Love At First Sight

16 year old Tiffany Gaines is living in her car while her parents are going through a divorce. As she walks home from school, she meets five very attractive boys. Thy all become friends and then Tiffany is realizing that she gets a wierd feeling when she is around one of the boys in particular, Zayn. Does this mean true love, or is it just he anxiety of meeting up with the boys to hang out?


13. Dinner At Lou's.

*ding dong*

Zayn rang the doorbell, and Louis appeared. "Hey, guys!" he says, clearly happy to se us. "Hey, Birthday Boy!" I say. We all chuckle. I give him a big hug, which I have trouble with because of the gifts in my hands. "Hey, bro," Zayn says. "Happy Birthday!" "Thanks, you guys!" Louis says, eying the presents in mine and Zayn's hands. "Those are for me? Thanks! I'll open them inside when everyone gets here." He lets us in, inroducing me to the people I don't know. I said things like "Oh, hello, nice to meet you." "Hi! I'm Tiffany. Nice to meet you." "I'm Tiffany, nice to meet you, too." Finally, everyone came, and it was time for the dinner. I sat with Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor, and the boys, because they were much closer to me than everyone else at the party. The girls were adoring my dress and jewelry. Someoneeven asked, "Where did you get that necklace? It's beautiful!" "Thank you," I said. "Zayn gave it to me." Zayn put his arm around me. There was so much food, I didn't know what to take first. I was so hungry. I took some mashed potatoes, carrots, samosas, a taco, enchiladas, rice pudding, and spaghetti. I poured some gravy on my mashed potatoes. My tray looked like a mountain... of food. "Wow, you are very hungry, aren't you?" Zayn whispers into my ear. I nod. I dig in, but remembered my manners. I looked over at Niall's tray, and he had the same amount of food as me. "Niall," I said. He looked at me. "We must be long lost siblings." He looked at my tray and smiled. "I guess we are," he says. "Or maybe we are meant to be more than Zayn and I," I joke. Niall luaghs. I glance at Zayn, his eyebrows up, his forehead wrinkled. "Just joking, love," I say. He smirks. "Better be," he says, and we continue with our food. After dinner, we all gather in the living room, and Louis gets to open his birthay presents. So far, he got a bag of carrots, a dvd of The Notebook, a friendship bracelet, a box of Yorkshire tea called Eleanor's Tea, and some other wierd gifts. Liam got him a superman lava lamp, Harry got him a Nightmare Before Christmas Jack onesie, Niall got him a cookie moster snapback, and Zayn got him a shirt that says "I'm shy, but I got a big dick" and Tom and Jerry slippers, with Tom on the left foot and Jerry on the right foot. When he opened the Superman bathrobe I got him, he said, "Thanks," and screamed "SUPPAMMAAANNNN!" Everyone started to laugh. Louis took out the shirt I bought him, smirked, and said "Very funny," and I said "Thank you. And your welcome." We went back to the table for dessert. Oh, my, how much sweets. I was overwhelemed by what was on the table. Different kinds of pies, icecream, cotton candy, taffy, chocolate and strawberry cakes, chocolates and candies, cannolesi, canzole, croissants, curry puffs, danesh pastries, etc etc. My mouth overflowed with saliva. I sat back down, and tried to take a little of each, so I won't get sick. "Mr and Mrs. Tomlinson," I say. "This is the most amazing party I have ever been to!" "Why, thank you," Mrs. Tomlinson says. "Lou," says Mr.T. "I think you should bring Tiffany here more often! I mean, look at that! She is one of the few people out of everyone that enjoy food your mom and I make the most!" We started to laugh. "Don't worry," Louis says. "I will bring her here. And if she refuses, I will force her to." "No one can force Tiffany Gaines into doing anything!" I say. More laughs. "We will see about that," Lou says. Everyone laughs a little more. After dessert, everyone gathers in the living room again, but only this timewe are watching the movie Two and a Half Men. After the movie, we all left home. Zayn drove me back to my place. "Zayn, that was amazing!" I tell him. "I know, and I can see that you enjoyed it a bunch," he says to me. After five minutes, I end up falling asleep in Zayn's car.


*Author's note*

Hi people. Sorry for the delay. I had a very busy week. As you already know, I coudn't update because I had to go to a friends house for christmas dinner and had to help clean. Yesterday the super came to my apartment to re-paint. I had time after that, but unfortunatly my computer caught a virus, and I didn't have any access to the internet until today. So sorry. This chapeter is MEGA late, I know. But it's the week to blame. Trust me. --Sophia (Niall's girl)

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