Laurel Marie Hollis is an 18 year old girl who can't seem to hold onto love. When she seems to find it, she just can't seem to hang on...




Hey Guys, 

Thanks for reading! I hope you like it, and if you do i am sure you wouldn't mind giving me a good rating... and comments and suggestions will be always welcomed! I might finish this.. Just give me some time...and a good rating... :) oh yeah! ( I Know I am rambling) Chase is supposed to look like Niall Horan of 1D AND Harris kinda looks similar to Harry.. But they dont look exactly yhe same as either of the boys their looks are based off of so don't think this a 1D fanfic....

PS. this is my original story, if you found it on wattpad. I am aimhighhitlow:)



P.S. I haven't edited yet so give me time! also each chapter takes place in a different character's view you'll see in the parantheses. (The main is Laurel) 

Romeo and Juliet. A story of heartbreak... And unfathomable love... Complete and utter bullshit...
I'd know that too. Wanna know how I
learned? First hand, it happened to me. A couple of years ago I experienced the cloyingly sweet taste of euphoria... Thanks to Chase.
I'll never forget that girl. I couldn't.. I can't.Won't. Don't want too anyways.... I hope it stays that way... Even if I have to stay by her everyday and every night. I'll find a way....

So do you LIKKEEE?!! I sure hope so... If i get a few ratings and suggestions I will be writing chapter two!


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