When Hanna and her friends decide to have a sleep over at Mark Wilkinson's, the house in which Mark Wilkinson himself had murdered a girl and never been captured, they find out he never left.


1. Murder


         5 years ago...

     Thirteen year old girl Darcy Mart, missing for five days finally found.  She disappeared on halloween while trick-or-treating, and police found her murdered in an attic at 2166 Nightgale Ln.  Evidence was found proving that twenty-one year old Mark Wilkinson, the owner of the house, committed the murder, but cannot be found.  

Now... Friday Morning

     "Hanna wake up." My Mom called from downstairs. "No!" I shouted so she could hear me.  "Oh I bet you will if you want to have that sleep over at Emily's house with Maddy, Emily and Allison while her parents are on vacation, instead of taking your little brother Ryan trick-or-treating." She responded immediatly reminding me I was in complete suck up mode.  I quickly grabbed a brush and ran it through my snarly black hair, brushed my teeth, and put on some clean clothes.

    As I walked down the stairs I texted Allison, "be out in a few just grabbing breakfast meet you outside my house in min."  I quickly grabbed a bagel off the counter, slung my back pack over my shoulder, and waved my Mom goodbye.  As usual Allison was already outside.  I gave her half the bagel and we started to walk to school.

   After the three awkward minutes of silence while we were eating, we immediatly started talking about the sleep over.  "We really need to do something cool, we shouldn't just do a normal sleepover at someones house-" I was in the middle of saying this as we passed Mr. Wilkinson's house, "Mr. Wilkinson's house!" We both screamed at the same time.

    We immediatly pulled out our phones and texted Emily and Maddy, "awesome idea, meet us at the girls bathroom before the bell rings.","Ok..." they responded.

   As we reached school, we ran up the steps and to the girls bathroom.  We had arrived a little early so, I took my pencil case out of my backpack and together we added another message to our BFF'S stall door.  We always made an effort to do this whenever we hung out here.  It was kind of like a ritual. 

   We heard footsteps and then, "Hello." as Maddy and Emily walked into the bathroom.  "So, whats the awesome idea?" Maddy asked while brushing her shiny blonde hair in the mirror.

   "Ok, so for the sleep over we had an amazing idea of where we could have it," I said eyeing Allison,"Mr. Wilkinson's house." After all it wasn't like he lived there anymore.  There eyes went wide, as they looked at us like we were crazy.  Then slowly, they started to smile.


  The bell rang and we all left, we didn't dare risk being late for gym and getting another detention from Mrs. Rinestein.  We hustled down the hall and into the girls locker room.  I opened my locker, and quickly pulled my clothes on realizing it really was time to wash them.

  All during gym class we talked about the sleepover, we probably got a 0 for participation, but we didn't care.  As for the rest of the day, it flew by like a giant blur.  I can't recall anything. All I can remember is walking home and asking my Mom if I could sleep over at Mr. Wilkinson's house, I bet you can't get what her answer was.

  "HELL NO!!!" She screamed.  "Why would I let you sleep over at the house of a murderer who hasn't been caught."

   Then came the typically response,"But Mommmmmm", and with that I'm betting you can guess what her answer was.

  "Still, no." came that response I was waiting for.

  "I hate you!" I yelled stomping away and up the stairs making sure to slam my door extra hard.  I slumped on my bed and pulled out my phone.  At this moment I thought my life couldn't get any worse, "Mom said No, as usual, I hate her!!!! /:( ", and with that I slammed my phone down and started to cry. 

   I woke up later realizing I'd cried myself to sleep.  What a babyish thing to do.  Then I looked at the clock.  11 oclock it read.  I thought to myself Seriously did that bitch not wake my up for dinner?!?!  Well fine then I guess I'll just starve. With that I turned over, and went back to bed.






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