Always & Forever

Samantha Johnson had a great life. She had everything she wanted, money, clothes, friends, and a loving family. What happens when her brother Chris, gets into a horrible accident? Her parents are gone more than ever, her brother's in a coma, and Samantha can't seem to open up to anyone anymore. One thing changes her life, or rather, one person.


1. Prologue


"I'll pick you up, here, no later than midnight," my brother Chris said sternly.

"Ok, Chris. See ya then," I said laughing.

"Bye," he said giving me a quick hug. I hopped out of his black pickup truck. "And you're doing an alcohol test when you get home!" he yelled out the window as he drove by. He doesn't show it in front of his friends, but he's way to over protective of me.

I laughed, then walked into Olivias house. All five of us sat in her bedroom laughing, and singing along the music blasting through my brand new iPhone 4. It just came out yesterday. All of us were getting ready for Dylan Campbells party tonight. Kate and I were dancing around, when the music got interrupted by a phone call. "Blocked number?" i murmured.

"Hello?" I answered as all the girls were singing behind me.

"Hello, this is Tammy Lawrence from San Diego Scrills Mercy hospital. Is this Samantha Johnson?" a woman with a high pitched voice asked. As soon as she mentioned hospital, I left the room.

"Yes," I said Slowly as a knot grew in my stomach.

"I haven't been able to reach your parents. are they with you?" she asked.

"No," I said worried. "Is something wrong?" I asked worried.

"I'm afraid so, dear. Your brother Chris was in a horrible car accident."

"No. Chris dropped me off 10 minutes ago," I said slowly. "I think you're wrong," I said

I wanted her to say 'My mistake. I was wrong' then hang up. "I think you, your family and only the closest friends should come in. Just in case," she said the last part quietly. She didn't have to finish her sentence. I knew. I stopped breathing. I felt like the world was crumbling around me. "Samantha?" she asked again into the phone.

"I'll be there soon,"I whispered before hanging up.

That's when my life completely changed. 


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