Love At First Sight

16 year old Tiffany Gaines is living in her car while her parents are going through a divorce. As she walks home from school, she meets five very attractive boys. Thy all become friends and then Tiffany is realizing that she gets a wierd feeling when she is around one of the boys in particular, Zayn. Does this mean true love, or is it just he anxiety of meeting up with the boys to hang out?


11. Louis' Birthday.

I was informed by Zayn that it's Louis' birthday today. I wondered what to buy him. I was thinking of buying him something from Spencer's, so I went out and bought him a Superman bathrobe and a shirt that says:

The 3 Rules of Getting Older
1. Never pass a bathroom
2.Never waste a woody
3.Never trust a fart

I also decided I wanted to cook something for him. I got out my mom's recipe box, and found lasagna. So I found all of the ingredients I needed, and I started to cook. It was a little messy, but easy.

After half an hour, the lasagna was ready, so I took it out of the oven. I wondered where the party will take place, so I decided to call Zayn. "Hello?" he answered. "Hey, DJ Malik," I say. "Hey, love, what up?" he asks. "I was just wondering. Do you know where the party will hold place? Cuz I made some lasagna for Lou," I say. "Oh, it will be at his house. Should I pick you up?" he says. "Uh, yeah sure, what time will you be here?" I ask. "Um, are you OK with five thirty, in an hour?" "Yeah sure, hon, see yah," I say. "Bye, love you," he says. "Love you, too," I say, and hang up. I cover the lasagna with aluminum foil, and go to the gifts. I take the present boxes, birthday box bows, name tags, and gift wrap I bought, and went to the kitchen table. I set everything down, and started to take out the gitfs from their bags. I put the shirt in the smaller box, and wrapped it first. Then I took the bathrobe, put it in it's bigger box, and wrapped it as well. I put the name tagson, and wrote "Happy Birthday, Lou! May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!" on both. Then, I ran upstairs to get ready. I opened my closet and got out the red dress I bought, along with some red high heels. I put everything on quickly, and started to do my hair. I took out my curler, and warmed it up. After it was hot enough, I started to curl my hair as fast as I could withouth messing up. Luckly I washed my hair in the morning, so it was more easier to do. After I was done with my hair, I went to my makeup table. I took out my eye products and other facial stuff. I put on my mascara, eye liner, blush, eye shadow, and lipgloss. I Put on my reindeer earings, which were my favourite. I was a little dissapointed because I didn't have a necklace to wear. Which is pretty ironic, because I adore them. I had a very cute one with a key, but I lost it in Italy last summer. I sprayed some Lacoste perfume on my neck, and look in the mirror. I looked very cute, in my opinion. After a few minutes, Zayn arrived. He rang the doorbell, and I ran to open the door. "Hey, beautiful," he says after kissing me. I guess Zayn's opinion about me is beautiful, not cute. "Hi, handsome," I say. "You ready?" he asks. "Yeah, I just need to get the present from the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen, and grabbed the boxes. I walked towards Zayn, who was grinning up to his ears. "What?" I ask. "Nothing, you just look so beautiful," he says hottly. "Why, thank you," I say. "You look handsome yourself." "Hey, before you walk out the door, turn around for me so your back is facing me," Zayn says. "Um, okay,"  say, turning around. I can feel something slip around my neck. "Now you can turn back around," he says, and I do. I look at what he put around my neck, and I can see it's a necklace with a reindeer. the reindeer had small red diamonds in them. It looked so perfect. "Zayn, are these real diamonds?" I ask him. "Yes, they are. Do you like it?" he says. "I love it! Zayn, how much exactly did this cost you?" I was so curious. I felt guilty he spent a lot of money on me. "You don't really want to know. I don't want to you give it back," Zayn says. He leads me to his car, and I climb in the front passenger seat. I text my mom that I am on my way to Louis' birthday party, and that Zayn picked me up so she won't worry. "Who are you texting?" Zayn asked. I could hear suspition in his voice. "Don't worry, it's just my mom," I assure him. "I just don't want her to worry about me." "OK," he sais, sounding relieved. "So what's in the boxes?" "I bought Louis a Superman bathrobe and a shirt saying the three rules of growing up at Spencer's," I answer. "I bet you he will like that!" Zayn says.

*Authors note*

HI. Sorry that this chapter is a day late and the next one or two chapters are two or three days late. The truth is that the last few days I have been busy. I had to get ready and attend a Christmas party yesterday and today I had to help my parents clean because the super of my building is coming to repaint the walls so we can start the new year fresh. So sorry for the lateness you guys. Forgive me please? Pretty please with a Kevin on top? (See what I did there?) So Happy Holidays, and May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!
--Sophia (Niall's girl)

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