Under The Moonlight(One Direction Vampire Fanfic)

What would you do if you find out that your favorite band were vampires?Well,one girl finally finds out their secret and she's scared of them but one of them she's not afraid of.Which one is she not afraid of?You'll find out in Under The Moonlight!


1. Under The Moonlight~Part 1

~My Pov~


As I watched One Direction perform "Live While We're Young" on stage,I sang alone.I saw Louis look at me and smile,I looked closely at his smile and I saw...fangs.There's no way that I just saw fangs come out of Louis Tomlinson's mouth.I must be imagining things.I was at the concert with my friend Angelina.Angelina is 17 years old and I'm 19 years old.Angelina has blonde hair with red highlights and brown eyes.I have brown hair with blonde highlights and blue eyes.

One Direction finished the song then they walked off stage.Aw,I wish it wasn't over.

"Hey,I'm gonna head to the girls restroom.If I don't come back,catch the bus home and I'll walk.",I said.

"Ok",Angelina replied.

I started walking down the street,it was quiet,too quiet for my liking.I noticed a sign down the street that read "Restrooms",I made my way down the street to the restrooms.When I got there,I went in the one marked "Ladies".After I finished my business,I washed my hands and walked out.I heard a blood-curling scream,I started walking towards the screams when I slammed into something hard.I hit the ground with a load thud.I looked up to see...the one and only Zayn Malik looking at me from above.

"You shouldn't be here,love.",he said.

"W-why shouldn't I be?",I asked.

"Its dangerous here,you need to leave.",he said.

"Okay,I'll leave,bye.",I said.

Zayn nodded.I started walking down the street again.I heard the screams again and I ran toward them.The screams lead me to a building,I peeked inside.I saw...One Direction inside the building.Louis was standing over the table...shirtless.Why was he shirtless and the others aren't?I sat down on the ground and scooted up against the wall.I heard them talking about something.

"We have to do something about our hunger or we'll end up killing everybody.",Liam said.

"What are we supposed to do?There's nothing we can do...we're stuck like this...forever.",Harry replied.

I looked in the room and saw a girl laying on the table covered in her own blood.Why would they kill this girl?She was a fan,how could they?What were they?I remember seeing fangs when Louis smiled at me during the concert.Were One Direction(my favorite band)vampires?How in the hell is this possible?

"We have to cancel the whole tour or we'll end up killing every girl we meet.",Louis said.

After Louis said that,I hit my head on the concrete wall.It made a loud thud.All five of them looked behind them,I was right in the doorway...they looked straight at me.

"Who do we have here?",Niall asked.

"That's the girl that I saw at the concert.",Louis replied.

"I saw her at the restrooms a while ago.",Zayn said.

"Did you get her name?",Liam asked Zayn.

"No",Zayn replied.

"Well,what's your name,love?",Liam asked.

"Hayley Scarberry",I replied,shaky.

"I bet she tastes delicious.",Harry said.

Niall and Harry grabbed me by my arms and threw me on the floor.They all surrounded me.I scooted up against the wall,my head hit the wall...hard.Louis crouched down in front of me and looked into my blue eyes.

"It's ok Hayley,I'm just gonna drink some of your blood for energy.",Louis said,"It might hurt,if it does try not to scream".

Louis crawled on top of me and put his head in my neck.He started to kiss/lick my neck up to my jaw line,then he went back to my neck.All of a sudden I felt something prick me neck.Damn,it was stinging like hell!There was no way that this was a dream,it was totally real.I could feel the blood being sucked out of my body.

When Louis stopped drinking my blood,Harry,Niall,Liam and Zayn started to drink my blood.Harry drank from the right side of my neck,Niall drank from my left wrist,Zayn drank from my left side of my neck and Liam drank from my right wrist.With all the fangs in my skin,it was hurting so bad.It felt like I was being cut open.Harry pulled away,his mouth and chin was covered in my blood.Once Liam,Niall and Zayn stopped drinking my blood,I stood up and made a run for it,but unfortunately I didn't make it that far.Louis stood right in front of me.I swallowed,hard.He starred at the blood coming out of my wrists and both sides of my neck.Louis came closer and everything went black.

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