Love At First Sight

16 year old Tiffany Gaines is living in her car while her parents are going through a divorce. As she walks home from school, she meets five very attractive boys. Thy all become friends and then Tiffany is realizing that she gets a wierd feeling when she is around one of the boys in particular, Zayn. Does this mean true love, or is it just he anxiety of meeting up with the boys to hang out?


17. New Years Eve.

*One Week Later*

Luke was driving me to Niall's New Years Eve party. He was invited too. I wore a blue dress with black flowers and black ruffles underneath. I had blue and dark red nail polish on. I didn't have any black nail polish and I didn't want to go out and buy it, so I used the red. Luke was wearing a blue simple suit to match with me. Now everyone will know that we are brother and sister. By the time we arrived at Niall's house, we saw him waiting outside for us. Luke parked the car and we both got out of the car. I gave Niall a huge bear hug, and Luke gave him a man hug. When we were going up to his house, Niall said, "I thought you guys won't come. Zayn is in there waiting for you." I froze. "Zayn?" I said. "Yeah," h says. "Are you OK? You look as if you don't want to see him." "That's the thing," I tell him. "I broke up with him." "Oh my gosh!" he says. "Why!? What happened?" "I will tell you later," I say. "Just not today." We continued to his house, and once we got inside, I was amazed. It was so beautiful what I saw. I can't even explain what I saw, because it all felt like a dream. There was music playing, people dancing, confetti... Oh how I loved it! There were so many people! I saw Liam, Louis, Harry, Eleanor, Danielle, the girls from Little Mix, Cher Lloyd, and other people who I knew and didn't know. And then there is Zayn. He was standing in the corner, just holding his champain, drinking it slowly. He wasn't even dancing. He saw just standing there, looking all upset and worried. Worried that I wouldn't take him back, I thought to myself. He should be. Because I'm not taking him back. I couldn't care less how much he asked me, how much he pleeded. So the whole time during the party, I didn't even aproach him. I didn't even care. He cheated on me, and now everything was over between us. I don't want to have a relationship with him if he will just constantly cheat on me behind my back. He did, and I turned around, and saw the truth. That is why I did what I did. We all sat down at the table two hours before the new year. Now it was twenty minutes before the gongs rang. Before the fireworks exploded. I was sitting in between Perrie from Little Mix on my left and Ed Sheeran to my right. They weren't such bad company. I found out that Ed and I have a lot in common. Since I never met him before, we had a whole conversation going on. Across from me sat Luke. Louis sat next to Luke on his right, and next to Louis sat Zayn. I could tell he was looking at me a lot. Bbut I still continued to talk to Ed. The food was so rich at the party. The table spread out up to the nex room. Wow, Niall's house is very big. I was beautiful. I knew Zayn wanted to talk to me. I waited though. I finally had to go to the bathroom, so I excused myself, and went. After I came out, I was surprised to find Zayn standing next to the door. "Holy shit, Zayn, you scared the witts out of me!" I tell him. "Sorry," he says. "Tiffany, can we talk?" "No," I say. "Please?" he begs. "Zayn, if I say no, then I actually mean no." I was getting irritated. "But-" he began. I cut him off by passing him, going back to the table. As soon as I got back to the table, Ed told me that there was only one more minute left until the new year. Everyone was starting to open champaign bottles. Fourty seconds on the clock. Everyone finally had champaign in their glasses. ten seconds on the clock. When there were five seconds life, everyone started counting down. "Five, four, three, two, ONE!!!"  The fireworks went off. Everyone started to cheer, clicking glasses. "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" I shouted. "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Everyone else shouted after me. We survived 2012 after all.


*Author's note*


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