Crazy For 5

Zoey has the opportunity of a life time. She gets to meet One Direction, but what happens when she gets feelings for two of them, and they like her back? Hearts will be broken, choices will be made, and tears will be shed.
*note from author* Hey my little pumpkins! This is my first movella, so I'm sorry if its bad.... :/ but I will try my best! :) hope you enjoy! :)


16. Chapter 14

*Zoey's POV*

I woke up due to the stupid light from the sun. It was now winter so it was quite cold out. I looked over to my left, and Louis was there, still sleeping. He looked adorable. I started to lightly trace his face, taking in every detail of him. I'm surprised they haven't had to go on tour yet. I was still tracing his face, when his hand shot up and grabbed my hand. I slightly jumped, as he scared me a bit.

"It's not nice to stare babe." He whispered. I blushed slightly. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back. I tried to get up, but his grip around me tightened. 'Of course...' I thought. I thought of a way to escape. It came to me. I licked everywhere on his face. He yelped and his hands shot up to wipe my spit off his face. I took this as an opportunity to get up. I shot out of the bed and stood at the end of the bed. His face turned to look at me, and his eyes went wide. I looked at him confused until I realized what I was wearing. 

"Ummm... ba-" He started but I cut him off. 

"It was the first thing I grabbed!" I said and ran into the closet. I could hear him chuckling. "I can still hear you!" I called out. He shut up instantly. I changed into an oversized 'Je t'aime' sweatshirt, grey jeans, some cream uggs, and a white beanie. I walked out and saw Louis butt naked. I screamed and covered my eyes. I heard a lot of movement. Then someone took my hands off my eyes. I saw Louis smirking down at me. I blushed. 

"Babe, you've seen me naked before, why is it any different now?" He said. I shrugged my shoulders and blushed even redder. He laughed and grabbed my hand. He led me downstairs and and into the kitchen. Everyone else was there, including Sammie, and someone new. She had shoulder length blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a cute face. She jumped up and walked over to me. 

"Hello! My names Kiara! I'm Zayn's sister." She said, shaking my hand. I smiled at her. 

"I'm Zoey. Nice to meet you." I said. She smiled and sat back down between Liam and Zayn. I sat next to Harry, and Louis came sat beside me and passed me some pineapple. I pushed it away. 

"Oh great, what do you want this week?" Louis said. Harry groaned. I laughed. 

"Pancakes!!" I yelled. "And I want Harry to make them!" I added, smiling cheekily at Harry. He sighed and got up. I giggled. "Oh! And I want chocolate in them too!" I added again. Everyone laughed. I turned to Kiara. 

"So, tell me about you. I can see us best friends." I said and smiled. She smiled. 

"Well, as you know I'm Zayn's sister, I live in Bradford, obviously, I'm 17, I work at subway, uhmmm...." She looked at Zayn. He shrugged his shoulders. "That's it really." She finished. "Oh! I can play the piano, and I guess I can sing a bit." She said. 

"Oh! Zoey can sing too! And I think she's reeeaaaallllyyy good!" Louis said. I gave him the death stare. 

"Yeah, but I bet you didn't know that I can play the flute, piano, saxophone, trumpet, piccolo, which is basically a baby flute, and the oboe." I said to Louis, smiling victoriously. He just stared. "Ha! You didn't know! Yes! Score for me! uh huh! Oh yeah!" I said, doing a little dance in my seat, which caused me to fall off my seat. I started to laugh really hard so I didn't make any noise. 

"Oh my god sweetie! Are you alright? Why are you crying?! Oh my god, is the baby alright?!" Louis said,  franticly rushing around me. I shook my head. 

"Puffer..... *Laughing wheezing*" I made out. He jumped up and ran to my purse. He shoved my puffer in my hands. I grabbed it and took a breath. I just kinda laid there for a while. 

"Umm.... Zoey...?" Louis said. I jumped up on my feet, and looked at him.

"I'm fine. Just stupid asthma." I said, sitting down and smiling at everyone. Harry brought in the pancakes. 

"Oh mi god gimmie!" I yelled, grabbing a plate and putting like, 5 pancakes on it. I put alot of syrup on and started to eat. After 5, I was still hungry so I grabbed 3 more. I ate them but was still hungry, so I grabbed another 2. I ate those and was finally satisfied. Everyone just looked at me with wide eyes. 

