Sara, a popular girl that everybody loves!...but one day, everything turns upside down, people start bulling she makes a wish...a wish, that she will regret but at the same time love...she wishes to BE INVISIBLE....find out the mistery and the adventures that Sara's haves in this story


6. The mysterious case


After looking for her for hours almost everywhere...I sat was dark, the star were coming out..and something strange happened...a light appeared just next to was her! SHE WAS  BACK!

"Grace! Finally!"

"Are you okay? What happened?"

"I had been looking for you!"

"I thought everthing was okay...why are you all covered in mud"

"I fell in mud and then car decided to was me.."

"Oh...that's not good"

"Nop...not at all"

"C'mon..stand up"

"For what?"

"Want to be clean?"


"Then..stand up"



"Wow! Thanks....Oh! and your powers are back!"

"Yep!...When i left I went to my house and my mom teached me how to fix it"


"Soo..Why were you looking for me?"

" won't belive this!..Dan has powers!"

"I know"

"Oh! right...well, he is the only one that can see me!"

"I know...we all can"

"Right..well...turns out..I'M STILL INVISIBLE"

"Oh! that I didn't knew"

"Yes! finally...wait...was that sarcasm?"

"Kind of"

"You knew?"


"Why didn't you come?"

"I couldn't"


"You still wre with Dan"

"And what is the matter?"

"I can't see him...our family's haven seen each other in decades until this afternoon"

"I know...Dan told me"

"Don't tell he told you *The story*"

"What? the one that your grand father stold money from his?"

"That's the one"


"Because is not true"

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm...It was HIS partner!"

"Why don't you just tell each other and stop this stupid war"

"Because they won't belive us"


"Because...his grand father partner...was his son"

"Do you mean-?"

"Dan father is the one that stole the money"


"Are you crazy? that can not be true!"

"Well it is"

"But I meet him"

"Let me guess..he was sweet and charming and asked you about the things you like"


"You know their is something called acting"

"Do you think he is acting?"

"Of course!"

"but anyway..why would he stole HIS father money?"

"Well, he wanted to kill him first...but it didn't turn out..and he all ready got the money so he told everybody MY grand father was the one"

"Really? and how are you soo sure?"

"Because I was the one who saw him stoleing the money"


"I was little..but I know what I saw"

That was shocking...It seemed like a movie!..I couldn't belive I was in the middle of a super mysterious and weird case...and I had to choose between the two story's..AND that MY star was the one that saw the crime in action! I didn't knew what to belive 


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