Love At First Sight

16 year old Tiffany Gaines is living in her car while her parents are going through a divorce. As she walks home from school, she meets five very attractive boys. Thy all become friends and then Tiffany is realizing that she gets a wierd feeling when she is around one of the boys in particular, Zayn. Does this mean true love, or is it just he anxiety of meeting up with the boys to hang out?


21. Funeral Day.

The next morning I woke up, I found Zayn by my side. I was surprised to see him there. I wondered why, and all the memories of yesterday played back in my head. The one that stuck out the most was of my mom's murder. It kept playing back in my head on replay. I started to cry again. I could feel Zayn move next to me. I knew that my soft crying had woken him up. "Love, are you OK?" he asks me. I shake my head. He must have forgoten. "Oh, right," he says, clearly remembering yesterday. "It will be alright. You should be greatful that you have a father still alive." "You know, Zayn, you sound just like my father," I tell him. "Sorry," he says. "Let's go eat. Come on." He picks me up in his arms and carries me down the stairs. He puts me back on my feet after we are at the bottom of the stairs. He walks to the kitchen and I slowly follow behind him. "GOOD MORNING MY LOVLIES!" Louis says very loudly. Zayn said, "Good morning buddie." "Good morning, Lou," I say half heartedly. He looks at me and pulls me into a hug. "Let's eat some breakfast to get everything off of our minds, shall we?" Louis says. I nod. We sit down at the table, and start to eat. Soon enough, Niall comes down, probably because of the smell from the kitchen. "I smell food!" he says. Like Louis he comes up to me and gives me a big hug. "Niall, back off, she's mine," Zayn joked. The boys all chuckled. It even caused me to giggle a little. "Don't worry, mate, I haven't forgotten," Niall replies.

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