Little Things. (Trilogy to I finally found you) (on hold)

This is the trilogy from I finally found you.
In this story Lilliana and Harry are getting married and the word goes out to the press and have i meantioned this time that Lilliana might be.........
Well as you read on you'll understand more.


3. Public Announcement

Lilliana's P.O.V

The boys and I had an interview today. I wasn't in the boy's band i was just a opening act.

When we got to the studio for the IHeart radio a bunch of girls started throwing bears and roses at me and Harry. Harry got hit in the face a couple times because I used him as a human shield. It was pretty funny.

All of us finally got inside the studio and walked in the recording station. We got headphones put on and had a mic infront of us.

"So Lilliana and Harry. How long have you two been together?" Richard asks. "We have been together for about 2 years now and we are still going." Harry answers. "So any surprises coming for us this year. We heard you two are getting married in a few months." "That's right." "What else do you have is store?" "Well I have been keeping this from every one and you might be mad but I am pregnant." Harry starts jumping up and down like a crazy person all excited. "I knew it. You have been acting all weird and been craving alot. I KNEW IT." He yells. "I was trying to keep it a secret." He sits back down and we continue with our interview. "So how far are you." One of the girl interviewers asks. "I am about 2 months in and i am glad because our wedding is in 2months which i dont have to have a baby bump on my wedding. And as you can see i have a little bump but not that big. And Harry has been nice enough not to think i was getting fat." They laugh. "We have a few questions for you all. To Zayn from Maliklover2: Why do you change your hair all the time?" "Well I did it because i wanted to try a different style." "To: Niall from 1Dluvafoeva: Why are you so cute?" "Personally i am known for my irish accent." He smiles flashing his braces. "To Louis from ElandLouforlife: What do you think of El as a great girlfriend?" Louis clears his trouth, "I know she has a great personality and i love her for life. She makes me laugh and she makes me happy. No matter what i am going to be with her forever." "That is so adorable." I forgot Elanor was with us. She was screaming in out loud from the watch room. I start laughing. "To Liam from directioner123: I can see you hair has grown back. Are you going to cut it again?" He chuckles. "Only if I have too. It gets kinda hard to style it all the time. I wish i was Zayn who always style their hair for hours." We all look at Zayn who is bright red with embarresment. "Why man?" He says like Bob Marley would say it. "And last question and this is for you two from Hilliana201: I am so happy for you two for the wedding and the baby and this is one question everyone is asking. What are you naming your baby?" I speak up but Harry interupts. "As you might know I am thinking of names right now and Lilliana doesnt know if its a boy or girl. If you have any names for both boy and girl i would gladly look at them and have Lilliana do the same. If she wants to do that?" He looks at me. "I would love to do that. I love contests and can't wait for the names." "So that is it for the radio we will be back with the latest news and music.

After the interview was over, Harry kept holding on to my belly everywhere we went and he is already buying toys for the baby when i still have 7 more months. "Harry you dont have to hold my belly." "I am protecting my baby from the dangers." He says like he was a super hero. "I dont even have a belly yet." We were in Walmart shopping for a bra when we got spotted by a few fans. "Hi Lilliana. I cant wait for the baby." "I want to come to the wedding." "I want to be a bridesmaid." They started yelling all these things then they started handing me gifts. "What are these for?" I ask. "The baby." With that they walk away. "I guess we dont have to go shopping anymore." Harry says. "I am getting a bra." I say and prance away to the underwear section.

We walk out of Walmart with gifts from fans and my bras and paparazzi pop out of nowhere taking pictures of me and Harry. We didnt mind anymore because we got used to the lies they put on TV.

Harry unlocks the car and we put all the things in the back. Hary kept dropping all the gifts on the way the car and didint even bother to get a cart, "Silly boy." "BIG BABY." "Stop it." I cry. "I am just kidding." He says trying to calm me down. "I'm just kidding." I laugh and he gets in and we drive off. Today was a pretty good day but with Harry protecting me from 'DANGERS'.


I am so happy to be getting back to the story, Please like and i will write more.


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