Sara, a popular girl that everybody loves!...but one day, everything turns upside down, people start bulling she makes a wish...a wish, that she will regret but at the same time love...she wishes to BE INVISIBLE....find out the mistery and the adventures that Sara's haves in this story


9. The start of the mystery


"Sooo...what do you want?" He asked with his deep voice

"Just some questions Dad...could you please-" Grace said while she pointed to the chair...He sat down and looked at one seem to respond

"Start then!"

", we just have this question that is very both of us..especially Grace..sooo..the thing there a chance if her mother had powers?" I tried to say


"Yeah...powers she had any?" Grace continued

He just starting looking around the place, like looking for something..then he stopped and said

"Of....Of course she had!" He said kind of mad "It's obvious!..sooo you went all the way here to ask me that stupid question?!"

"We-...well" Grace had no words to say..maybe she was right...she wasn't prepared

"I just can't believe this! in this bloody world are you asking my that stupid question?!"

"Jus-...Just" Grace still couldn't talk..she had so many emotions comin though her...I looked at her..she was starting to cry..Suddenly my body got full of rage..and I got up and shouted

"Look MISTER! Do you have any idea what this girl has gone though?!..She has suffered alot for you to come here and make her feel worst! you have no right to do that! We have walked for hours in this city to look for you and ask just a stupid little question...and you come and just shout to her because you said it was OBVIOUS!?...NO! YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Now I want you to get up and apologize you fat idiot!" Suddenly the bravery was gone..I realized that I had shouted to one of the scariest persons I have ever seen...and call him idiot!...I smiled with fear and sat down.."Un- don't wa- want to...of..course" I continued, trying to avoid the problem..

He stood up...for a moment I thought he was going to hit me or something..but he came closer and just crouched infront of me

"I'm are right..I was tired..and I haven't realized how much Grace has been though"  Then he turned around and looked at her..

"I'm sorry Grace...I shouldn't have scream at you..I know I'm not the best father..but i try..It's just that since your mother died...I..I"  Suddenly he stopped...he covered his face with his hands and started to cry

"I know dad...I miss her too" She said, also with tears in her eyes

"You look soo much like her...and it reminds me that I can't be with her any more and it's just makes me sad...I'm sorry Grace"

"I forgive you dad...I'm sorry too"

I was just standing there..infront of them..watching them was beautiful..

"but I'm not an idiot" He said looking at me

"Oh!...yeah...sorry about that"

He smiled....



"..mmm...guys...sorry for interrupt the moment but..we don't have much time"

"For what?"

" is a mortal..just like I was..but she is being invisible right now"


"No not cool!...remember, if she doosen't returns to be normal..she is going to be stuck like that for ever"

"Oh..right...well...I kind of know a solution"

"Reallly?! What?!" 

"Well...I don't really know it...but I know someone that does"

"Who?!" We both said 

"His name is Uther...he lives outside of the will have to pass a lot of taks to get there"

"Of course!" Grace said

"Great! But how are we going to know where his house is?" I asked

"'s going to sound kind of unreal"

"Don't worry....I'm invisible...and In a fairy world...I think I can take it"

"Well...I have a treasure map"

"that's not weird"

"It's a magical one...everytime you arrive to a shows the next one..but if you don't get will never know the next part...and other thing will be if someone takes it..he will never figure out where to go because each map is for a can't use it if you don't have the same blood"

"Well...i will be the guide Grace"

After he gave us the map...we grab a pair of bags and full it with all the important things..Grace had food,water,tools....but I had the most important things....magazines,perfumes, and my IPhone...but somehow when Grace looked at it...she emptied it..and put inside more of her "important stuff"...I still don't get it..

After saing goodbye, we got was night..dark and it seemed dangerous..but grace kept walking, and i didn't want to be I followed her...and that was it...the start of the adveture! The start of MY new life!


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