Sara, a popular girl that everybody loves!...but one day, everything turns upside down, people start bulling she makes a wish...a wish, that she will regret but at the same time love...she wishes to BE INVISIBLE....find out the mistery and the adventures that Sara's haves in this story


11. New Questions


"LOOK! THE RIVER!" I said trying to trick her.... again

"Where?! WHERE!"

"Girl! you are so easy to fool!" I said laughing

"Can you please stop doing that! We need to focus!...this is very important!"

"But is soo funny!"

"Well...stop least that you want to stay invisible for ever!"

I didn't answer...she was right..I shouldn't been doing that...we were in this trouble for me in the first place

We didn't talk to each other for at least 20 minutes..but suddenly I saw something..something that shine like the seemed it had glitter

"Grace!....Grace!...GRACE LOOK!"

"I'm not falling again!"

"It's not a joke!"

"You said that the third time!"

"C'mon! just look!"

Suddenly she turned around


I didn't say anything I just poited into the incredible light..

"Wow...what is that?"

"What do you think it is?"


We ran foward it...but when we got there it wasn't what we was just a broken mirror in the middle of the ground

"Danm! What do we do now?"

"Keep walking"


After walking for hours..without talking, Grace finally stopped, and throw her bag to the grown, and then sit next to a tree 

"What's wrong?" I asked

"I give up!...We are never going to make it!...I don't even know where are we!"

I just stayed there looking at her...she was crying


"What?"...she sad while she clean up her tears

"We had traveled around...not the lets say...we got into a really creepy forest and talked to a random ungly voice from I don't know where! and survived from a disgusting frog monster! And nothing stopped you...and know that you are save in a mountain...doing the easiest thing we had done in this trip that is look for a stupid river and you give up?"


"Nop...don't tell me anything...because I won't take any  excuses...c'mon..get up"

"Since when you are the guide?"

"Since you turned into the weak one that gives up......and when I stole you the map"

 "What?!" She said while she looked up in her bag "Give it back! I'm the guide!"

I started laughin and running away while she was following me...I was right..she was really easy to plan to cheer her had worked


I stopped and hide behind a tree..after a moment I peered to see where was she..but then I felt someone taking me away the map

"Hey! that's not fa-" 

It wasn't was a guy...a really cute guy

"Hey give it back...that's mine"

"I thought it was your friends"

"What? do you know that? have you been spying on us?"

"No just that your friends screams really loud...I think all the village find out it was hers"

"Village? What village?"

 "THERE YOU ARE!" Grace shouted while she run foward "Give back my stupid ma-.....who are you?"

"I'm Elliot....heres your map"

" did you kno-"

"You screamed to loud" I said

"What are you doing here? in the middle of the woods?" Grace asked him

"Middle of the woods?" he said laughing

"Grace...he comes from a village...that's near here"


"Yes...right you see the smoke getting out of the house?"

"We must had gone the wrong way!" Grace said to me

"Where were you going, maybe my dad can help, he knows all the forest"

"Will you lead us there?" I asked

"Sure come on"


It wasn't very far...I was impressed we haven't seen was really big

It was a tipical village from the movies..i haven't seen anything like that before in real life..chickens were everywhere!...people sailed fruits and vegetables in really low prices...well, I not really sure, it was a different kind of money

Finally we was  the biggest house of the seemed the where like the bosses or something

The house, was.......different....that's all I'm going to say, it had dead animals everywhere...and it didn't had any light or anything that was was like going to the past

"Elliot? is that you?" a woman asked

"Yes mom!"

The woman came in...she was a little old, she was dressed kind of like cinderella when she worked for her stepmother, except she wasn't blonde

"Oh..Elliot..and who are this lovely girls?"

"This are...the girl that were the forest"

"Really?...i thought they were going to be a little younger"

" were expecting us?" I asked

She didn't asnwer my question...and it was a little suspicious...for me of course...for Grace it was all okay..because she had a huge cush in this could see it in her eyes

"Mom...They are lost..and I wanted to know if dad can help them"

"Sure...wait here, he is in the library, I'll get him"

"Soo do you have a girlfriend?" Grace asked inmidiatly

I was just shocked...Grace had never behave like this before and neither any other don't ask a complete stranger you?

" where were you going?" he asked me

"To a river....we need to get the 3 shinn-...AUCH!...What is wrong with you?"

 "Sorry...Grace, I didn't see your foot there"

"River huh?....I think I know where is it"

"Really?" I asked

"Yeah, we go there all the time"

"And are you sure is the only river here?"

"I think soo....i don't really get out much"

"Oh.. well...let's go" Grace said

"Wait...what about his father?" I asked


"Okay son! have a great time!"

That was weird...and suspicious.. why will he ask where are we going when he knows we only will talk to his father about it...and he said he didn't get out does he know where the river is?...Strange..

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