Regretting and Appreciating (Liam Payne Fanfic)

Jessica Greene was transfered to school in London. She is a very picky person when it comes to friends, but since she moved she doesn't have any. No cell phone for getting in trouble a lot. KK I DON'T WANNA SPILL SO READ YOURSELF!!!! Updates will be on Monday Wednesdays and Thursdays!!!


1. Moving to London

Jessica's POV

I just came back from school. It was so annoying and boring. All we did is take exams... "Jess come here hun!!!" "I'm coming!!!" My dad is very loud. I walked into my mom and dads office. "Hey mom!!! Hey dad!!!" "Hey hun we need you to take a seat please." I was getting a little worried now... "Sweetie we are moving to London for a bigger plastic surgeon office." 'Wait.. WHAT?!?!? THAT MEANS NEW SCHOOL AND EVERYTHING?!?!?" I didn't even wait for anyones response.. I just stormed out and started packing angrily... I can't believe we're moving to London.. I don't wanna leave......

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