Under The Moonlight(One Direction Vampire Fanfic)

What would you do if you find out that your favorite band were vampires?Well,one girl finally finds out their secret and she's scared of them but one of them she's not afraid of.Which one is she not afraid of?You'll find out in Under The Moonlight!


2. Under The Moonlight~Part 2

~Louis' Pov~


I was sorry for hurting Hayley but at least we didn't kill her.When Harry drank her blood he went way too far,he almost killed her.But when I drank from her first,we made a connection,I just need to get her to drink my blood and the connection would be stronger.Hayley is my property now but I won't tell her till she's ready to know.The guys and I are in the limo with Hayley with us.I had distracted her while Niall knocked her on the head.I know what you're thinking,why would we do that to one of our fans?The reason we did that is because we have to keep her with us forever,if we let her go then she'll tell the whole world.They won't believe her but we still have to keep her with us.We don't want to take that risk.I didn't want to hurt her but the monster inside me needed and wanted nothing but blood.Please help me.


~My Pov~


I woke up in a bedroom,I was only wearing a bra and my underwear.

"What the hell?",I asked myself.

My head was throbbing from where I hit it 2 times on the concrete wall.I looked around and saw Louis and Liam looking at me.How did they get here so fast?Where were Harry,Niall and Zayn?

"Ah!Get out of here,I'm half naked,you know?",I asked.

"Yeah,we know.Maybe we wanna see you half naked.",Louis replied,smirking.

"You're disgusting.",I said.

"I prefer dedicated.",Louis said.

"Whatever,leave so I can change into something that isn't my undergarments.",I said.

"Ok,we'll leave but make sure you put something tight on.",Louis said.

I glared at him,he smirked at me.Louis was such a pervert.When Louis and Liam left,I got off the bed and opened the dresser.I gasped when it opened,there were shirts that said "Hollister","The London Eye" and "American Eagle".I put on the shirt that said Hollister,then a pair of sweat pants.I walked out of the room and walked into the living room.I saw the guys sitting on the couch.They motioned me to sit down,I sat down in the middle of Zayn and Louis.

"So,we wanted to tell you something.",Louis said.

"What?",I asked.

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