Slipped Away

This is about a story of two sisters who are joined together heart and soul. But when something tragic happens to her sister it will change Danielle forever. Seeing ghosts, being abandoned and being tortured is all part of her new life. Its even worse when she falls in love, she loses half of her heart and soul forever. This is what happens when your loved ones 'Slip Away'.

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4. Broken

   Broken. That's all I was. Just a walking corpse acting normal, with no usage in the world.

   I ignored everyone and everything.

   I used to be a happy, playful teen, but now I was a soulless body. At school, people thought I was a ghost. People had heard and said their sorry's, though they didn't get what the big deal was. Like I said before, she was more than a sister, more than a blood-related human being. To me she was life. My one reason to live. She's the one that's brought me to parties. She's the one who helped me with school. She's the one who pushed me to do my best. Without her, my life would have been boring. But now I was without her.

   "Miss Jones? Would you answer my question?" My head snapped up from the humming birds. That had been Ad's favorite. She used to hum with them as if she were one. I looked at the teacher, all eyes on me. I cleared my throat which had mucus from crying so much.

   "Can you repeat the question?" She shook her head. And indicated to the book.

   "What place is 59 degrees latitude and 37 degrees longitude?" I looked down at the book to see a map. The letters and numbers went all blurry on me. Ad was the one who helped me in social studies. I shrugged not knowing what the answer was, so I picked the first thing that was in my head.

   "Portugal?" She shook her head as the class erupted with laughter. I sulked my head down and stared at the desk with engravings all over its surface. Some were random smiley faces, while some were cuss words and sentences. I looked away and out the window to find the humming birds had flown away.

   At lunch, I sat at our usual table only staring at the goop I had to call food. I opened the strawberry milk and began to drink. I honestly didn't like strawberry milk all that much. I was drinking it because of Ad. She would always use a straw to blow bubbles into it and to drink it. And when I told her she didn't need a straw, she would say, 

   "What's 'straw'berry milk, without the 'straw'?" Then we would both laugh. God, I missed the old times.

   The rest of the day went on like every other day. Boring. Painful. Even home was painful. And the worst part was that mom had brought her new 'man friend' to live with us. I hated him. He was a good-for-nothing, asshole, who only lived to destroy other people's lives. Like he had with Ad's and mine.

   When the bell rang I got up to throw my lunch away and headed to gym. When I was in gym the teacher decided to play some music, which really got on my nerves. Normally I would've loved that, since I love music, but now I only listen to my sisters favorites, and her top favorite was, Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne. When 'Your love is my Drug' rung threw my ears I froze and threw my hands to my ears to stop the music. Everyone looked at me. Some laughed. Some looked at me as if I was crazy. The gym teacher walked up to me and asked if I was all right. I shook my head and ran out of the gym and threw the school's front doors. I kept running and running. I didn't know where, all I knew was that I was getting away from that hellhole which made me smile. For the first time in days I smiled, but was soon lost as I came back to reality.

   I fell to the ground, but instead of the cold hard cement, I fell on wet and muddy grass. I closed my eyes to try to catch my breath, though my meditation was soon interrupted by someone calling my name. Not just any someone. I cranked my head to see nothing. I sighed, I was losing it. I heard it again and this time the source was closer and more clearer. 

   I turned my head again to mind a blue mist. Well that's what it was at first. As I focused more on the floating mist I had made out a figure. Everything was blue but I could still make out it was my sister. She had the same type of hair and she was wearing the same dress she had died in, though this one was bloodless. As she came closer I noticed the bracelet on her right wrist. My smile quickly turned into fear, as I figured she was a ghost. My eyes wides as I put my palms on the floor getting ready to sprint for my life. I froze when I heard her voice.

   "Pleasssseee  don'ttt goooooo." Her voice sounded distant, but still her voice. My heart felt happy for once after her death. I cleared my throat.

   "Ad?" The blue ghost came closer.

   "Daniiiii?" She said with a playful tone. We both laughed like we used to. I got to my feet and walked toward her.

   "Is it really you?" She looked at me stunned.

   "Duh, who did you think I was? The tooth fairy?" I laughed as she sounded more like herself than a ghost.

   "No sorry. It's just you know, your dead." I had said the, 'your dead' part quieter than the rest. The next thing I knew was that was I couldn't breath. For a ghost, she could squeeze hard.

   "I've missed you!!!" I smiled as I hugged her back. I saw someone walking a dog stare at us like we were crazy. What she never saw people hug each other before? That's when I remembered Ad was a ghost, a spirit. I pulled away.

   "Am I the only one who can see you?" She nodded and replied with something so... Ady.
   "More for you!" I smiled and she returned it like it was normal to her. But soon her smile faltered and she narrowed her eyes on me. At first I though she was going to haunt me or something scary, then she talked.

   "Are you skipping school, young missy?" I laughed at her over protectiveness. I nodded I gestured for her to walk home with me.

   "Great! I've missed home. How's mom?" I stared at the ground as I answered her.

  "About that...we have a new housemate?" Her mouth literally hit the ground.

   "Who?" I think she already knew, by the venom in her voice.

   "Josh." I said bluntly. She rolled her eyes as we walked in silence.

    I can't believe I had my sister back.


Adriana's POV

1 hour earlier

   "You have to make Danielle fall in love with someone so she could live happily without you." Was he for real? Dani without ME. I've been watching her from above and she's not looking to good. 

   "How am I supposed to do that if Im dead?" It took all my strength to not say duh. He narrowed his eyes at me for a second then answered my question in the same 'duh' tune.

   "You'll go back down to earth." I tried to do a mental dance but ended up doing it in front of him. He cleared his throat.

   "Sorry God," He nodded and continued with the details.

   "So your going to see your sister again, but only she can see you. And you have to be there with her for everything, for good or for worse." I laughed.

   "So basically, be myself?" I always protected Dani. He was saying it like I'll leave her when she needed me most.

   He sighed as he continued. "Once you have helped her to fall in love, you will be able to cross over." My mouth dropped. Confusion struck my head.

   "Wait, I know your the smart one here God, but won't that make her even more depressed?" I asked as if I was stating the obvious.
He sat up tall like he was about to say something important.

   "Love always overpowers death." Yep I was right. Something important but a lie. But Dani loves me with all her heart, and she still is depressed. I didn't bother asking I just agreed to my task.

   He gestured to the cloud. I stepped onto the cloud getting comfortable. God pressed a button which sent me flying downward. The cold wind against my skin felt relieving. I looked down to see a girl running away from my old school. I squinted at the running feature to find out it was Dani. My heart fluttered. It was really her, though she looked like a mess.

   Her hair was everywhere, her face was pale and there were dark circle under her eyes. As I landed Dani had fallen onto the grass. I called her name and she turned around only to furrow her eyebrows in confusion. I called her name again and got even closer to her fallen body. This time when she looked up, her eyes locked on mine. She smiled and I mirrored it. She still looked stunned but soon became comfortable with my....spirit.


   As we entered our house I notice she had gone silent. She walked in and toward the stairs.

   "Danielle. What are you doing here?" The voice sounded slightly familiar. I cranked my neck to see Josh narrowing his eyes at Dani. I quickly move to her side. Even though he couldn't see me. Dani coughed into her elbows.

   "I wasn't feeling so good so they sent me home." She lied threw her teeth. She glanced over at me at the corner of her eye. She quickly turned around and headed up the stairs and into her room. I swiftly followed her shooting death glares at Josh. I entered her room memories flooding threw my head. Dani looked up at me.

   "I've missed you." 



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