мαsкєd- Sequel to Love Me Or Not?

Alex's life has been pretty calm since her parents are in jail. She has friends and a nice house, but when she is forced to move to London, her life is flipped upside-down once again.


8. Helping Hands--- Alex

     Niall was supposed to be coming over to talk to me. I didnt know what he was going to do or say, but I decided not to worry, since I trusted Niall more than I trusted anybody else. I heard somebody running up the stairs and I walked out of the bathroom, still shaking a bit.

     "Oh my god." Niall said, rushing over to me and gently lifting my chin to look at the red hand marks and small cuts on my neck.

     "I dont know what to do!" I broke down, sobbing into his shoulder as he hugged me and rubbed my back, soothingly.

     "You should tell Harry." He whispered.

     "He is going to think Im lying!" I cried.

     "Do you want me to tell him?" He asked. I gave no reply, not knowing if I wanted Harry to know. Niall took my silence as a yes and took out his phone, forwarding the message I sent to him to Harry.

     "W-why would she d-do this?" I sobbed.

     "She's jealous." He said simply, still holding me in his arms.

     "B-but she barely knows m-me!" I whimered.

     "I know. She's a bitch. She doesnt care that you are an amazing person and that you would never try to steal her boyfriend." He said, softly. I cried for awhile before calming down. Niall took my hand and led me to my bed, covering me up. He kneeled beside me, stroking my hair.

     "Im sorry I dragged you into this." I sniffled, my eyes beginning to feel heavy. I slowly let them close.

     "Im glad you did." He whispered. I felt him kiss my forehead and heard him getting up.

     "Niall?" I asked quietly, opening my eyes.

     "Yes, love?" He looked at me.

     "Will you stay?" I whispered. I saw him smile.

     "Sure." He said before turning off the lights and slipping into bed next to me. He wrapped his arms around me as we fell asleep. I felt safe in his arms and I knew he wouldnt let Lily lay a finger on me. "I love you." Niall whispered, barely audible.

     "I love you too." I said, falling into a deep sleep.

     I woke up the next morning, still in Niall's warm arms. I stayed still, not wanting to move out of his warm embrace. I snuggled in closer and closed my eyes again, hoping to fall back to sleep. I listened to his soft breathing and watched his chest rise up and down. I thought about how sweet Niall was and how gentle. He knew how girls liked to be treated even though he hadnt had many girlfriends. He was so sweet and his eyes and smile could light up anybody's day. I sighed, thinking about how much I pushed Harry and Niall away last time. I half-wished I hadn't. Well, Harry had a slut for a girlfriend, so maybe it was good that I tried to keep him away. I shouldve let Niall in, though. He loved me sweetly and gently, where as Harry was more pushy. I knew they had both loved me and I loved them. I didnt know what to think exactly. I guess you cant live your life dwelling on the past. Its over. There is no going back. No matter how hard I tried I could never change the past. I thought about Drake's words to me. I would always be Alex no matter how much I ignored my past and pushed everything away. I couldnt change who I was. I felt Niall stir and I looked up at him, his bright blue eyes fluttering open.

     "Morning Sleeping Beauty." I laughed.

     "So Im a princess now?" He smiled.

     "No, you dont have the hair for it." I joked.

     "But you do." He smiled, running his hand through my long, messy, dirty blonde hair.

     "No, princesses always have solid colored hair." I pointed out, thinking back to any fairytales.

     "Well you're different. Thats what makes you beautiful." He smiled and I felt a light blush apear on my cheeks.

     "You're sweet, you know that?" I pointed out.

     "Only to certain people." He whispered.

     "Im honored to be one of those people." I smiled, cuddling into him more.

     "Im glad you are. Can we get breakfast?" He asked, laughing.

     "Of course." I laughed, feeling hungry myself. "Did Harry answer?" I asked, remembering Niall had texted him.

     "Lemme check." Niall said, grabbing his phone and checking it. He handed it to me and I read it.

     'She just wants attention. That little bitch.' I read the text over and over, not believing that he said that about me. If I wanted fucking attention, I wouldve texted him about this. Did he really think so badly of me? I felt terrible. Pushing him away so much mustve really made him think of me differently. I felt the tears start to form in my eyes. I honestly did still have feelings for Harry and I never thought he would say that about me. Niall wrapped me in his arms and I cried silently.

     "I think he's lost it. You are an amazing person and he really messed up. I think Lily has really gotten into his head." He whispered, stroking my hair.

     "I hate him." I whispered.

     "He deserves it." He told me.

     "I dont know why I ever even thought about liking him. He's just a stuck up famous kid who can't even find himself a decent girlfriend that loves him for who he is.. or was." I corrected myself. I knew no one who would date him for who he is now. Niall stayedd quiet, not wanting to hate too much on his bandmate.

     "I know what will make you feel better." Niall said.

     "What?" I asked.

     "Going out and getting drunk." He smiled. I couldnt help but agree with him. I didnt go out much, due to my parents' alcoholism, but sometimes it was good just to let go and get drunk.

