Crazy For 5

Zoey has the opportunity of a life time. She gets to meet One Direction, but what happens when she gets feelings for two of them, and they like her back? Hearts will be broken, choices will be made, and tears will be shed.
*note from author* Hey my little pumpkins! This is my first movella, so I'm sorry if its bad.... :/ but I will try my best! :) hope you enjoy! :)


23. Chapter 20

Zoey's POV

I walked down the hall with Paul. He stopped at a door and opened it slightly. 

"Lou? You here?" He asked, poking his head in the door. 

"Right here Paul." A light feminine voice said. 

"I have someone I want you to meet." Paul said, stepping fully inside the room and stepping aside for me to step inside too. A blonde lady turned around and smiled when she saw me. She walked towards me and shook my hand. Paul then left to go with the boys.

"I'm Lou. Nice to meet you!" She said, letting go of my hand. 

"I'm Zoey. Nice to meet you too!" I replied. She glanced down and saw the twins. Her eyes lit up and she knelt down to see them. 

"Who's the dad?" SHe asked, playing with Scarlet. 

"Louis..." I said getting tears in my eyes. She looked up and noticed. 

"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry! What did he do?" She asked, embracing me in a hug. I hugged her back.

"Well, he went to the club, and he brought home a girl... But I'm with Liam now so it's all good." I said, smiling and wiping the stray tears that fell down. All of the sudden Liam burst through the door, tears falling down his face. I jumped up and wiped the tears off of Liam's face. 

"What happened baby?" I asked softly. 

"H-Harry g-got hit b-b-by a-a c-c-c-car!" He managed to get out between sobs. My eyes widened and I started crying. Harry was one of my best friends. Liam grabbed Collin and Scarlet and we ran to the car.  Liam and I quickly strapped in the babies and jumped into the front. We drove as fast as we could to the hospital, without getting pulled over of course. We grabbed the babies and ran into the hospital. Everyone was there, tears falling free. Niall was the worst, his sobs racking his body. I ran over to Niall, Scarlet in my arms and embraced him into a tight hug. I sat in the chair next to him and tried to calm him. After about 30 minutes, he finally calmed down and fell asleep. I was so nervous... What's gunna happen to my hazza-bear?  

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