"Umm... babe, that was like 10 pancakes..." Louis said. I just smiled. 

"Hell yeah! You go Zoey!" Niall said, and high fifed me. I laughed and high fifed him.

"SO, Zoey, are you going to play any of your instruments for us?" Louis asked. I looked at him and smiled.

"Of course! Which one?" I said, looking at everyone.

"Oh, oh! Play the saxophone!" Liam said. I smiled.

"I'll go get it!" I said. I ran up to the spare room, where all my instruments are. I grabbed my saxophone. By the time I had my saxophone ready, with my music, everyone was in the room, sitting in front of me. I giggled and started to play What Makes You Beautiful on the sax. They instantly recognized the tune and started to sing. We finished the song and everyone clapped for me. I blushed and looked at the ground. 

"Oh my god! Can you teach me how to play an instrument?! I can ummm... only play the ummm, uh... triangle...." Zayn said, rubbing the back of his neck. I nodded. 

"Which instrument?" I asked, putting the sax away. "Oh! You should play the flute!" I added, jumping up and down. 

"No way! That's a girly instrument!" He said. I stopped jumping up and down and looked at him. I narrowed my eyes at him. 

"It is NOT a girly instrument, you better take that back!" I said, walking towards him. His eyes went wide.

"Okay! Okay! I take it back! I'll learn how to play the flute..." He said, and huffed. A smile spread across my face. 

"YAYAYYAYYAYAYAYYAYAYAY!!!!" I said, grabbing my two flutes, and pushing everyone else out of the room. I closed the door, and turned around. Zayn was right in front of me. I jumped a bit, causing my back to hit the door. He put his arms on either side of me, holding my wrists, and leaned in a bit. 

"You know, I was always jealous of Louis, cause he got to have a very hot girl to call his own. Well, now I want to call you mine." He whispered. I was terrified. He pressed his lips against mine. I screamed at the top of my lungs. He sprang off me quickly. There was pounding at the door. I turned around and opened the door. Louis was there and instantly pulled me into his arms. I started crying.

"What the hell did you do to her Zayn?! You know what, I don't care just leave us alone." Louis said, pulling me towards the bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and went to lock the door. He came and laid down beside me. I his my face in his chest as he soothed me and stroked my hair. I slowly stopped crying. Louis lifted my face  up and looked in my red, puffy eyes. He wiped away all the tears that had fallen.

"Babe, what happened in there that made you scream? What did he do to you?" He asked softly. I shoved my face into a pillow.

"He kissed me..." I mumbled into the pillow, but it came out more like this, " Fe wissed fme..." He lifted my head up.

"What?" He asked, softly.

"H-he kissed me..." I whispered. His eyes went cold. 

"HE WHAT?! OHHH I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!" He yelled. Louis jumped up from the bed and walked out into the hallway. In the direction of Zayn's room. I ran out, and grabbed his arm, trying to stop him. He ripped it out of my grip. Liam came out of his room, and tried to stop Louis. It didn't work. I was crying by now. Niall and Harry came out of their rooms, to see what was going on. Harry and Liam were trying to stop Louis, and Niall was comforting me. His eyes looked red and puffy. I hid my face in his chest. I heard a door being slammed open. I gripped onto Niall tighter. I heard lots of yelling then someone screaming. Niall led me into his room, where he sat me on  the bed and went to close the door. He came back and laid beside me. I looked him in the eyes and saw they really were red and puffy. I put my hands on his cheeks. 

"Niall, why were you crying?" I asked softly. 

"Sammie and I broke up..." He whispered, and started to cry again. I pulled him into me. He wrapped my arms around me. 

"Did you break up with Sammie, or did she break up with you?" I asked, pulling away from the hug. He looked in my eyes.

"I broke up with her, cause I saw her kissing another guy, and she was on a date with him. A-a-and she admitted that s-s-she di-didn't l-like m-me a-anymore!" He said and started to cry harder. I hugged him again. I felt so bad for him, he didn't deserve this. We laid down on the bed. I put my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. We slowly fell asleep. 

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