мαsкєd- Sequel to Love Me Or Not?

Alex's life has been pretty calm since her parents are in jail. She has friends and a nice house, but when she is forced to move to London, her life is flipped upside-down once again.


11. Face it.--- Alex

     I woke up the next morning, still at Liam's flat. I was on the couch and the boys were spread across the floor. I laughed a little at their odd sleeping arrangements. I ran a hand through my hair and stood up, remembering we had to go to that party Uncle Simon was talking about. I groaned, dropping my head back onto the small pillow that I was using. I looked up at the boys again, deciding that I should have a little fun since I had the opportunity. I smiled evilly, tip-toe-ing around them. I found a piece of paper, writing a note on it. Bathroom. I wrote in scrawly handwriting. I found a lighter, burning around the edges of the paper (I know, not smart, but it was creepier) I set it on the couch where I had been sleeping. I ran into the kitchen, grabbing ketchup and my purse. I grabbed the lipstick, writing 'You have been warned' on the mirror. I then opened the window in the hallway, making sure the curtains were messed up enough to be noticed. I walked back into the bathroom, putting lipstick across my neck. I grabbed a pair of Liam's shoes and opened the bathroom closet. I grabbed the ketchup and put it across my neck along with the lipstick, making it look like blood. I giggled, setting my phone up to video tape the door so I could see their faces when they walked in. I started recording, putting some ketchup on the floor around me. I screamed as loud as I could and then threw Liam's shoes into the closet along with the lipstick and ketchup, making a bunch of noise. I laid on the floor, spreading my hair out and waiting for them to come in. I heard some talking outside and then five boys running down the hall. I held my breath and kept my eyes slightly open, making it look as if I were dead. I heard some gasps.

     "ALEX!" I heard them all scream. They all knelt around me. I felt somebody grab my hand, squeezing it tightly.

     "Look the mirror!" Liam said sounding like he was crying.

     "We have to call the police!"  Niall said, choked up. I couldnt take it anymore. I burst out laughing, sitting up, making all the boys jump and Harry scream in fear. I looked at their tear stained faces and stopped laughing, leaving only a smile on my face.

     "That wasnt funny!" Harry yelled.

     "Sorry, guys! I didnt mean to scare you that bad!" I tried to hold back the laughter. I realized Harry was the one holding my hand and blushed, ignoring it and continuing to laugh.

     "Well you did!" Niall pouted, giving me a hug. I felt everybody else's arms wrap around me as well.

     "Sorry!" I apologized again. "You guys shouldve seen your faces!" I bust out laughing again, grabbing my phone and stopping the video. "Watch it." I laughed, holding my phone out for them to watch the video. We all laughed, watching it over and over. I didnt think that video was going to be getting old anytime soon. After watching it five or six times, we decided to clean the floor and mirror. After quickly doing that, I wiped the lipstick and ketchup off of my neck and walked out to the boys.

     "Im still glad you're alive!" Louis said, tackling me with a hug as I sturggled to keep my balance.

     "Me too!" The rest of the boys hugged me as well.

     "Ok, ok! I get it! You guys love me! Please get off!" I laughed. They let go and laughed, sitting back down on  the couch.

     "Hey, you know whats tonight?" Liam asked.

     "Yeah, that party for your new album! Congratulations, by the way!" I said, taking a seat on the couch.

     "Thanks!" They all said.

     "Well I should probably be getting back to Uncle Simon's." I sighed.

     "Ok, I'll give you a ride!" Zayn offered.

     "Thanks, Zayn!" I said, smiling and standing up.

     "Sure." He nodded.

     "Bye guys!" I waved as Zayn and I walked to the door. Before I got to the door Zayn wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close so he could whisper in my ear.

     "We need to talk." He whispered and then let go of me. I looked up at him, biting my lip. I was in trouble.

     "Ok.." I sighed, opening the door and walking out. I got into Zayns car and we sat silently, not looking at each other for a few seconds.

     "Why didnt you want us to know you were coming back?" He finally asked. I tensed up. I didnt want to talk about it. I felt guilty about everything. I stayed silent, letting out a breath. "Alex. I want to know. Why didnt you want us to know?" He asked again, trying to make eye contact.

     "I just.. I guess I.. I couldnt take.. I dont know where to start." I sighed, sitting back in my seat. "I guess I just didnt want to face that I might have to choose between Niall and Harry..." I said quietly. Zayn nodded.

     "You dont, though. You dont have to." He said.

     "Yes I do! I guess Harry is out of the picture, though, but I just.. I dont want to.." I groaned, covering my face with my hands.

     "You dont. You dont have to date either of them!" He argued.

     "But I love them!" I shot back. "Why is it so hard?" I asked quietly.

     "Because you love two guys." He said.

     "But I want to be happy with one of them. I dont want both of them." I said.

     "Maybe its just not meant to be." He said, starting to drive.

     "Maybe not..." I said.

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