мαsкєd- Sequel to Love Me Or Not?

Alex's life has been pretty calm since her parents are in jail. She has friends and a nice house, but when she is forced to move to London, her life is flipped upside-down once again.


2. The New Life--- Alex

     I woke up the next morning, to the sound of my phone's alarm going off. I groaned, getting up. I was on my last year of high school and I was new. I had a lot of friends for some reason. I didnt really know why, but I accepted it, never having a real friend before. I guess you could say I was a popular girl. I wasnt like the ones in the movies that make fun of people or spread rumors. I was never going to be like that. Ever. I hated girls like that.

     I ran into my bathroom, grabbing my straightener out of the drawer, plugging it in and waiting for it to heat up, brushing out my hair as I waited. When it heated, I ran it over my hair, which straigtened pretty easily. I ran the brush through it one last time before running back into my room to get my clothes. I picked out a white tank with lace decorating the front top, a black and white striped flowy sweater, a pair of skinny jeans, and black heeled lace-up boots. (https://s3.amazonaws.com/luuux-original-files/bookmarklet_uploaded/x_353.jpg) I walked into the bathroom, opening the doors on both sides of the mirror, revealing my amazing makeup holder. My foster parents really were amazing. I grabbed the silver, black and white eyeshadow and created a smoky look with the three colors. I then added eyeliner and applied mascara to my already long eyelashes. I looked myself over and decided I looked fine. I walked out, grabbing my phone and walking downstairs for breakfast.

     "Good morning, Alex!" Shannon, my foster mother, said brightly.

     "Good morning Shannon!" I smiled, giving her a quick hug before walking over to the fruit bowl and grabbing a banana. I peeled the yellow skin off of it and bit into it.

     "Sleep well?" Joe, my foster father, asked me, smiling.

     "I slept alright. I had a weird dream..." I trailed off at that part, thinking about my dream about Harry and Niall.

     "Oh? Would you like to talk about it?" Shannon asked.

     "I'd rather just forget about it." I shook my head, taking another bite of banana.

     "Ok." She smiled, beginning to prepare breakfast for herself and Joe.

     "I'll be right back." I said, throwing the empty banana peel away and running back upstairs to brush my teeth. After I had finished brushing my teeth, I ran back downstairs, grabbing my bright pink backpack.

     "Have a good day at school!" Shannon called after me.

     "Thanks! You have a good day too!" I called back, walking out the door and to the bus station. I got there just in time and boarded the bus, sitting next to my friend Drake.

      "Hey, Drake!" I smiled, taking in his features. Black hair, tan, muscualr, and green eyes. I kind of had a little crush on him, but knew I shouldnt, because he was my best friend. I didnt really want to date him that bad anyway. I had a crush on a couple guys. Nothing major, I just thought they were cute.

     "Hey, Alex! Are you coming to Greg's birthday tonight?" He asked.

     "Probably. It depends on what other offers I get." I said.

     "Will you please come? Seth isnt going and I need at least one of my best friends there!" He complained.

     "Fine." I laughed, elbowing him.

     "Good." He elbowed be back. I elbowed him a little harder and he elbowed me a little too hard, sending me flying onto the bus floor, right in front of Devin, the school jock, who almost stepped on me.

     "Ow!" I shot a death glare at Drake. "Sorry." I mumbled, getting up off the floor.

     "No problem, Im just glad I didnt step on you." Devin laughed. "Hey, are you cheering for the game tonight?" Devin asked me, referring to the football (American football) game that was tonight.

     "Shit. I totally forgot about that. I have plans." I said, glancing at Drake.

     "Oh, because I just thought we could hang out afterwards..." He trailed off.

     "Well, Ill see if I can make it." I nodded, making him smile.

     "Ok see you!" He said, waving. I looked at Drake.

     "Did that really just happen?" I questioned.

     "Oooo! Alex just got asked out on a date!" Drake laughed, emphasizing the word 'date'. Oh shit.

     "Well Im not going." I said, sighing.

     "But you like him!" Drake teased.

     "I dont, actually." I sighed, thinking of the two only people I had ever fallen hard for.

     "Why not?" Drake wondered.

     "Umm.. Old life.." I muttered.

     "Oh. Right. Are you ever going to talk to me about that? I am your best friend." He sighed.

     "You know I dont like to talk about it, Drake." I rolled my eyes. We had this conversation at least a hundred times.

     "I know but sometimes it helps and I am your best friend. I dont know anything about your past except it was bad." He whined.

     "Fine, but not here. Ill tell you at lunch. Just meet me at our usual spot." I sighed.

     "Finally!" He said a little too loudly.

     "Youre the worst." I stuck my tongue out at him.

     "I love you too!" He teased, pulling me into a hug. I stayed limp until he let me go.

     "Ill see you at lunch." I said, shakily. I really didnt want to tell him, but he had given me to reason not to trust him, he deserved it considering he had stuck by my side since my first day.

     At lunch I met Drake behind the gym, where we ate when we wanted to be alone. I pulled out my lunch bag and took out my ham sandwitch. I looked up at Drake, who was looking at me. To avoid conversation, I took a bite of my sandwitch.

     "Are you going to start?" He pouted.

     "Fine. Well to make a long story of my childhood short, my mother died when I was three, my dad started drinking and doing drugs, met a stripper, got married to her, got her onto drugs and alcohol, they started abusing me and then got caught and went to jail. The court sent me away to London to live with my uncle for awhile, thats where I met Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson. I fell in love with Niall and Harry and then had to leave short-notice and had to leave the boys. My parents are in jail now and I am living with my foster family." I quickly told the short version of my story.

     "Those names sound really fimilar." He looked off into the distance and I rolled my eyes at him.

     "Theyre from One Direction." I told him.

     "Thats crap!" He rolled his eyes at me. I was a bit hurt that he didnt believe me.

     "Youre the one who wanted to know and I have pictures if you dont believe me. If you are really going to put me through the pain of remembering how much I loved those boys, suit yourself, but Im going to hold that against you." I snapped.

     "I want to see the pictures." He confirmed.

     "Fine, but I might start to cry so be prepared!" I said, standing up and walking away. I had already seen them once this year, which was last night and I really didnt want to see them again. I knew I was going to cry. I didnt want him to see me like that. I didnt want anybody to see me break down like I had when I was with the boys. I was stronger now. I really didnt want people to know that I was the Alex that was 'dating' Harry Styles. Everybody would go crazy.

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