Slipped Away

This is about a story of two sisters who are joined together heart and soul. But when something tragic happens to her sister it will change Danielle forever. Seeing ghosts, being abandoned and being tortured is all part of her new life. Its even worse when she falls in love, she loses half of her heart and soul forever. This is what happens when your loved ones 'Slip Away'.

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7. Abandoned

   I came home from school to find my mom and Josh talking to some guy. The stranger was wearing a white coat, the ones doctors or nurses wear. My heart flopped for a second but I walked toward my mom with a forced smile on my face. I gave her a confused look as my mom looked at me with tears in her eyes. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Josh full on smirking. I turned to greet the stranger when I saw him looking me up and down. Wait no, analysing me like I was some patient. I looked around to find Ad, but she was no where to be seen. I sighed and held me hand out so he could shake. After a few awkward minutes of silence, and no shaking I dropped my hand by my side. Deciding to break the silence I spoke.

   "Well, whatever they said about me is probably not true." I said jokingly. They man only looked confused.

   "Oh, so you can't see ghosts?" That wiped the smile across my face. I spun to face my mom and Josh.

   "You called someone?!" I yelled through clenched teeth. I cannot believe my own mother dissed me out for him. Threw the corner of my eye I saw the man take some notes on a notepad.

   "Sweety, it's for the best." My mom whimpered. I rolled my eyes.

   "It's the best for your...problems" I scowled at Josh. Problems?! If any one has problems it him! I mentally shook my head.

   "I. Don't. Have. Problems." I said slowly making sure they both understood. 

   "Excuse me, but are we taking her or no?" Taking me?! What am I some kind of mutt?! 

   "You can't take me!" He ignored me and did a snappy thing to call his boys over. Two muscular and very...big guys gave strutting over to us. I gulped down my fear and crossed my arms.

   "Your not taking me anywhere." The two buff guys laughed as they approached me.

   "Crazy and feisty, she's a toughy." One of the guys joked with the other one. I scoffed. They grabbed my arms with full force. I tried to break free with all my might.

   "Let to of me!!" I yelled punching their arms repeatedly. They laughed as the hauled my toward an ambulance type car. I screamed at my mom to help me but she just stood there clutching onto Josh's shoulder. I looked at them bewildered. How dare she? My own mother. I felt tears in my eyes waiting to flow out.

   They guys lifted me up with no problem and threw my into the back of the truck and locked the door shut, leaving me in darkness. I stood on my knees and looked out the window. I saw my mom not bothering to look at me and Josh shaking his head in disappointment trying not to smile. I fell backwards on my butt and brought my knees to my chest. I layed my head in my knees and cried. I cried about everything. I cried the whole way there.

   I moved my hand so the blinding sun didn't blind me. One of the buff guys grabbed my arm yanking me out of the truck. I swear it was going to leave a bruise. We entered a tall white build with probably more stories than the library. I gulped as he took me into the elevator. I hated elevators and with there being so many floors I was terrified. I tried to lean onto the wall but the guy held me tight and smirked down at me.

   "What's wrong, afraid of your ghost friends?" He laughed at his own joke as the elevator started its death trap.

   In a few seconds, the door slid open and I trampled out cause of the guy pulling at me. My heart was pounding wildly as we made our way to a big closet. I forgot about the other buff guy until I saw him go into the closet. After a few seconds he came out with, of course, some white fabric. As he got closer I realized it was a straitjacket. Wait what?! While I was mentally questioning myself, the had already put my arms threw the rough fabric. I wiggled but they still seemed to have lock it, tightly, on me. I started down at my arms, secured firmly across my chest. I felt some more tears fighting their way out. At least, when they fall, they will have freedom. They grabbed my arms and took me to a room with a black chained door.

   They easily opened the door and threw me in. Before I could even look at my surroundings, they had shut the door with a bang. I glanced around the room. White walls. White ceiling. White floors. White everything. I think I starting to get allergies from all the doggone white. I fell onto the ground helpless. I stared at my arms in disbelief. How could my own mother take his side and send my to here?! I thought I was already in hell, but this, this is so much worse. I started to wonder where Ad was. Had she abandoned me too? I blinked away the tears urging to escape. I closed my eyes and took a deep shaky breathe. I soon fell into a deep sleep.


