Slipped Away

This is about a story of two sisters who are joined together heart and soul. But when something tragic happens to her sister it will change Danielle forever. Seeing ghosts, being abandoned and being tortured is all part of her new life. Its even worse when she falls in love, she loses half of her heart and soul forever. This is what happens when your loved ones 'Slip Away'.

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3. Bloody Murder

   It had been twenty minutes since Ad had left. I excused myself from dancing and headed outside.

   The coldness slapped my bare skin, and I instantly felt broken in half. I didn't know why. Probably because I was away from Ad for so long. I walked along the sidewalk passing many mini shops as I did so. I yelled her name multiple times and got no reply. I felt something tug at my heart? Yes my heart pulling me east. I followed my heart to find some big lump on the floor. Ugh, I hate it when people liter, it's so unfriendly to the earth.

   As I got closer to the lump, I bent to pick it up to find a body. And not just any body. I gulped and felt even more broken.

   No, I couldn't be. With a shaking hand I took out my phone for its light. As I faced the light on the body, my heart had dropped six feet under. The body had thick brown hair-like my sister, the same purple dress and blue heels as my sister, and the most heartbreaking, the same bracelet that me and Ad made when we were little. It read, 'Danielle'. My eyes lingered to my wrist, to the bracelet that read, 'Adriana'. 

   I glanced at the body to find a wound with blood around it. The worst part was that it was in the chest. With my phone, I dialed 911, as I felt water in my eyes and my vision blur up. After the first ring someone answered.

  "Hello, this is 911, what's your emergency?" My breathing hitched at the word 'emergency'.

  "I just found my sister on the ground, I think s-she's d-dead." I hated the taste of the word, 'dead'. I heard the guy on the other line breath in.

  "Okay, just breathe. Tell me, where are you?" I glanced around to find Angie's Pizza the closest place here.

   "A-Angie's Pizza," I couldn't help the warm salty tear brush down my face like lost fallen raindrops.

   "Okay, we got people coming to help. Now is your sister moving at all?" I looked down at Ad, analyzing her. I gulped.

   "N-No." As soon as the words left my mouth I heard ringing in my ears. I glanced up to see flashing lights heading my way.

   "Okay i think I hear the ambulance, am I right?" I made a 'hmmm' sound and he continued. "Can I let you go?" I answered the same way and he wished my luck and said his goodbye. The ambulance was here seconds after.

   Paramedics came rushing out to me and my unconscious sister. One glanced at Ad then at me. He bent down and gently grabbed Ad's wrist checking for a pulse. His Adams apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed. He turned to face me, looking solemn.

   "I'm sorry, she doesn't seem to have a pulse...." He kept talking but I didn't hear anything, all I saw was his lips moving up and down. I felt the tears raining cats and dogs on the face. I tasted the running mascara in my mouth. I shook my head as if this was a dream. I was screaming at the paramedic.

   "No, no NO! This is not happening!! This is a dream. I'm going to wake up and see my sister in her bed sleeping soundly." I said the last part more to myself. The paramedic shook his head and put his hand on my shoulder. I shook it of and grabbed Ad's shoulder purse. I bounced up and ran toward her car. I ran as fast as I could. I heard the paramedics calling after me but I continued to run. 

   When I got to her car I pulled out the keys and unlocked it. I climbed in the drivers seat a hugged my knees to my chest. With my head on my knees, I let it all out. I cried about my sister. I cried about the good memories. I cried about the bad memories. I cried about everything we've done. I cried about her leaving the club without me. I cried about myself not going after her. I cried about everything.

   Who would have killed my sister? She was the nicest person I knew. She was nice, funny, smart, beautiful, and everything else, good, you could think of. No wonder my heart felt broken. My sister was dead. My other half. My better half. My best friend. My family. My everything. I had nothing.

   Sure I had mom, when she wasn't too busy trying to get into guys' pants. Or when she wasn't drunk. Or when she wasn't yelling at us. But I had nothing.

   I was nothing but broken. Something left on the street to suffer and die. I know you may think I was overreacting and it's not the end of the world, but to me it was. My sister was dead, which meant I was half dead.


Authors note

   Sorry for the short chapter but things will get longer and better.
   Love woo, Styarlings.
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