Crazy For 5

Zoey has the opportunity of a life time. She gets to meet One Direction, but what happens when she gets feelings for two of them, and they like her back? Hearts will be broken, choices will be made, and tears will be shed.
*note from author* Hey my little pumpkins! This is my first movella, so I'm sorry if its bad.... :/ but I will try my best! :) hope you enjoy! :)


22. Chapter 19

*Zoey's POV* 

We finally got home and I ran into mine and Liam's and I changed into some spandex and a sports bra. I put a Nike shirt over it and put on some pumas. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I grabbed a water bottle and an apple from the fridge. 

"Where're you going?" Liam asked. I sat down beside him. 

"The gym. Wait, do you have an indoor gym here? I really don't feel like driving today." I said taking an elastic from my arm and throwing my hair into a messy bun. The rest of the boys came in. 

"Yeah, we have an indoor gym here. Want me to show you where it is?" Liam asked. I nodded. He grabbed my hand and filled the spaces between my fingers. I smiled and walked beside him. 

"So, are we like you know, official?" I asked, blushing. He giggled. 

"If you want to be." He said, opening a door. 

"Well, you never asked me." I replied. He turned me so he could look in my eyes. 

"Then Zoey Hilliard, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. 

"Well I don't know you see, I already have a very nice, sweet and caring guy to call my own. His names Liam." I replied smiling. He smiled. I kissed his cheek. 

"Can I stay in here with you babe?" He asked. I nodded. 

"Just know that I'm going to be working out." I said. He nodded. I walked up to the elliptical machine and turned it on. I started to run on it. 

"You look hot when your working out." Liam said, observing me. I rolled my eyes. 

"Okayyyy, whatever you say." I said, starting to sweat a bit. I started to run faster. After 30 minutes I had to take off my shirt. Liam was still here. He was either on his phone, watching me or we'd be talking.

"Babe, I'm thinking of making you the official father, for my babies." I said, getting off the elliptical machine. He tossed me a towel. 

"Really?! Oh Zoey, that would be amazing!" He said, running over to me. I held my hands out to stop him. He looked hurt and sad that I rejected his hug.

"Babe, I'm all sweaty, I don't want you to hug me if I'm all sweaty!" I said, pecking his cheek. But he decided to be cheeky and pull me into a hug. I screamed, as he surprised me. He threw me over his shoulder and he started to walk. 

"LIAM JAMES PAYNE! PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!" I screamed, but he ignored me, of course. I heard the guys running up to see what all the commotion was all about. I suddenly had an idea. I did gymnastics for a long time and, seeing that my face was facing his chest, I decided to do a back flip off his shoulder and run. So that's what I did. I ran and saw the guys. They made a wall but the spaces between their legs were open. So I ran faster and slid under them on my back. I shot up and continued running. I shot into a random room, which was my old room, that I shared with Louis. I searched around for a puffer and finally found one. I took a puff, which set off my location. Liam came bursting threw the door and put me over his shoulder. I gave up trying to fight so I had to stare at Liam's butt.

"Like what you see there babe?" Liam asked, snickering. I rolled my eyes.

"I should be the one asking you that. My freaking ass is in the air!" I said, reaching up and hitting the back of his head. I then heard more voices. 

"Nice ass Zoey!" Harry said. I smiled. 

"Thanks Harry! I've been told by like, all the guys in my old school!" I said winking. He laughed. "LEEYUUUMMMM! Where are you taking meeeee?" I asked hitting his back. 

"Oh, you, know, just the pool!" He said and started to run. I screamed. I felt levitation for a small moment but quickly realized what was happening. Before I could react, I was submerged under water. I opened my eyes underwater and saw Liam. He grabbed my head and kissed me. It was the best kiss I've ever had. We broke apart when the guys jumped in, only in their boxers. I rolled my eyes. I went back up to the surface for air. When the guys came up I pounced on Harry. 

"What the hell?!" Harry said, surprised. 

"Way to ruin the moment guys." I yelled. Just then the phone rang. "I got it!" I said. I jumped out of the pool and ran to the phone. 

"Hello?" I asked. 

"Hello Zoey, this is Paul. Can you tell the boys that they have to come over to the studio please?" He asked. 

"Sure! No problem! Can me and my babies come too?" I ask. 

"Of course! Just get them ready and Lou can help you with your babies when you get here." He replied.

"Okay, thanks bye!" I said.

"Bye!" He said and hung up. I set down the phone and ran outside. 

"PAUL NEEDS YOU GUYS AT THE STUDIO LIKE, ASAP!" I yelled out. They all jumped out and ran inside. They pushed past me, which caused me to fall down. Liam rushed over to me. 

"Oh my god are you okay?!" He asked, kissing my face all over. 

"Liam, Liam, LIAM! I'm fine! It's just my ass!" I said, grabbing his face and kissing his cheek. "Now, help me get the babies ready!" I said, and jumped up. I grabbed his hand and ran into our room first, so we could change. I changed into some skinny jeans, a love sweater, and some grey Uggs. I ran into the nursery and changed the babies fast and Liam came in. 

"Here, take Collin and Scarlet and put them in your car. I'll be down in a minute, just need to grab the diaper bag." I said, passing him my babies. He nodded and left. I packed the diaper bag and turned around, only to bump into someone. It was Louis. Of fucking course. I pushed past him and walked to the car. I opened the passenger side door and sat down. 

"Ready?" Liam asked. I just nodded. He started driving. 

*Skip Car Ride*

"We're here!" Liam said. I looked out the window and smiled. It was a really nice building. I got out and got the babies out of the car. Liam helped me and we walked in. Paul came running over to us. 

"Finally! Awh your babies are cute. Follow me!" Paul said, and started walking. We followed him into a room where the one and only Simon Cowell. "Boys stay here, Zoey follow me. I'll introduce to Lou." He added. I followed him after taking Collin from Liam. I followed Paul down the hall to see Lou.

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