymore?"


"Wow!....but we are supossed to be friends....good or bad situations?"

"Well, I can hang out with you after school if you want"

"I guess"

"Thanks for undestanding...bye....GIRLS WAIT!"

"Oh my god!..."

I stayed there for a while....thinking,crying,analyzing...WHAT HAVE I DONE?....I lost a friend...I lost a boyfriend...I lost my teachers...and I lost my popularity....It was awful, but I didn't want my parents to know...i didn't want them to worry, I needed to slove this problem alone

"Hey mom! I'm home!"

"Shiners again?....6 days in a row....are you sure you are okay?"

"Yeah mom...its just the fever"

"Okay...i trust you"

"Just leave me alone"

"I just wanted to help"

"You are not making a very good job....I NEED TO THINK!" *I entered to my room and put a pillow on my face, sreaming and crying all over again*

" something about Dan isn't it?"

"no mom"

"Well, you just have to think straight..... when you treat bad someone that someone is gonna treat bad you...soo think...what have you done to him?"

"I all ready told you mom! ITS OKAY!"

"Well, I'll be making dinner soon"

"I'm not hungry"

"Join us if you change your mind later okay?"

I just wanted to scream so hard, that also China could hear it! I WAS DESESERATE! everything was wrong....and I didn't want things to get I started to fake being sick to skip school...but people didn't miss a chance..they called me everyday, to insult me, and when I didn't pick up, they'll used to leave the most horrible messages....they knew how to make a girl feel awful....

the worst thing was that I have tried soo much to explain and try to get some answers but nothing changed


There was me, listening to the last message that they had send to me....crying..... I went near the window....I just wanted to calm down a bit, so I started to watch the movies it used to cheer you up....but apparently not in reality...IT WAS BORING!...i turned around and layed on my bed...I was exhausted!...

i just closed my eyes and said the most greatful words ever! the words that changed my life for ever! 

"I wish the problem just become invisible till everything fix up"





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