Sara, a popular girl that everybody loves!...but one day, everything turns upside down, people start bulling she makes a wish...a wish, that she will regret but at the same time love...she wishes to BE INVISIBLE....find out the mistery and the adventures that Sara's haves in this story


10. Trouble in the woods


"Can we take a brake?" I asked....I was exhauted! we have walked all night long

"Sara..we took a brake twenty minutes ago" She responded annoyed

"EXACTLY! Twenty!..I need another one!" 

"Sara...just walk a little bit more ...okay?"


The city was way behind..their was no turning back now

After about ten minutes Grace stopped and took the map out of her bag

"FINALLY!" I shouted with excitement

Grace seem worried..She keep comparing the map instructions and drawings with the real view

"What's wrong Grace?" I said while I took my second bottle of water out of my bag pack

"I don't understand!..the map says here there should be a well! but their is nothing more than a rock!"

"Calm down Grace...maybe we have to go a little farther"

"But...the map says is in here!"

Then she continued "well maybe you are right"

"AUCH!...something hit me!"

" too!"

Suddenly smoke started to appear and a strange voice started to whisper something

"You have to offer three things for each person to pass  acrooss this line"

Grace and I exchanged looks...then I grab three random things from my back pack and throw it on the floor...then the voice continued

"That has no value to me"

"Then what do you want us to give?" Grace desperate shouted

"Look deep in the forest..there you will fine the cristaline river..bring me three shinest rocks of it and I'll let you pass"

"What forest?" I asked confused

Suddenly the earth started to move and millions of trees came out from it

"C'mon Grace! Let's do this!" I said excited while I walked near the trees...then something started to buther my foot

"Sara! WATCH OUT! A SNAKE" She shouted while run near me...she grab a stick and pull it..then the snake slid away

"Be careful with the dangerous animals in that forest, expecially the snakes...and don't trust what you see" The voice whispered

"SO NOW YOU TELL US!" I shouted to the sky..

"C'mon Sara..we don't have time for this..and you welcome by the way"


We both entered to the forest..It all made mixed animals noices..we could see the top of the trees moving

"Here..take this" Grace said while she gave me a stick

"Yeah..this is going  to make all the dangerous animals go away" I said sarcastically

"It saved you from the snake"

"You are righ-" Suddenly a bush right infront of us started moving..Grace stood infront of me 

"Who is there?" She asked

"Grace..who in this world asked who is there in a dangerous forest?!" I whispered


Then the bush started moving faster

"Grace! Run! It must be a moster! an ugly one! It's going to eat us!" I shouted while I jump in her back

Suddenly a frog came out of the bush

"Yeah...its terrifying" She said sarcastically "C'mon" She continued

"I wasn't scared...I was...I was testing you"

"Of course you were!" She said lauhing

"I was! I swear!....I..I knew it was a frog, a little, tiny, inocent frog"

Grace turned around to look at me

"How did y-" She stopped...and started looking up

"What are you look-" I said while I looked back "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! A GIANT FROG!"

"RUUUUUN!" Grace shouted

I couldn't more scared..the frog was gigantic..

We run as fast as we can until we hide behind a tree...the frog keep going

"That was close" I said

"So you knew it was a frog..a little tiny inocent frog?" Grace said trying to make fun of me

"Hey.." I tried to change the subject while we keep walking

"sure sure...don't explain's all fine" Grace said giggling


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