So basically, this is my first attempt at poetry and well, I hope you guys can help me get better! :D So, please check this out!


3. Take me out of here

I'm having a crappy day...so I wrote a crappy poem to go along with it and when I did, I just let stuff out. Here ya go:

Take me out of here,

Take me somewhere new,

Where I can be me,

And you can be you.


Take me out of here,

Out of reality,

Where someone,

Will finally understand me.


Take me out of here,

To some place far away,

Where something will happen,

That might go my way.


Take me out of here,

Somewhere I can stand,

Without being here,

In this horrible land.


Take me out of here,

And maybe it will be alright;

When I can finally be,

Not wrong but right.


But that will never happen,

Because reality never leaves;

No matter where you are,

You are never relieved.

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