Slipped Away

This is about a story of two sisters who are joined together heart and soul. But when something tragic happens to her sister it will change Danielle forever. Seeing ghosts, being abandoned and being tortured is all part of her new life. Its even worse when she falls in love, she loses half of her heart and soul forever. This is what happens when your loved ones 'Slip Away'.

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6. Caught On Camera

   I slowly entered the detention room with Ad by my side. The room was a big as a normal sized classroom. All of the seats were empty. The room looked abandoned. I heard the screechy noise from the chalkboard to see Ms.Bobamn writing something on it. I quietly took a seat in the front row of the desks. As my butt touched the chair Ms.Bobamn turned to look at me. She gestured to the board and my eyes followed. It read, 'No talking'. Okay, I know I've never been in detention before, but it's obvious that there's no talking. I nodded and bent down to my bag to take something out.

   "Okay I'll be back in a while. No nonsense, you hear me?" I looked around to only remember I'm the only one here. I turned back to her and nodded. She left without another word. As soon as she was out of sight, I turned to Ad, who was in the seat next to me, and chatted with her for the whole hour. When Ms.Bobamn came strutting back in. I looked up from the book I was pretending to read.

   "Times up, now git." She jerked her thumb towards the door. I quickly grabbed my bag and power walked out the door, giving her a forced smile. She gladly didn't except it and continued to shoo me away. 

   Gee, what's her problem?


Ms.Bobamn's POV

   After she left I walked out of the classroom and into the security office. Every time a teacher leaves, the camera in the detention room recorded everything the student(s) had done. I sighed as I sat down pulling up the right room numbers footage. I leaned back into the comfy chair and hit play. The footage started with me writing on the chalkboard and the girl walking in. She took her seat and grabbed a book to read. After I left it showed her looking out the door then turning to her right. She started talking to the air like there was a person listening. I leaned forward in curiosity and listened closely to her conversation.

   "I can't believe you made me get detention." She had said with total disgust in her voice to the air. I saw the girl look at the air like it was talking back to her. The girl threw her head back and laughed.

   "Your still the same old Ad." She has said while laughing at the invisible 'person'. Was this girl crazy? Does her parents know about this? My ranting thoughts were interrupted by the girl talking.

   "I know it's just one detention, but it's with the worst teacher." She said while frowning and I guess the other... 'thing' said something because the girl had said, "Haha, your right she does have a funny name." Okay just because I have a weird name, doesn't make it funny. I slapped my hands on the table getting out of the seat. I've had enough of this bullshit.

   I walked out of the room and into the office. The front desk worker looked up and smiled. I smiled a forced one back.

   "How may I help you, Ms.Bobamn?" The nice looking blonde had said.

   "Ugh I was wondering if I could call a students guardians." She smiled and nodded, making her blonde curls flop around her head.

   "Sure thang, what's the students name, ma'am?" I looked into my purse to see the detention slip I had made her, which she had bright back to me. I read the description stating the girl was Danielle Jones. I smiled back at the young desk worker.

   "Danielle Jones." She nodded and typed something onto the computer. After a few seconds she handed me a piece of paper she had written on. She smiled and waved. I nodded my head and headed back to my classroom. 

   I sat down at my desk and looked down and the paper, reading her home phone. I grabbed the school's phone of the wall near my desk, and punched in the numbers with eagerness. It rang a few times before I heard a lady's voice on the other end.

   "Hello?" The lady asked.

   "Hi, is this, Ms.Jones?" I answered her with a question. She seemed to hesitate before she answered.

   "Yes," I could hear the worry in her voice.

   "You know how your daughter, Danielle, had detention today?" She made a gasp noise and sounded even more worried when she talked.

   "Yes, what did she do that you had to call?" 

   "Well you see, we have cameras in the detention rooms just incase we leave. I had left so after detention was over, I looked at the footage. The footage we have is very strange, ma'am."

   "Strange, how?"

   "Ma'am, could you please come here so I can show you, because it's kinda hard to explain." I heard her mumbling to someone else who had a low voice. After a minute or so she answered. 

   "Sure, we'll be there in ten." I smiled to myself.

   "Thank you, Ms.Jones. See you soon." I hung up the phone and waited for their arrival.

   "Thank you for coming," I said as I showed them to the security office. I walked over to the chair and clicked play on the footage. I heard a gasp come from behind me. I turned to face them to see the tall man shake his head from side it side in disappointment. The woman, Ms.Jones, looked shocked and confused and a whole lot of other emotions. After the video finished I broke the silence with a question.

   "Have you know about this. I mean her talking to.. Well.... Nothing?" Their eyes snapped up from the screen to me. I waited for them to answer.

   "N-No." Ms.Jones voice had cracked at the end. I saw the man put his arm around her shoulder, to comfort her.

