So basically, this is my first attempt at poetry and well, I hope you guys can help me get better! :D So, please check this out!


4. For the NMD survivors

We're sorry we failed,
But we shouldn't be jailed.
We have our reasons,
For coming back,
Before the start of the winter season.

We tried to contribute,
We tried to comply,
But there are reasons,

There are reasons,
Why we came back,
To the movellas,
That we were,
Going to lack.

Some of us,
To talk to old friends,
Some of us,
Because movellas is,
The only place that lends,
A helping hand.

We tried our best,
As we might say,
Even if we came back,
The first day.

We're sorry we failed,
At making movellas right,
But we did,
Try all our might.

A/N: this is to all you NMD survivors that have gotten mad because some of us failed. And I'm ashamed that I failed, but it is the only place that lends a helping hand to me. Without movellas, I might not be here right now. Without movellas, I might be dug in the ground. But we tried, and this is to say we're sorry for not finishing the whole month.
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