Love At First Sight

16 year old Tiffany Gaines is living in her car while her parents are going through a divorce. As she walks home from school, she meets five very attractive boys. Thy all become friends and then Tiffany is realizing that she gets a wierd feeling when she is around one of the boys in particular, Zayn. Does this mean true love, or is it just he anxiety of meeting up with the boys to hang out?


12. Authors Note

*Author's note*

HEY GUYS! Just for you to know, I'm holding a contest. I need another idea and character in this story. I need they boys' best friend. So all you have to do is enter you're name and write a short imagine in the comment section. The winner will be notified at the end of one of the upcoming chapters.

1.Enter you're name.
2.Write an imagine of any of the One Direction boy and yourself.

The due date is January 20th 2013. If you win, I will use your short imagine as a part in the story and use you're name as the best friend. I will also read the winner's movella and fan them. So hurry up! If you need an example of a short imagine, I wrote one at the end of this note. Love you all! --Sophia (Niall's girl)



You and Harry are cuddling in your bed. All of a sudden Harry gets out of your bed and starts looking through your drawers and stuff. "Harry, what are you looking for?" you ask him. "Do you have a glue gun?" he asks you. "No, why?" I say. "I wanna glue our hand together so we could stay like this forever," he says. (All credit goes to google search)

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