Slipped Away

This is about a story of two sisters who are joined together heart and soul. But when something tragic happens to her sister it will change Danielle forever. Seeing ghosts, being abandoned and being tortured is all part of her new life. Its even worse when she falls in love, she loses half of her heart and soul forever. This is what happens when your loved ones 'Slip Away'.

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2. A Stupid Party

   I sitting on my bed when my sister threw open my door and jumped on top of me. In this case you might have thought that I was the older sibling here, well you would have been wrong.

   "What the-" I had gotten cut off by her screaming. 

   "There's a party tonight, and we're going!!! Com'on let's go SHOPPING!!" Before I could respond, she grabbed my hand and pulled me off my bed and out the door. I didn't even have time to put on my shoes.

   "AD!! I need shoes!!" She just grabbed her keys and pulled me to her blue Toyota. 

   "No duh, that's why we're going shopping." She looked at me as if I was crazy. I rolled my eyes and gestured to my shoeless feet. She laughed and started the car, by putting the key in the ignition. In less than twenty minutes were were at the mall, and I was still shoeless. We went to her favorite shop, Deb. I now I've been here before, but the colors still amaze me. I looked around to see sparkles, denim, sparkles, and more denim. As soon as we stepped in, I got pulled to the dress section. Ad handed me a blue denim dress. It had sparkles along the neck line and a labyrinth of designs along my torso. Ad had gotten the same dress except hers was purple.

   Next ad threw me some shoes. They were purple heels that had straps going around my ankle. Again Ad had the same shoes and design except in blue. Then she dragged me to the accessories. There were necklaces with different kinds of chains, earrings with different characters hanging off, and bracelets from thin to thick. Ad tossed me a necklace with a thick long chain and a hanging key, and a collection of thin bangles in similar colors, gold and silver. She also got herself some jewelry, which I couldn't see. After we tried on and bought everything, it was 7:00. 

    She grabbed my hand as I got déjà vu of what happened earlier. In minutes we were in her car singing, or should I say screaming, to What Makes You Beautiful, on the radio. We made it to the club around 7:40.


   In the club, it's was very bright. Light shined everywhere you looked. I was now dancing with some handsome guy who might I add was drunk. I looked over to my right to see Ad with some random boy too. I saw her hand go to her over the shoulder purse, grabbing out her now ringing phone. As she read the caller ID, her face fell. She said something to the boy before coming over to me.

   "I'm going to go outside for awhile, Dani." I nodded as I stepped closer to her.

   "Okay, I'm coming with you." She shook her head and gestures to the boy I was dancing with. Even over the music I could hear her phone ringing a...Ed Sheeran song. I looked over my shoulder to my dance partner.

   "You guys have fun, I'll be right back." I hesitantly nodded and turned to the drunk dude. 

   If I only knew what was going to happen.


Ad's POV

   As I headed out the door, the coldness slapped against my bare skin. I accepted the call and brought my phone up to my ear.

   "What do you want Jackson!?!" I may have sounded harsh but he deserved it.

   "I was wondering if you noticed something, unusual?" That had shut me up. I looked around totally confused.

   "N-No, why?" I stuttered, trying to stay strong, even though I was thinking of the worst case scenario. I got no answer in return, all I got was the sound of the phone dead. I hit end and looked around. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure move. My curiosity took over me as I headed in that direction. I knew I should of headed back into the club with Dani, as soon as I saw silver sparkling in the darkness. One minute I'm dancing with some drunk guy next minute I'm in a head lock with a knife against my neck. 

   My heart pounded with fear, I was afraid it was going to break free and fly away from me.

   "W-What do y-you want from m-me?" It was barely audible but the strange stalker was close enough to hear me perfectly. They pressed the knife harder into my neck. With all the strength I could, I elbowed them in the ribs. As they grimaced in pain I took my chance to run. I ran faster than I ever did in my whole life. Even faster than when I was little and there was free ice cream. They soon caught up with me pushing my running body to the ground. They positioned theirselves on top of my hips, so I couldn't escape. I swear my heart was in my throat as soon as 'she' started to talk.

   "You think you can still my love, then break his heart?" The venom in her voice cut threw me. I stared up at her bewildered.

   "W-What are y-you talking a-about?" I stuttered uncontrollably. She laughed a high pitched laugh and I suddenly knew who she was.

   "You know exactly what I'm talking about, Adriana Jones." Her fingers were tracing the blades knife in satisfaction. 

   "Please don't." Her laugh pounded in my ears.

   "Oh I think I will Sweety." She said it nicely but was meant in a mean way. The next thing I knew was that she gripped the knife's hilt      in both hands and with one motion dabbed it into my chest. At first I felt pain, then I felt unconsciousness and the blood soaking in my dress.

   My last thought was, 'I love you, Dani', which was followed by my last breath. I could hear her high pitched, bitchy laugh in the distance.
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