мαsкєd- Sequel to Love Me Or Not?

Alex's life has been pretty calm since her parents are in jail. She has friends and a nice house, but when she is forced to move to London, her life is flipped upside-down once again.


6. Visitors...--- Alex

     "Alex? Is that you?" Niall asked after a breif moment of silence.

     "Um. I-- Yeah..." I trailed off.

     "OH MY GOD! HARRY, ITS ALEX!" Louis screamed at Harry, who was staring at me with his eyes wide and his mouth open slightly.

     "I-- Um. Bye." I said, walking out. I cant believe they know Im here. I ran upstairs. Wait. Harry had a girlfriend. I had nothing to worry about. No flirting, kissing. Niall was single, though. I would be in England probably the rest of my life. If I wanted... I could date Niall. I felt a pang of guilt, due to my feelings for Harry that I had tried so hard to get rid of along with any feelings I had for Niall. I ran my hand through my hair, all the stress of last time I was in London flooding back into me. I shoved my face into my pillow and screamed until my throat hurt, coming back up to breathe. I heard a bunch of racket downstairs and some yelling. What the hell was going on down there? I walked downstairs to find the boys talking and Louis was yelling at Harry. I whipped back around the corner, praying they didnt see me. Uncle Simon walked into the room.

     "Boys, boys!" He yelled.

     "Uncle Simon, we want to see Alex! We miss her!" Niall complained.

     "You boys are being crazy! She isnt ready to see anybody yet." Simon said coolly. I took a deep breath, knowing that I was insane. I stepped from around the corner.

     "Hey, guys..." I said, awkwardly.

     "Alex!" They all yelled together.

     "How are you?" I asked, keeping my place at the top of the stairs.

     "We've been brilliant." Zayn smiled. I smiled back, politely.

     "We havent seen you in forever!" Louis pouted.

     "We dont get any hugs?" Liam smiled, holding out his arms.

     "Um.. Sure." I said, unsurely. I walked down, hugging Liam tightly. I gave each boy a hug, before turning to Harry. We hugged awkwardly for a moment. I stepped back to face all the boys, who were smiling.

     "Why are you back?" Zayn wondered.

     "Well, the court wanted me to move in with a relative." I said, shyly.

     "I see." He smiled.

     "So, Liam. I see you got a haircut." I said, smirking at his shaved head.

     "Yeah, like it?" He laughed, putting a hand on his head.

     "Yeah, it looks nice." I smiled.

     "So you dont like my hair?" Zayn teased.

     "Nah, I never liked your hair." I joked.

     "That wasnt nice." He pouted.

     "Im kidding! Ive always loved your hair Zaynie." I laughed.

     "Well who wouldnt?" He said, giving everybody a seductive look and making us all laugh.

     "Cant argue with that one!" Niall hugged Zayn, smiling.

     "So.. Um.. What do you guys want to do?" I asked awkwardly.

     "EAT!" Niall yelled.

     "Good call." I laughed. "One problem. I have no idea where the kitchen is." I sighed.

     "Ill just order pizza." He smiled.

     "Sounds good!" I laughed.

     "How about we go to your room?" Liam suggested.

     "Sure." I agreed, leading them to my room. The boys all jumped onto my bed, me following. We all sat in a circle, chatting for a bit untill Louis had a suggestion.

     "Lets play truth or dare!" He yelled.

     "No! Every time I play that, something bad happens. Im not playing." I crossed my arms.

     "Please?!" They all begged.

     "Ugh! I hate you guys." I whined. "Whos first?" I groaned.

     "Yay!" They all cheered.

     "Louis, truth or dare?" Niall asked.

     "Dare!" Louis sang.

     "I dare you to order pizza in a girly voice." Niall said.

     "That isnt even a good dare, but since we are all hungry, Ill do it!" Louis said, taking Niall's phone and going on the speed dial. Somehow, I expected that from Niall... Louis ordered the pizza as he was told and then turned to me.

     "Alex! Truth or dare?" He had an evil glint in his eyes, so I decided to play it safe and go with truth.

     "If Harry were single and he asked you out would you say yes or no?" He asked. I thought for a moment.

     "I um... I dont know..." I muttered.

     "YES OR NO?!" Louis urged.

     "No!" I finally lied.

     "No?" Harry asked, looking a bit hurt.

     "I dont know.. I mean, I might, but I just.. I dont know." I covered my face, wishing to disappear.

     "Lets just move on..." Niall suggested.

     "Liam, truth or dare?" I asked quietly, looking up.

     "Dare." He smiled.

     "I dare you to punch Lou in the arm." I mumbled.

     "Hey!" Louis pouted. Liam did his dare, making Louis cover his arm in pain. "Thats going to leave a mark..." He muttered. We all heard the doorbell ring and Niall shot up out of his seat, running downstairs as we all followed him. Niall swung the door open, revealing the pizza delivery guy.

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