Sara, a popular girl that everybody loves!...but one day, everything turns upside down, people start bulling she makes a wish...a wish, that she will regret but at the same time love...she wishes to BE INVISIBLE....find out the mistery and the adventures that Sara's haves in this story


5. Life Mess


After talking and talking and talking about EVERYTHING...I finally got her to smile a little...I just wanted her to be happy right now..I felt so bad for her

"Soo, your turn"

"Well, the most embarrasing thing that have ever happened to me time in a party, I was flirting with this guy and I wanted to show him my new super dance"

"Oh gosh" she said laughing

" the end, I fell and ended destroying the cake"


"Yep...It was horrible"

"Soo what happened with the guy?"

"Weell....he helped me get up...and defend me from the others so the could stop laughing...and in the end he took me to the balcony...and we had our first kiss!"

"WOW! soo that embarrasing thing...ended being pretty good"


"What's wrong Sara?"

"Well,  THE GUY was the one we saw the other day"

"With the other one? kissing? really? they seem soo in love!"

"What - a - way - to - cheer - me - up"

"I just kidding!...You must have seen your face!"

"ha - ha - ha"

"All right all right, calm what?"

"I don't know.....mmmm...well, can we go to class for a moment?"

"Really? class? you are invisible and you want to study?"

"Well, its not that....I just want to... see.... something"

"The guy right?"

"Can you read minds?...because this is strating to freak me out"

"Noo noo.. She said laughing again ..Its just obvious...c'mon I'll go with you"




"Sooo, is that one over there?"


"And that one?"

"Nop....why are you asking me? you saw him"

"From the back.....that one?"

"Noo.....I don't get it, he was supose to be her-"

"and the one that just entered?"

"What do YOU think?"


"YES!....oh no! he is sitting beside her"

"Well, the are kind of a couple now"

"Shut up"

"Just saying"

"Its weird....It feels like he is looking at me"

"Because we are in front of the board..."

"No not that......well, maybe"

"C'mon lets much guy time"

"His name is Dan"

"Well, to much DAN time....maybe we shoul-.......SARA WAIT! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!"


"NOOO WAIT!...Sara...She's going to pay me this, I hate running!"



It was P.E class...I just wanted to take a see if anything had chaged beside the Dan thing....and their were definetily TO MUCH things that had changed

The ones that hated P.E were cheerleaders and the ones who did were sent to run 5 more times because they didn't want to give it a try...this was just weird


"Hey! Finally! I found you!.....Sara? Sara!...Ups...not the right girl"


I was just getting closer to the couch when a hand touch my shoulder...of course Grace

"Sorry for running away but I just had to....When I turned around...I realized it wasn't her...It was DAN but it was IMPOSSIBLE! the couldn't see me! 

"Sara, I just wanted to talk to you...the other day but you run out"

"What? Dan? can you see me?"

"Of course I can...why couldn't I?"

Okay this was creepy...but maybe the wish was gone! EVERTHING WAS BACK TO NORMAL!...but wait? how does he saw me yesterday if I still was invisible?


"SARA! DON'T YOU EVER MAKE ME RUN AGA-.....Sara, I told he can't see us....NOO"

"What?...why couldn't I?...NOO"


"I know right? THE WISH IS GONE!"

"Not you AGAIN!"

"do you know her?.....DAN CAN SEE US!"

"Sara wait....this is very weird, my boss haven't told me that my work is done...and it had only been two days..and sara...WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT IDIOT WAS YOUR BOYFRIEND"

"Can't you remember when he said we won't call you in the next two weeks?...and Why? do you know him?"

"Sara we need to get away from her"

"Don't worry Dan, Grace what's going on?"

"I'm sorry I need to go"



"Sara, why were you talking to her?"

"She's a friend"

"She's is dangerous!...get away from her! please...and  Sara....I need to tell you something"

"Shhh....The coach will punish us...c'mon we have to go"

"But Sara!"

"See you later"

I was soo happy...everthing was back to normal! FINALLY! but I still had the doubt why do Grace freaked out soo much? and from where they know each other? it was just weird

"Couch, Sorry I'm late...How many times I have to run?.....Coach? coach!!"

"Well, I'm safe!  GIRLS! I'M BACK!...Girls?.....LUCY! there you are! Lucy?"

"Sara! I need to talk to you!"

"Dan...Why is every one ignoring me?"

"mmm...let's go some place private"

"Okay, but you better tell me"



"Now...Sara, this is gonna be hard but I'm kind...of the only one that can see you here"

"They still hate me?"

"No no its not that...I'm literally the only one that can see you"

"What? how? when?"

"Calm down!"

"So they can see you? not me? why you can see me? do they remember me?"

"Sara...just look at still invisible...but I can see you"

 I just burst with laughter

"You are kidding me right?"

"No, why would I do such a stupid prank...and how would I know you were invisible before?"

"You are right! but how do you see me?"

"Its going to sound weird but I...kind that have powers"


"Shhhhhhh! remember this is the janitors room! we can'r make too much noise"

"Oh my god! why? how? when?"

"A couple of years ago, my dad told me he was from another world...and I had inherited his powers"


"I can't tell random people I have powers...they will think I'm nuts!"

"Since when I'm random people to you?"

"C'mon don't be soo dramatic about it....I just couldn't tell you, let's change the subject please?"

"Oh! all right.....Why in this world do you now my star and why did she freak out soo much when she saw you?"

"You seem mad"

"So I shouldn't be?"


"Well, my dear"

"Thats sarcasm"

"NOOO WAY! sooo you are going to tell me or not?"


"Why did Grace freak out soo much?"

"mmm, our..our familys kind of hate each other"

"And you hate each other? have you seen her before?"

"Yes, not much, but yeah....we had fight a couple of times"

"WHAT! do you have any idea how much she has been through? her adoptive mother died a week ago!"

"mmm, I'm sorry about that I didn't calm down"

"Okay.....Soo, why do your family's hate soo much?"

"A century ago, her great great grand father stole all of my great great grand father money, and accuse him for trying to pretend that robbery to gain money...and is not great great gand father had to be inside a prison for about 20 years! just for her grand grand father lie"

"Wow! that's horrible!"

"Yes...none of my family's had speak to them over decades, until today"

"Oh my God1 I'm sorry I didn't knew....."

"Don't worry, I know that"

"So thats it?"


"Are you sure? you seem nervous"

"No I'm, you stay here, I need to go to class"


I couldn't belive this, I still am invisible, my star is part of a horrible family, or that's what Dan thinks, and she's gone, soo I have not many chances to return to my life...I needed to find her...and she can help me and explain me all this mess


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