Love At First Sight

16 year old Tiffany Gaines is living in her car while her parents are going through a divorce. As she walks home from school, she meets five very attractive boys. Thy all become friends and then Tiffany is realizing that she gets a wierd feeling when she is around one of the boys in particular, Zayn. Does this mean true love, or is it just he anxiety of meeting up with the boys to hang out?


2. Meeting The Boys.

Finally finished with my homework, I head out twoards the open field where the guys are playing soccer. As I crossed the street, Niall sees me and comes towards me. "Tiffany! Hey!" he says, looking happy to see you. "Hey, Niall," I say. "We were just talking about you," Niall says pointing to the boys. "Hi, my name is Tiffany," I say sweetly. "Hi, I'm Harry," says the one with damn curls. "Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Liam," says the one wth a birthmark on his neck. "Hey, I'm Louis, and I like girls who eat carrots," says the one that is wearinga striped shirt. I giggle a little bit. "Hi, I'm Zayn, nice to meet you," says the one with glasses and cute cheekbones shyly. He is kind og attriactive himself. "Anyways, so are we playing soccer or not?" I ask. "Yeah, let's start already!" says Harry, and you guys started to play, with Zayn and Harry on myteam and Louis Niall and Liam on the other.

After the game, Zayn comes up to me. "Hey," he says. "Hey," I answer back. "DO ou have time for a walk around?" he asks. "Sure, why not?" I say. "Lets go."

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