Crazy For 5

Zoey has the opportunity of a life time. She gets to meet One Direction, but what happens when she gets feelings for two of them, and they like her back? Hearts will be broken, choices will be made, and tears will be shed.
*note from author* Hey my little pumpkins! This is my first movella, so I'm sorry if its bad.... :/ but I will try my best! :) hope you enjoy! :)


17. Chapter 15

*Zoey's POV* 

I woke up in an empty bed, due to yelling down stairs. I got up out of bed and went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen were Zayn and Louis were fighting. I looked at Zayn, his right cheek was all purple and blue. I glared at Louis, who rolled his eyes. I walked up to Zayn and sat him in a chair. I grabbed an ice pack and placed it on. I kissed his cheek and went to get some breakfast. I ignored Louis the whole time. I wasn't big on him punching Zayn, just cause he kissed me. I bet if they just talked, it would've been alright!

"Zoey, why are you ignoring me?!" Louis said, standing in front of me, so I couldn't go anywhere. I just pushed past him and into the hallway. He pushed me against the wall, pining me there. I started thrashing, and kicking. I accidentally kicked him in the man spot. He yelled and fell to the floor. I went down beside him. 

"Sorry..." I said. 

"Why are you ignoring me?" He asked, getting angry. He stood up and pulled me up with him. 

"Because." I said simply, crossing my arms. He got angrier. 

"Because why?!" He yelled. 

"Because Zayn didn't deserve to be punched!" I yelled back. 

"WELL HE TRIED KISSING MY FREAKING GIRLFRIEND! HE DID DESERVE IT!" Louis yelled in my face. I was shocked. He has never yelled at me before. I narrowed my eyes. 

"WELL, IF YOU USE VIOLENCE, INSTEAD OF JUST TALKING, THEN MAYBE I SHOULDN'T BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND ANYMORE!" I screamed at him. I didn't realize everyone was standing there, watching us fight.

"YOUR BREAKING UP WITH ME?! YOU CAN'T BREAK UP WITH ME! CAUSE IF YOU DO, I'M NOT GOING TO HELP YOU WITH THE STUPID BABY! YOU KNOW WHAT, I'M GLAD YOUR BREAKING UP WITH ME! I NEVER WANTED TO HAVE A KID ANYWAYS!" He screamed in my face agin. I was stunned. I slapped him hard. And walked away. I grabbed my jacket and went to the door. I then realized I was in my pjs. I threw my coat on the bench and walked into the living room. Bad idea. Louis was in there. He looked at me and walked out. I sat on the couch. I broke down. I started to bawl. Niall came over and comforted me. I cried into his chest. I stopped crying and looked up. The guys were looking at me. I sniffled. 

"Want me to go get the ice cream?" Harry asked, pointing to the kitchen. I slightly smiled. I nodded my head and he ran into the kitchen. He came back with 5 tubs of ice cream, 4 spoons, and 1 fork for Liam. Harry passed us each a tub of ice cream and a spoon, besides the fork for Liam. Harry picked out a funny movie. Step-brothers. I giggled at Liam's attempts to get ice cream. He looked over at me and smiled. I love his smile... It's so cu- wait. What? I had another bad break up. I can't be falling for any of them! Niall just got out of a bad break up too. I shook my head and started to watch the movie. 

The movie finished and we started to play truth or dare. Harry started.

"Zoey, truth or dare?" he asked, looking at me. 

"Dare." I said. 

"Okay, then uhhhhh... I dare you to... ummm... kiss Liam! And no cheeks!" He said, smiling cheekily. I rolled my eyes and climbed over to Liam and crushed my lips onto his. They were warm, and soft. We broke apart and we both started to blush. 

"uhhh, Niall! Truth or dare!" I said looking at him. 

"Dare!" He said. 

"I dare you to kiss Harry on the lips! For 5 seconds!" I said, smiling cheekily at Harry. Niall's and Harry's eyes went wide. Niall reluctantly went over to Harry and placed his lips on his.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!" We yelled out. They broke apart fast. I laughed and stood up to go get a glass of water. When I was in the kitchen, my water broke. 