   "We can get her some help, ma'am." This was the first time the tall man talked. My eyes averted from the fragile woman to the tall, muscular man. I nodded and noticed the woman gasp a sob.

   "HELP?! What kind of help?" The woman said looking frightened. I shrugged.

   "I don't know, ma'am. Maybe mental help, like a mental hospital." I said it like it was nothing to worry about.

   "Thank you for notifying us, ma'am. We will talk to her and if it keeps happening, we'll deliver the consequences." He said with a sly smile on his face. We shook hands and they left.


Danielle's POV 

   I was lying on top of my bed talking to Ad, when I heard my mom's voice at at my door. I snapped my mouth shut, which was open since I was talking, like I was about to eat something disgusting. I rolled off my bed and opened the door. She had a worried expression, with wrinkles on her forehead above the spot between her eyebrows. I cocked my head to the side in confusion.

   "What's wrong, Mom?" I heard her sigh and close her eyes.

   "We need to talk to you, it's important." I stiffened at that sentence, from the moment I heard 'we' and 'important'. I started worrying as I made my way down the stairs following my mother like a shadow. Slowly Josh came into my view, with a weird expression plastered on his face. As he saw me he put a mask on his face hiding all feelings. I sat down cautiously, probably burning holes in their faces. Josh cleared his throat before he spoke.

   "Ms.Bobamn called, she showed us the video of you in detention." I gulped. I was talking to Ad in detention, not that they knew that. I nodded so they could continue.

   "It showed you talking, to nothing." I bit my lip. Maybe I should just tell them. But I promised Ad I wouldn't, but come on, it couldn't hurt right.

   "Dani, honey?" My mother's weak voice broke my train of thought. I looked up and opened my mouth to tell them everything.

   "Well, you see, I was talking to Ad during detention, well not Ad but her spirit. She's the reason I had detention. She was making me laugh while Ms.Bobamn was teaching. Please you got to believe me." I said in a pleading voice.

   "Dani, Ad is dead, okay? She gone and she's not coming back. You need to forget her." Josh's words cut like knives. Forget Ad my only sister? Sure I had my brother but he went to collage leaving me and Ad alone with mom. But how can you forget your other half. Half of your heart. Half of your soul. 

   "Forget her? How do you forget someone you love!?" I snapped at him. He smirked slyly. 

   "Well you did it just fine with your father." My mouth literally hit the floor. How dare he speak of my father.

   "You know nothing you stupid bastard!!!" I slapped my hands on the table and stood up. I sent daggers at Josh as I made my way to the door.

   "At least I have Ad who loves me!" I yelled back as I slammed the door shut behind me. I matched angrily down the porch steps to see Ad sitting on the porch bench. She patted the set next to her. Following her gestures I sat down.

   "It's okay." She said in a calming voice. Was this girl deaf? It was not okay.

   "OKAY? Did you hear what that jackass said?!" Josh had basically said I hated my father. What the hell did he know?

   "Dani, God's listening. He told me he didn't appreciate it when you called Josh a B word." I laughed bitterly.

   "Oh really, did he appreciate it when I told them I basically see ghosts?"

   "Spirits." Ad corrected. I threw my arms up in the air.

   "Who cares?!" I heard the front door creak open and my mom came out.

   "Sweetie, who are you talking to?" I stared at her as she spoke in a worried voice.

   "Ad, who do you think?" I rolled my eyes at her stupidness.

   "Dani, you know Ad's gone right?" She approached me and put a fragile hand on my shoulder. I shook it off in fury.

   "No she's not, she right here!!" I yelled pointing to the spot Ad was sitting. My mom shook her head.

   "No she's not, honey. She dead, just like your father, dead. Gone. Never to return again." I stared at her. My face was basically on fire from anger.

   "She. Is. Not. Dead." I said very slowly, like she was a preschooler. She just shook her head again and opened her mouth to say something else.

   "I need some rest. Night." I spoke before she could and walked past her. I entered my room and jumped into my bed. Raising the blankets up over my head I fell into a restless sleep.


Josh's POV

   As soon as I saw Clarise enter the room, I decided to put my plan to action.

   "Honey, we need to get her some help." I said calmly. She stared at me with a weird expression, so I continued.

   "We can call a mental hospital, they are really good at these kinds of things." Clarise gasped across from me.

   "A mental hospital?! What if they hurt her? Or disrespect her? Not feed her? Or make her-" I cut her off.

   "No honey, they won't hurt her at all. Please think about it." She sat there looking fragile and weak as she slowly nodded.

   "Yes." She murmured. I smiled to myself in victory.

   "Okay, we can call tomorrow when shes at school. Honey, this will really help her out." She nodded solemnly. I got up and went over to kiss her cheek. She also got up and headed up stairs to our bedroom. I let that evil smile spread across my face. 

   Two down, one to go, and that will be tomorrow.
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