мαsкєd- Sequel to Love Me Or Not?

Alex's life has been pretty calm since her parents are in jail. She has friends and a nice house, but when she is forced to move to London, her life is flipped upside-down once again.


4. Prepare--- Alex

     I walked into Greg's house, carrying the card that I had bought at the dollar store on the way here. I had put thirty dollars into it instead of buying a gift. I knocked on the door, examining the house as I waited. Greg answered the door and I heard the blasting music. I smiled and handed him the card.

     "Happy birthday, Greg!" I smiled.

     "Hey, Alex! Thanks!" He said, letting me inside. I looked around the crowded house. It was pretty nice. I walked around aimlessly looking for Drake. I finally spotted him with some of his other friends. I walked over, sitting next to him.

     "Hey, Alex!" Drake smiled, nudging me.

     "Hi, Drake." I laughed. I said hello to the other guys he was hanging out with. I was pretty quiet, my mind drifting else-where. "Hey, Drake, I think I might go soon. I have to cheer at the game and it starts in an hour." I said, taking out my phone and checking the time. It read 6:00.

     "Ok, well I hope you have fun with Devin." Drake wiggled his eyebrows at me and I elbowed him, rolling my eyes.

     "Shut up." I laughed. I stood up, waving to Drake as I left. I walked outside to the warm air. It was almost summer vacation I walked back to my house, running up to my room. I really wasnt going to go to the game I just didnt want to stay at the party. I wanted time to myself. I changed into my white and purple striped bikini. I wanted to go to the beach and maybe swim for a little. I looked at my calendar, it told me there was only a week until summer vacation. I washed off my makeup and took my hair down. I grabbed a beach towel and walked outside. I made my way to the boardwalk and found a nice spot near the lifeguard chair. I put my things down and ran into the cool waves. I went out until the water just reached my belly button. I plunged myself underwater, letting the salty water soak into my hair and skin. I came up, smiling.

     I stayed at the beach for about three hours. I finally got out of the salty ocean that had thrown me around and dried off I walked home, wrapped in my towel. I crossed the street and walked down the sidewalk to my house.

     "Alex." Joe said, looking distressed.

     "Hi, Joe. Whats wrong?" I asked, stopping on my way down the hall to the stairs.

     "We have something to tell you." Shannon said, the same facial expression on her face as Joe's.

     "Um. Ok." I said, looking between them.

     "The court would like you to move to London to live with your uncle." Joe explained, as my body went numb.

     "Why-- Why would they do that?" I stuttered. The boys were in London. I couldnt go back. I dont know if I could face Harry again, or Niall for that matter.

     "I dont know, honey, but you are going to be leaving tomorrow." Shannon said, softly.

     "What about you guys?" I choked.

     "We arent sure. You wont be living with us any longer." Joe said.

     "Believe me, dear, we dont want you to go, but it isnt our decision." Shannon said. I could see the tears in her eyes and could feel them in mine. I walked over and all three of us hugged, Shannon and I sliently letting the tears run down our cheeks.

     After a few minutes, we parted and I went upstairs to shower. The shower didnt relax me like it usually did. I knew I would have to start packing right after. I was going to miss the last few days of school, I was going to have to leave my friends and my good life. The finally normal life that I had wished for, for so long.

     I got out of the shower, getting into the baggy pajama pants and t-shirt. I took all my makeup and other things in the bathroom that would be coming with me. I then packed all of my clothes, pictures, movies, ect. I sat on the bed, looking around at my almost bare room. It was depressing. I was leaving on Sunday. I wouldnt even get to say goodbye to my friends at school. I guess I would have to say goodbye tomorrow. I walked back downstairs, glancing at the clock. I was just in time for dinner. I walked into the dining room and sat down, as we ate. We chatted lightly, trying to be positive. I went to bed, closing my eyes and relaxing. I took in a deep breath of cool air. I lay there for hours, trying to fall asleep. Finally, I was able to.

     The next morning, I woke up, my hair messy and the blankets on the floor. I had a restless night and it was 4:00 am, so I wasnt in the best mood. I ran a brush through my hair carelessly. I put on some clothes that I had left out (An orange long sleeved shirt, cream colored sweat pants, and gray Ugg boots). I walked back into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, packing my toothbrush when I finished. I shoved the clothes that I had worn to bed, my toothbrush, and brush into my bag. I grabbed my bags and walked downstairs, my foster parents rushing to help me.

     The car ride was silent and security was quick. We were waiting for my plane to be ready to board, talking casually. After about ten minutes, the voice over the loud speaker told us that my plane was ready to board. The tears ran down my face as I hugged my foster parents goodbye.

     "I love you guys." My voice cracked.

     "I love you too." Joe said.

     "We both love you." Shannon said, sniffling.

     "Thank you both so much." I said, walking into line. I was soon on the plane, trying to entertain myself.

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