     "I think your right." I let out a small laugh. "Can we eat first, though?" I asked him.

     "You dont have to ask twice!" He laughed, getting out of bed and taking my hand. We walked downstairs, wandering around until we found the kitchen. We started to cook eggs (which Niall flipped because I always break the yolk), bacon, toast, and waffles. We ate our breakfast, chatting quietly.

     "Are you done?" Niall asked me for the third time.

     "Almost! Quit asking." I laughed. He moved into the chair beside me and grabbed his fork.

     "At least let me help." He smiled, taking a bite of my half eaten waffle.

     "You can finish it." I rolled my eyes and messed up his hair.

     "Yay!" He cheered, finishing off my waffle. I took the dishes, putting them into the dish washer.

     "You need clothes." I said, looking at his sweat pants and t-shirt.

     "Yeah, we can stop at my flat before we go to the club." He suggested.

     "Ok." I smiled, retracing my steps back to my room. Niall waited outside the door and I put on a black dress with ruffles at the bottom and sparkles decorating the top, it was strapless and went down to about four inches above my knee. I went into the bathroom and did my make up and brushed out my hair, leaving it in waves. I put on some black heels and walked out to Niall.

     "You look lovely." He smiled.

     "Thanks, Niall." I returned his smile and we walked out to his car. We drove, listening to the radio, to Niall's flat. I waited in the living room while Niall got ready. He walked out, wearing a black jacket and pants with a white t-shirt underneath.

     "How do I look?" He laughed.

     "Great." I smiled. "Shall we go then?" I asked, standing up.

     "Yup!" He grinned as we walked back out to his car. We stopped at some random club and ordered some drinks. We danced for awhile and drank a lot. We were both pretty drunk and laughing like idiots.

     "I think we should probably go before the paps find us!" I called, smiling, over the loud music.

     "Ok, Ill call a cab!" He yelled back. He got out his phone and we walked outside. It was around 6:00pm and the sun was slowly setting. I wobbled a bit on my heels and we waited outside. Out of nowhere, a bunch of interviewers and photographers started surrounding us.

     "Niall, is this the same girl Harry Styles was dating last year?" One reporter asked. Niall and I didnt answer any questions and were forced back into the club. We looked around, panicked.

     "Is there a back way?" He hollered over the music.

     "I dont know, lets just get lost in the crowd and make our way from there!' I suggested. To keep from getting seperated, we latched onto each other's hand. Niall dragged me through the crowd, opening up a door that led into an alleyway. We shut the door behind us, catching our breath and sitting against the brick wall.

     "That was close." Niall huffed.

     "What do you mean? They got loads of pictures anyway." I laughed.

     "Good point." He giggled.

     "I had fun." I smiled.

     "Me too. Im glad I got to go with you." He said, both of our breathing slowing down.

     "Yeah, it was really nice." I nodded.

     "Alex?" He asked.

     "Hm?" I looked at him.

     "I still like you..." He whispered quietly.

     "Well to be honest, I havent stopped liking you..." I sighed, looking at the other wall in front of us.

     "Really?" He asked, looking at me.

     "Yeah... I tried, but..." I trailed off.

     "Well... Maybe we could go on a date sometime." He suggested.

     "Maybe we could." I smiled. He stood up, holding his hand out to me. I took it, pulling myself off of the ground.

     "Lets not worry about that now, though." He smiled, not letting go of my hand. We walked down to the edge of the alley, peeking over the side to see if the paps were still there. We ran out, knowing we only had a few minutes before they found us again. We stopped in somebody's yard to catch our breath again.

     "Do you know where we are?" I laughed, trying to slow my breathing.

     "No clue." He smiled and we started to walk again.

     "Lets just hope we can find our way back." I laughed.

     "We could always call another cab." He suggested.

     "Good idea." I agreed as he got out his phone and called another cab, reading the address off of the front of the house we were at. We waited on the sidewalk and the cab came. We got in and gave him Simon's address. Niall payed because he won our game of rock-paper-scisors. I hated when people randomly paid for me. We got out and walked into the house to find my uncle waiting for us.

     "So where were you two?" He asked, looking at us.

     "Umm. We went to a club..." I trailed off, hoping he knew nothing about the paps. I had a feeling that this was what it was about, though.

     "And then you had to run from the paps?" He cocked an eyebrow at us.

     "Uncle Simon, Im really sorry. Its my fault. It was my idea and we didnt bother to hide our faces." Niall butted in.

     "Well I agreed, so its both of our faults." I argued.

     "So I guess you want to get in trouble then?" Niall whispered.

     "No, but Im not letting you take all the blame." I whispered back.

     "Next time you two decide to go out remember to hide your faces!" Simon scolded us.

     "We will." I nodded.

     "Good." He said, walking off.

     "That wasnt as bad as I thought it would be." I laughed.

     "Not at all!" Niall agreed. "I should go, though." He sighed.

     "Aw. Bye, Niall." I frowned. Before leaving, he kissed me on the cheek. I blushed and smiled. He waved and walked out the door and I took off my heels, walking up to my room.

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