мαsкєd- Sequel to Love Me Or Not?

Alex's life has been pretty calm since her parents are in jail. She has friends and a nice house, but when she is forced to move to London, her life is flipped upside-down once again.


7. Harry's Girlfriend...--- Alex

     We ate our pizza and talked like I had never left, except Harry wasnt flirty. The pizza was delicious, as I wouldve expected since it was on Niall's speed dial.

     "We should go to my flat! I have a bunch of movies!" Harry suggested.

     "Ok!" We all agreed. We arrived at Harry's flat after the short, but loud, car ride. We ran into Harry's apartment and jumped onto the couch as he put in The Strangers.

     "I hope you toughened up since we last watched a scary movie." Harry laughed, turning off the lights. Just as the movie was about to start, there was a knock at the door.

     "Ill get it!" Lou chimed, running to the door and opening it. A tall girl with black hair, fake-tanned skin, bright red lipstick, fake eyelashes, and about three pounds of make-up stepped into the room. She was wearing a crop top that zippered in the front, super short shorts, and huge heels. Slut was the first word that came to mind...

     "Hey baby!" She squealed, walking over to Harry.

     "Hey, Lily." Harry smiled, standing up and kissing her passionately. I felt that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach when you absolutely hate somebody. I felt somebody looking at me. I turned to see the rest of the boys looking at me. I knew what they were thinking. I was jealous. Well, I wasnt. I was happy that Harry had a fucking slut for a girlfriend. Ok.. Maybe they were right... I wasnt going to show it, though. I sat, silently as they practically swallowed each other.

     "Um, guys. Im starting the movie." Liam said, turning off the lights. They parted, Lily sitting on Harry's lap, facing him and eyeing him like he was a piece of candy. Niall elbowed me and I looked at him.

     'Are you ok?' He mouthed. I nodded, looking back at the TV. I wouldnt mind if Harry had a girlfriend if she didnt look like a whore. Of all the beautiful, kind girls in the world, Harry chose her? Was I the same as any other girl to him? I really hoped not. I didnt want to be on the same level as her. I pulled my knees to my chest, resting my chin on them. I covered my eyes, peeking through just a bit. I felt Niall's arm wrap around me and I snuggled into his side, hiding my face from the TV.

     "I see you are still deathly afraid of scary movies." Niall teased in a whisper.

     "Just a little." I laughed.

     "Well Ive never let anything come out of the telly to get you before, so you can trust that it wont happen while Im here." He assured me.

     "Well if something comes, Im throwing you and running." I joked.

     "Really? I thought you would throw Lily." He whispered into my ear. I faced him, blushing.

     "I dont even know her. She could be really n-nice." I struggled with the last word, knowing she was going to be a bitch.

     "I honestly dont like her all that much." He whispered.

     "Why not?" I played dumb.

     "She always takes Harry from us and turns him against us. She can be a real bitch." He whispered, making sure nobody could hear.

     "I guess I wont like her then." I whispered back.

     "Good choice." Niall laughed. We sat, cuddling each other for the rest of the movie. Harry and Lily had been kissing since we were half way through the movie and the rest of us were a bit discusted over their heated kissing. The movie finally ended, making my day a lot better.

     "You. Guys. Are. Mean." I scolded the boys.

     "How are we mean?" Louis pouted.

     "You know I hate scary movies." I shot.

     "Sorry!" He laughed.

     "Dont you two need to breathe?" Liam asked Lily and Harry, who pulled apart, breathing quickly.

     "I guess." Lily snapped. Harry whispered something to her that made her grin.

     "Guys, I want to go home. I am so sleepy." I yawned.

     "Ill take you home." Lily offered. "I had to leave soon anyway." She smiled.

     "Thats sweet, babe." Harry smiled.

     "Thanks." I smiled. Maybe she wasnt as bad as she seemed. I glanced at Niall, who looked confused and worried. We stood up and walked out the door.

     "So how do you know the boys?" Lily asked.

     "Well Simon Cowell is my uncle and I had to stay here once and since my uncle was on a business trip, he made the boys make sure I didnt do anything crazy while I was here." I explained.

     "And whats your relationship with Harry?" She asked as we started to drive.

     "Well its complicated but we arent anything more than friends." I answered.

     "Mmm." She nodded her head. After a short ride filled with thick silence, we arrived at Simon's house.

     "Thanks for the ride." I said, stepping out. Lily stepped out after me, walking over to my side of the car. She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips and ran her eyes over me, sizing me up.

     "Youre not good enough for Harry." She reported.

     "What?" I asked, playing dumb.

     "Youre not pretty enough." She huffed. She reached out her hands and clasped them around my neck, digging her fake nails into my skin. I struggled to get free, not able to breathe. "Stay away from Harry." She hissed, letting me go, I fell to the ground, one hand laying gingerly on my throat and the other on the ground. My eyes were teary as I gasped for air, having a hard time taking it in. Lily kicked me over before getting back into her car and driving away, the wheels screeching as she left me on the ground. I regained the ability to breathe as I slowly and shakily stood up and walked towards the house. I got out my key and unlocked the door, walking inside. I stepped quietly up to my room and walked into the bathroom, examining my neck. I could see the blood trickling from where her nails had pierced my skin and the red hand marks on my neck. I quickly took a picture, knowing I should have evidence. I sent the picture to Niall along with a text:

     'Niall, Lily just did this to me. I dont know what to do. She was saying how I wasnt good enough for Harry and to stay away from him. I dont know what to do.' I sent. I sat on the cold floor, waiting for a reply. I thought about what Lily said. I wasnt good enough for Harry. I wasnt pretty enough. He was hers. The part that made it hurt, was that it was true...

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