Sara, a popular girl that everybody loves!...but one day, everything turns upside down, people start bulling she makes a wish...a wish, that she will regret but at the same time love...she wishes to BE INVISIBLE....find out the mistery and the adventures that Sara's haves in this story


8. New answers


I sighed..I opened the sink and throw water all over my face..I  raised my head and looked myself in the mirror..then I saw her reflexion..she looked kind of worried, she camed closer and asked

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, don't worry...I'm just tired"

"Well, don't worry, you will rest really the important thing is...are you ready?"

I only smiled and nodded my head..I couldn't belive this was actually happening..I was going to a fairy world!..crazy right?..I thought that only existed in movies or shows but it was always had

She grab my hand and did that rare click she always used to do before..immidiatly, we were at other place, we had teleported!

Everything looked so small and different but really cool..It all seemed a happy place..everyone was smiling and having a great time..people were singing and dancing in a side of the street...there were buildings everywhere..but they were not normal..they were made in such a strange forms..

Grace bought some really nice scarfs..but she told me to put it around my to cover my face..she did it too..why was she acting soo weird?..I just tried to get the question out my wasn't a really good time to fight

"Grace..why is everyone with a different hair color?"

"Oh! I was sure you'll ask that...It represents your actitude...your personality"

"Cool! what's green?"

"You are calm and know how to listen to people..but sometimes you could be grumpy"

"Wow! that's really specific"

"I know"


"Social and intelligent..oh! and very honest"


"Grumpy..but good friend"


"Look, I'll love too stay here and explain to you all 20 colors out there...but we don't really have time"

"You are right...Let's go"

We started to walk away..everytime I looked around I found something incredible and new to me..I felt like in the future..or in that city in Huger Games movie?..

"Hey, why don't you have a hair color?"

"I'm not...really a fairy..remember?...let's just keep going"


"Look! my school!"


"Hey guys!"

"Who is your friend?"

"Oh!...sorry...this is Sara"


"Hey Sara!"

" guys..have you seen my dad around?"

"Nop...not really"

"Well, was nice seeing you..but we really have to go"

"You and who?"


"I swear that just moved"

" are in fairy's world....of course it moved"

She grab my arm and pull me away..While I looked at it...I had seen something weird in that statue..beside it moved, of course...

After walking for about 20 minutes..I was really tired..everything was soo cool in here..except the part were they didn't have taxi's..

"Sara! Look! We are here! my mom's  husband house!"

"Are you okay? seem so happy about seeing him and then you just stopped"

"I don't's just since...she died...I haven't seen him for a while...and I don't know if... I'm prepared"

"Why won't you?...there is nothing wrong between you and your dad...c'mon, let's go"

"ookay...but if something awkward happens, it's your fault"

"All right...know click the door bell"

"Why? you are all ready there"

"Because I have no idea how too"

"C''s push this, click over here..grab this, put it over here and pull this down two times"

"Yeah...super easy"


Immidiatly someone opened the door...I supposed it was her adoptive father..but he didn't seem to happy about seeing her..he was tall, strong..and seem kind of grumpy..but I can't judge one should ever judge others for their physical appereance..and..of course..he didn't have a hair color!

"Hey...... dad"

 "What are you doing here?"

Grace didn't seem too happy either..It was kind of awkward being in that situation..So I realized I had to explain

"Well Sir...we are here to ask you some little tiny questions?"

First I got scared..he strated looking at me with a killer look..but then he turned around and looked at Grace again

"Who is this?" He said poiting at me

"I'm Sa-" I couldn't really finish my sentence..Grace was modulating a giant "NO"..the guy notice I was looking at he did that too..and she just smiled

"She's Sara...a friend"

"Are you sure? know what happened last time"

"Yes..I know"

"What last time?" I asked..I was really confused..What they were talkiing about?

"Dad, it's just a minute..."

"Okay, come in...but hurry..I don't want anyone seeing you in my house"

I entered..but that was really weird..what was that all about?..what happened last time?..why did we had to cover ourselves? many questions..and no answers..I was kind of freaking out..but I couldn't ruin this..I had to wait, just a little

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