мαsкєd- Sequel to Love Me Or Not?

Alex's life has been pretty calm since her parents are in jail. She has friends and a nice house, but when she is forced to move to London, her life is flipped upside-down once again.


1. Dreams--- Alex

     I was with Harry. He was whispering to me as he slowly leaned closer, falling silent and kissing me softly. I felt his strong arms wrap around me. After a few seconds we broke apart, smiling. I knew everything was going to be fine. Then Niall started telling me how much it hurt him when I kissed Harry and I remembered that I loved him too. I broke away from Harry's grip in tears and ran. I had no idea where I was going, but pretty soon I was just falling.

     I awoke, with a start and my face wet from crying in my sleep. I breathed heavily. I hadnt dreamed about Harry or Niall for almost a year. I ran my fingers through my messy, dirty blonde hair. I looked around my dark, chilly room in Maryland, where I had been living with my foster family. It was a giant house and my room was very nice. This was more than I had ever asked for.

     I slowly lifted my comforter off of my sweaty body and tip-toed across the hardwood floor over to my bookshelf. I moved away the photos of my friends and I that I had framed and put in front of the old box that held most of the memories I had from my time in London with the five boys of One Direction. I slowly dusted the top off and ran my fingers across the word 'Memories' that was engraved in the top of the box in beautiful cursive. I hadnt even touched this box since I had moved here. I had made a promise to myself that I would not remind myself of my old life. Good or bad, I just would not even dare to think about it anymore. Unfortunately, that included Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis.

     I walked silently over to the bench by the gorgeous window in my room. I pushed the curtains back to reveal the full moon. It illuminated my room with a rather eerie light. I sat on the bench, leaning onto the flat surface beneath my window. I set the box in front of me, looking out at the gorgeous beach before unclasping the box that held my memories of the boys. I slowly lifted the top and picked up the picture on top of the pile, seeing the five boys who became my best friends for awhile, until I had to leave. I gently looked through all of the pictures. Some were of Harry and I kissing, making my stomach do backflips. I remembered the feeling of his lips pressed on mine. I picked up the next picture of Niall and I. It was from the tabloids of him and I making out because of Louis's dare of seven minutes in hevan. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, thinking about our heated kiss. I missed those moments with Niall. They werent forced, like the ones with Harry. They were more natural and a bit more enjoyable. Dont get me wrong, Harry was amazing. Just a little pushy. I picked up the next photograph of Liam and I. I thought about how much he helped me not go crazy while I was staying with the boys. I looked through every single picture in that box, carefully placing them back in and thinking about Louis's crazyness, Zayn's friendly flirting, Harrys curls and his eyes and his amazing kissing, and my moments with Niall that brought a smile to my face. I was still just as confused about Harry and Niall as I was a year ago when I fell in love with the two boys. I had lost all contact with the boys after I came back to America. I missed them a lot, though I saw them everywhere, in the news, magazines, books, the internet. They were litterally everywhere.

     I clasped the box shut and placed it back on my bookshelf, hiding it behind the pictures once again. I looked at the digital clock on my dresser. It was 2:00 am. I walked back to my bed, throwing myself onto its coushiony surface. Pushing the blankets away, I spread myself across the giant bed and closed my eyes. I fell back asleep not long after.


Author's Note:

Sorry this chapter is so short, but I needed something to start it off with! I promise they will be longer next time! :) x


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