Ad's POV

   "They grabbed her and practically threw her into the truck." I was continuing my rant pacing back and forth in the process. I met eyes with God. 

   "Do you now what it's like to see the one you love be taken away from you?" I felt tears in my eyes that will never fall again. God slowly nodded as if understanding my pain.
   "I left her. Now she's in a straitjacket, probably bawling her eyes out and it's all my fault." I let a sob break threw. I felt a hand on my shoulder. 

   "You may see her, but that may make things worse, for her." I met his eyes full of sadness.

   "Would I be able to help her?" He shook his head. I hesitated before I stood on the cloud to see my sister.


Dani's POV

   "I wondered outside following what my heart told me. I soon found a body laying peacefully on the concrete. I walked fast. Scared of what I'd see. I saw my sister. Dead. Her body didn't move at the slightest touch I gave her. I shivered and saw the wound in her corpse. When I looked at her closed eyes, they flashed open. I jumped back, but close enough so I was beside her. 'You let me die, what a sister you were' I flinched at the venom in her voice. With her eyes look red she shot daggers at me. The next thing I knew was that there was a paramedic near me and her eyes peacefully closed. As I turned to walk away I felt someone follow me. I felt a cold sharp object poking my upper back before it entered me. I fell to the ground, motionless. The ground started to shake as I took in my last few breaths. I slowly closed my eyes."

   "Wake up!!" I shifted awake to see Ad shaking my white shoulder. I looked at her with sad eyes.

   "I'm sorry." I laughed a fake laugh and rolled my eyes.

   "So you left me and came back for me." She looked at me apologetic. "I knew I was so irresistible." This time I laughed a real genuine smile.

   She started humming a song. The humming soon turned to mumbling words. And that soon became belting out the words. When I could actually hear her I regonized the song. It was I Wont Give Up. I smiled at the memories from that one song. From now on she would always sing me to sleep with that song.

*************************************about 2 years later****************************

   Dani's POV

   It was Saturday. At least I think it was. I sighed out a shaky breath. I soon heard footsteps approaching in my direction. I flinched when they banged loudly on the door, trying to open it.

   When it finally budged, Tucker, the buff man, grabbed my connected arms and pulled me up from my sitting position. I closed me eyes tightly fearing if I opened them I would already be there.

   My feet fumbled on moving. When the man stopped I opened one eyes to see everything the same. Same bed. Same walls. Same floor. Same equipment. I gulped down my fear and looked up to a smirking Tucker. He mouthed good luck and released me, then locked the door. I glanced over the room. Like always, I looked for a way to escape. The door creaked open and in came Dr. Arroda and his helpers. I backed away until I felt the wall against my back. He smiled and came closer his helpers following behind.

   "Hello, Danielle." He turned to one of the helpers and whispered something. The only thing I could manage to hear was, 'Watch out she's a crazy one.' I pushed myself more against the wall if that was even possible. One of his guys walked over to me. He tangled with my jacket and when he got it off I stood there. Dr. Arroda looked shocked by my actions. 

   I learned the hard way, that you shouldn't try to escape. I calmly walked over to the bed, my heart pounding wildly. I knew what was going to happen. I climbed on top of the bed and lied down. His assistants came by my side and grabbed the buckles to strap me in. I flinched at the tightness on my limbs.

   Dr. Arroda walked to the big white machine. He flipped a few switches before grabbing the shockers. He went behind my head and looked down at me. 

   "You ready?"'He smiled and was slowly moving the things toward my head. I gulped as they connected. After a few seconds the pain got to me. I thought I would be used to it by now. 

   A shock went threw my brain, putting me in agony. I screamed out a blood wrenching scream. My eyes rolled backwards and all I saw was darkness. My breathing slowed down. When he was done torturing me he took them of my head. My heart instantly started fighting to breath normally. My eyes tried to open. My mind was working hard to function correctly. After a few minutes I soon came back to normally. They unstrapped me and re strapped me again into the straitjacket.

   As always my limbs felt like jelly as I walked slowly back to my hellroom. They pushed my in which only lead to me falling on the ground hard. They locked the door as always. Quietness enfolded me as my brain buzzed from the electricity. I was shocked I was still alive.

   Yup. It was defiantly Saturday.
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