High school one direction style

Its about true love :)


1. Asking him out

High School one direction style

Livy's pov- "So theres this guy"
"And?" my friend asked.
"I like him"
" Who Olivia who?"
"Liam Payne" we were in lunch at our high school.
"He's right there" I walked up to him fearless.
"So wanna go out?" I asked him.

Liam's pov-So I was sitting at lunch with my friends( Louis tomlinson, Harry styles, Zayn malik, & Niall horan) Niall was stealing Zayns food
"Niall stop!"
"But im hungery!" When Olivia Higgins from my health class that Ive had a crush on since 1st grade came up to me and asked me out.
"Sure" I said all the boys smiled.

Livy's pov- " Sure" he said. I ran back to Chelsea confidently and told her " OMG I knew he would say yes" she said I smiled " Ill help you pick out and outfit when is your date?" "Crap" I said " Ill ask him in health.

Zayn's pov- My crush asked Liam out Liam! Why not me? I had to tell her I liked her before it got too serious! When she asked him out I smiled with a cheeky smile to tell Liam it was war and she was mine.

Harry's pov- Well I kinda liked Olivia Higgins a bit but I had a little crush on her friend Chelsea Smith. She was really pretty. Olivia asked my mate Liam out shockingly he has had a crush on her forever but so has Louis and Zayn I didnt know who Niall liked so I asked him " Hey Niall who do you like?" " ummmm....... Chelsea" " ok" I grew angery she's mine. I was gonna ask her out tomorrow.

Nialls pov- So Harry asked me who I liked I said Chelsea because I really do love her if harry thought he would get the girl he was wrong! He always gets the girl this princess was mine.

Chelseas pov- So I cant take it any more! Olivia talks about Liam all the time. I have a huge crush on Harry Styles Liams best friend maybe Liam could set us up.

Louis's pov- So Liam got asked out by Olivia Higgins! That idiot I love her how could he say yes? I hate him I HATE HIM SO MUCH NOW!! I cant stand him. He is so rude. I guess maybe in math class whats her name oh! Eleanor...... Eleanor Calder was kinda cute.

Liams pov- I was sitting in health class passing notes to Livy the note said ( whens the date?) ( ummm to nite 7:00) ( sounds good) ( :) ) when health class ended I told her I would see her later.

Harry's pov- I met Chelsea in the hall " hey" I said. "Hey Harold Styles right?" "Ummmm..... Call me harry or Hazza" "ok" "so I was wondering?""Yes?" " well do you wanna go out with me tonight?" "Yeah sounds great hazza" she said with a wink haha Niall look who got the girl.

Zayn's pov- I ran up to Olivia in the hallway " Hey Liv can I have your number?" " ummmm.... Im dating your friend Liam." "Please?" I asked begging " ok" she said scribbling it down on a peice of paper and handing it to me. All of a sudden Liam came up to Liv and grabbed her hand I confronted him " Why Liam why?" I said like a girl and I smoothed the edges of my quiff my hair looked so nice. " I dont know what your talking about Zayn" Liam said and I punched him.

Liams pov- He punched me. "Ouch" I said "Zayn why did you do that? And hey dont text me or call me I wont answer Ugh! I cant belive you!" Olivia said grabbing my hand running too the nurse flicking Zayn off behind us. Dang I love this girl.

Louis's pov- In math class I went up to Eleanor Calder "you look lovely today Eleanor" I said "Oh thanks" she said " you are cute" she said laughing. "Wanna.... ummm.......go.......out.....sometime?" I asked staring into her precious eyes. "Yeah sounds great".

Nialls pov- Later that night I got a text picture sent too me from Harry of him and Chelsea hugging the caption said " haha new couple maybe ? :)" I threw my phone that....that jerk I really hated that curly haired jerk!

Livy's pov- At the date Liams face was brusied after Zayn punched him I kissed it. Stupid Zayn why did he have too hurt my true love like that? Our date was perfect everything was perfect until I got a text from Zayn.

Chelsea's pov- My night was amazing with my boyfriend Harry we had dinner, danced,& took pictures the normal date I got a call from Niall "Hey" "Niall I cant talk Im kinda with harry" "I knew it" he said. "What Niall knew what?" "I love you Chelsea" he blurted out.

Nialls pov- I hung up on her throwing my phone again this time breaking it. I needed a friend any one but right now I had no friends. I had nothing.

Liams pov- Ouch my face hurted really bad really bad. Livy looked really pretty tonight her hair beautifull layed on her shoulders. " Ouch" I said a bit loyd. "Oh Liam are you ok?" Liv asked me she kissed me "no" I said "I think my cheek bone is broken" " want me too drive you too the...?" " yes please" and we left.
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