"Oh shit!" I yelled. The guys came in and went wide eyed. "Well! Don't just stand there! MY FREAKING WATER BROKE! GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL!" I screamed at them. Liam and Niall came to my sides and walked me out to the car. I sat in the back and harry and Zayn went in the back with me. Niall and Liam were up front. Liam was driving. We finally got to the hospital. Harry and Zayn helped me out of the car. We went in the lobby and a nurse came over to me. She got a bed thing and wheeled me into a different room. 

"Ma'am, only one person is allowed in here. DO you want the father?" She asked. 

"The father isn't here. But I want Niall in here please." I said to her. She nodded and walked out of the room. Niall came in and sat on the chair beside me. 

"Hi Niall." I said, smiling. 

"There's something you might want to know..." Niall said. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Umm.... Louis' here, and he wants to be in here. When you have the baby..." He said. My eyes went wide. I shook my head. 

"No. He's not coming in here." I said. All of the sudden Louis came bursting through the door. 

"Oh my god your okay! Thank god! So, where are you in here anyways?" Louis asked, sitting on my bed. I pushed him off.

"Because, I'm having the baby you didn't want." I spat at him. I got a really bad cramp in my stomach. 

"OWWWW!" I yelled. A nurse rushed in and pushed Louis out of the room. She then wheeled me into another room, with Niall following us. I got another really bad cramp. I yelled out in pain again. We got to the room and she got me ready to have a baby. Niall was holding my hand. 

"Alright, Mrs. Hilliard, I need you to push on the count of 3. 1, 2, 3, push! Again. Yup thats it! JUst one more push and there we go!" She said, I heard the crying of a baby, then another one. Niall squeezed my hand. I looked over at him and smiled. The nurse came back with two little bundles. A pink one, and a blue one. 

"Who would like to hold first? Your boy or your girl ma'am?" She asked. 

"My little girl please. Niall can hold my boy if he'd like to." I said. She passed me my little girl and gave the boy to Niall. I was so happy. I looked down at my little girl and instantly got a name for her. Scarlet. My mothers name. I looked over at Niall and he was playing with my little boy. I got a name for him too. Collin. 

"Niall, want to hear their names?" I asked smiling. He nodded. 

"My little girl is called Scarlet, my mothers name. And my little boy is called Collin." I said, smiling down at my little girl. Her small eyes opened up and looked at me. I smiled softly down at her. 

"Oh! Zoey! Collin's eyes just opened up!" Niall said. Just then the nurse came in. 

"Mrs. Hilliard, you have visitors. Do you want me to send them in?" She asked. I nodded. She went out and the boys came in. They started yelling questions, which made the babies cry. I sighed. 

"Shhh! You made the babies cry dimwits!" I said to the guys. They shut up. "Niall, hand me Collin." I said to Niall. He passed me Collin. I shushed him to sleep, then passed him back to Niall. I then shushed Scarlet to sleep. 

"So, what did you name them?" Harry said. 

"Collin and Scarlet." I said smiling. I looked past the boys and saw Louis, his hands in his pockets, and his head hung low. 

"Harry, take Scarlet, and Niall take Collin. Louis stay here. The rest of you go in the waiting room please." I said, handing Harry Scarlet. "Oh and Harry, Niall, If you drop my babies, I will personally kill you." I added smiling. They nodded. They walked out and left me and Louis alone. I gestured for Louis to sit on the chair beside my bed. 

"Zoey, look, I didn't me-" I cut him off with my lips. He kissed me back. We broke apart. 

"I missed your lips." I whispered. 

"Me too. I'm sorry. Do you forgive me?" He asked. I nodded. He then pulled me up and went down on one knee. My hands shot up to my mouth.

"It's not a proposal ring! It's a promise ring." He said giggling. I breathed out a sigh of relief that I didn't know I was holding in. 

"Well whatever it is, I promise!" I said, smiling. He got up and put the ring on. It was beautiful. I hugged him. I laid back down in my bed. He went and got the boys and the babies. They walked in and Harry and Niall passed me my babies. I gave Louis our little girl. We finally have a happy family again. And I hope Louis will propose to me soon though... 

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