мαsкєd- Sequel to Love Me Or Not?

Alex's life has been pretty calm since her parents are in jail. She has friends and a nice house, but when she is forced to move to London, her life is flipped upside-down once again.


12. Nobody.--- Alex

Author's Note: Guys I am so, so, so, sorry that I havent updated in so long! Im going to try to get a few chapters up today<3


     I sat in my room after Zayn dropped me off, looking around. Maybe I should just date Niall.. But I really did love Harry.. And there was always the cance that something would go wrong with Niall. I didnt want to end up causing problems.. I looked up when I heard a knock on my door.

     "Its me." I heard Uncle Simon's voice say.

     "Come in." I said. He opened the door and stepped in, wearing a suit. "Where are you going?" I asked, laughing a bit.

     "To the masquerade ball of course." He laughed.

     "Thats today?" I groaned, not feeling that well.

     "Yes, and youre coming." He said.

     "Why?" I pouted.

     "Because the whole world knows youre here and it wouldnt look good if my own niece didnt come to my party. And we'll miss you." He said, rolling his eyes.

     "Uncle Simon--" I began, but I got cut off by him.

     "Youre going and thats final." He said firmly.

     "Fine." I gave in. "But I dont have anything to wear." I said.

     "Have Niall take you shopping." He suggested.

     "He wont want to go dress shopping!" I laughed.

     "He might. You never know with those boys.." He laughed a bit. "Just call him." He said, walking out.

     I groaned, getting out my phone and texting Niall. 'Hey, Ni :) You know that masked ball thing? Well I dont have a dress, so would you want to come dress shopping with me? ;) Just so I wont be all lonely?'

     'Sure, but only if you'll be my date ;)' He texted back. I smiled.

     'Fine, Horan. :P' I texted back.

     'I'll see you in ten minutes?' I read.

     'Mmk :) x' I replied, getting up and getting in the shower. I got out of the shower, drying my hair and then curling it in loose curls that fell over my shoulders. I did my makeup lightly and put on a loose, light pink, flowery top, faded blue jeans and brown combat boots. I grabbed my purse, walking downstairs. I opened the door when I heard Niall knocking. I smiled at him.

     "Ready to go?" He asked.

     "Yep!" I smiled, walking out. We walked to his car and I got in the passanger seat. He got in the drivers seat, buckling up before starting to drive.

     "So you need a dress and a mask?" He asked.

     "And shoes and jewelry." I giggled.

     "Well this is going to be expensive." He giggled.

     "Youre not paying, Niall." I said, rolling my eyes. "And dont argue, because youre not going to win." I snapped.

     "But I have so much money that I dont need!" He insisted.

     "Im paying, Niall." I argued.

     "Im not going to allow you to do that." He laughed.

     "Youre mean." I pouted.

     "Youre weird." He giggled.

     "Am not." I frowned.

     "Usually, if Im offering to buy somebody something, they accept." He rolled his eyes.

     "Well Im not somebody. Im nobody." I said, even though it didnt exactly make sense.

     "Well nobody's perfect." He smiled.

     "Well then I guess youre nobody then too." I laughed.

     "No, Im somebody." He said.

     "No youre not." I insisted.

     "Yes I am." He laughed.

     "Nope, youre a nobody." I said, shaking my head and crossing my arms.

     "Im a nobody? I dont mean anything?" He pouted.

     "Yes, youre a nobody. Therefore youre perfect." I confirmed.

     "Fine." He laughed.


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