Under The Moonlight(One Direction Vampire Fanfic)

What would you do if you find out that your favorite band were vampires?Well,one girl finally finds out their secret and she's scared of them but one of them she's not afraid of.Which one is she not afraid of?You'll find out in Under The Moonlight!


3. Under The Moonlight-Part 3

~Louis' Pov~


"So,we wanted to tell you something.",I said

"What?",Hayley asked.

"So,I'm sure you already know our secret,right?",I asked.

"That you're bloodsucking monsters,yeah I know that.",Hayley replied.

Zayn kept eyeing Hayley,he must have noticed that she was wearing his clothes.

"Uh,Hayley,you're wearing my clothes.",Zayn said.

"Oh,I'm sorry,I didn't know.",Hayley said.

"It's okay,you can keep them on.",Zayn said.

Hayley smiled and turned to me.

"What I want to tell you is that when I drank your blood we made a connection and now you're mine,my property",I said.

Hayley stood there frozen looking at me.Hayley got up off the couch and ran into my room.Harry got up to follow her but I stopped him.

"Where do you think you're going,Styles?",I asked.

"I was going to go talk to Hayley,is that such a problem?",Harry asked.

"No.Remember this;Hayley is mine and only mine.",I warned.

Harry smirked and made his way to my bedroom door.I sat back down on the couch.


~Harry's Pov~


I knocked on the door,Hayley didn't open it.This wasn't even her room it was Louis'.I decided to open the door and walk in.Hayley was sitting in the window looking at the snow covered ground.

"Go away!",she said.

"Calm down,Hayley,its just Harry.",I said.

"Oh,I thought you were Louis.",she replied.

"He's in the living room with the lads.",I said,"why did you run in here for?"

"I don't want to be his property,I want my freedom.",she replied.

"He doesn't own you,he's just telling you that he likes you.I have someone to,but I don't own her.",I said.

"Who?",she asked.

"Her name is Jessica but we call her Jess.She's not a vampire,she's a doner.",I replied.

"What's a doner?",she asked.

"Its someone who's kinda like a blood bank but I love Jess a lot not just for her blood,for her heart.",I replied.

Hayley fumbled with her thumbs.She bit her lip while watching a little girl walk past the mansion.I smelled something..blood.Where was it coming from?I looked at Hayley and her arm was bleeding.There was so much blood and I couldn't control my hunger.I shifted on the bed and Hayley turned to look at me.She stood up and started walking back and forth.I couldn't help it anymore and I lunged at Hayley,sending her and I to the floor.

"I'm sorry.",I said,before I sank my fangs into her arm.

She screamed so loud that my eyes almost fell off.

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