Crazy For 5

Zoey has the opportunity of a life time. She gets to meet One Direction, but what happens when she gets feelings for two of them, and they like her back? Hearts will be broken, choices will be made, and tears will be shed.
*note from author* Hey my little pumpkins! This is my first movella, so I'm sorry if its bad.... :/ but I will try my best! :) hope you enjoy! :)


5. Chapter 4

*Zoey's POV*

As I was making my way out of my room, I heard Annie scream, then the guys running up the very large staircase towards me. I giggled, watching them struggle their way up. They all stopped in front of me at stared. 

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." I said, winking, waving flirtatiously and giggling as I walked away from them, making my way to Annie, who was frozen on the couch.

"You BITCH!" she said jokingly and hitting me with a pillow, with enough force to make me fall over.

"OH IT'S ON BITCH!" I screamed at her and lunged at her with a pillow, smacking her right in her face. The guys came running down because they heard our screams and thought that we were actually fighting. They saw us and started laughing. I looked at Annie, nodded, and then, 

"RACE YOU TO THE POOL ROOM!" We screamed ripping our tops off, and booking it to the pool room, discarding of any other clothing we had on and jumping into the pool. we laughed then stopped as soon as we saw the guys come in, only in their swimming trunks. We just stared until they jumped in, making a huge splash. I laughed and started to swim towards the diving board. There were four levels. I climbed to the very top one. 

"YEAH! YOU GO GIRL!!! I'VE SEEN YOU DO THIS!! ACE IT HUN!" Annie screamed at me. The guys just stared at me. If theres one thing you should know about me, is that I was the best diver on my swim team in high school. I won all the meets every time. We were undefeated for 3 years, just because of me. I finally got to the top. I took a deep breath, and slightly ran to the edge, jumping, doing 3 perfect flips, and diving perfectly into the water. I broke to the surface only to hear cheering and clapping. I blushed. 

"Oh my god guys thats not even her best!!!!! She is so much more athletic than you think! Did she tell you she works as a mo-"she couldn't finish her sentence, because I pounced on her. I don't know why, but I didn't want the guys to know I work as a model. When she came up I wasn't expecting her to say,

"AS A MODEL!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. I glared at her, and then got a devious smile on my face. Her eyes widened with fear. She shook her head. I nodded.

"ANNIE WORKS AS A MODEL TOO! AND SHE DOESN'T HAVE A BOYFRIEND!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, smiling a cheeky smile at her. Her eyes filled with hatred, and I knew I shouldn't have said that. 

"YEAH WELL I HAVEN'T BEEN CRYING OVER A GUY WHO BROKE YOUR HEART! AND HE DIDN'T CHEAT WITH BARBIE DOLL DUMMY! I JUST HAD SEX WITH HIM! HE CHEATED ON YOU WITH ME!" She screamed at me. I just froze again. not moving. The only thing that was moving was my arm. My hand came to contact with her face. I slapped her. I finally let the tears pour down my face. I looked at the guys, they had their mouths wide open, staring at me with wide eyes. I just walked away not saying anything. I heard Liam say to Annie, that she should probably leave. She agreed, grabbed her stuff, changed and left. I was on the top level of my house when the door slammed. My father came rushing out of his room. 

"Oh sweetie what happened?" He asked, concerned. I just ignored him and walked into my room. He sighed and walked downstairs, probably to ask the guys what happened. I laid on my bed and fell asleep.



Heyyy my little pumpkins! How'd you like that chapter!? I know... very intense! ;) I hope you guys are enjoying ma storeh!!! :) well have a good day/night/afternoon! :) 

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