мαsкєd- Sequel to Love Me Or Not?

Alex's life has been pretty calm since her parents are in jail. She has friends and a nice house, but when she is forced to move to London, her life is flipped upside-down once again.


9. Birthday--- Alex

     I woke up the next morning with a headache. I groaned and got out of bed. I walked into the bathroom where I had put some asprin and took some. Luckily, I didnt think I was going to throw up, though my stomach hurt a bit. I laid back down and remembered something. It was my eighteenth birthday! I grabbed my phone to make sure that I was right and sure enough, the date read, June fourth. I smiled and decided I should probably go out or something today. Maybe I would call the boys. I wouldnt tell them it was my birthday, of course. They would all make a big deal about it. No, thats not what I wanted. I just hoped Uncle Simon knew that...

     I took a shower and got dressed in a loose, dark pink shirt balck shorts, and navy TOMS. I added a cute owl necklace and a silver bracelet. I did my makeup lightly and curled my hair, pinning some hair from the sides back. I walked downstairs to find my uncle and the boys sitting at a table with an ice cream cake. At least it wasnt a huge party or anything.

     "Surprise!" They all yelled. I laughed and looked at Niall, who looked like he had a bit of a hangover as well.

     "Aw guys!" I laughed.

     "Harry birthday, Alex!" Harry joked.

     "Harry, that wasnt funny." Zayn said as the boys all dropped their heads. I rolled my eyes and we all hugged.

     "We have to sing now!" Louis laughed.

     "Sit down and blow out your candles, Alex!" Simon motioned for a chair in front of the cake and I sat down.

     "Do you guys really have to sing?" I asked them, pouting.

     "Yes, its a tradition." Liam said.

     "But---" I got cut off by the boys as they sang 'Happy Birthday' in harmony. They sounded great, but I really hated all this birthday stuff. Except the cake. The cake was good. We all got our cake and sat in the livingroom, chatting and laughing. I ate three pieces of cake and had a glass of soda.

     "Ok, Alex. Lets go!" Niall smiled.

     "Go where?" I asked.

     "We are taking you somewhere." The boys all smiled devlishly and I looked at my uncle, raising my eyebrow. He shrugged and nodded for me to go.

     "Well ok..." I said, slowly standing up. The boys led me out the door and into the van. We arrived at Liam's flat and walked inside. Nothing was different. "So tell me. Why are we here?" I asked, turning to face them. I only found Harry standing behind me. What the hell was going on?

     "You can legally drink in London now so we got this." Harry smiled as the boys came out of the kitchen where they must've snuck off to with packs of beer.

     "So we are all just going to get drunk because its my birthday?" I asked.

     "Yup!" They all laughed.

     "Oh." I sighed, thinking of my dad. I was just drunk yesterday. What if I started drinking every day? What if I became an alcoholic? Why am I freaking out? Its only two days in a row its not like it'll be every day. I smiled and took a beer from Louis. "Well then what are we waiting for?" I laughed, opening the bottle. The boys followed my lead and we blasted music and danced, drinking our beers.

     After a couple hours, we were all drunk and laughing. Lou was trying to teach Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Liam to dance and I laughed, sitting on the couch. Harry rolled his eyes at Lou, who kept telling him he was dancing wrong. Harry took a seat next to me.

     "Im just going to sit over here then!" He pouted. I ignored him, still a bit mad. I watched the boys dance and then I felt him move closer to me. I tensed up a bit, but kept watching the boys dance. "Alex." Harry whispered into my ear, startling me. I hadnt realized he was so close.

     "What?" I spat.

     "Im sorry..." He said.

     "For what?" If he was going to apologize, he was going to do it right.

     "For dating Lily." He said.

     "I honestly dont care about that, Harry." I rolled my eyes.

     "Then why are you mad at me?" He asked, pouting.

     "You figure it out." I shook my head and turned back to the boys. Harry grabbed my hand and I pulled away.

     "Please tell me why you're mad!" He begged.

     "No! If you havent figured it out, then you're an idiot." I growled.

     "I dont know what I did, though!" He protested.

     "What ever, Harry." I huffed. I stood up and started to join in, learning Louis's dance.

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